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  1. >People getting annoyed at people’s cynicism over Avengers and their refusal to just get blindly excited and hyped cause they finally showed it


    It’s almost like the AAA industry has garnered a negative reputation they haven’t at all bettered 

    1. Sean


      Get excited for BRAND™

    2. pppp


      The reason I get annoyed by you is cause all you do in this forum is post incendiary status updates to kill people's joys on anything. The Avengers one is just the latest of yours. I get that you probably live a boring life with no friends but stop trying to make us all as miserable as you.

    3. KHCast


      Only thing that’ll hype me up is if there’s a story arc based around the Thanos happy birthday comic 

      @pppp there is an ignore option. And despite people’s cynicism, including mine, people clearly have still been excited for products. Get over it. People have different opinions and can express whatever the fuck they want regarding a product 

    4. Celestia


      As we all know seeing cynicism for something means that I, personally, cannot enjoy it. You should be ashamed.

    5. KHCast


      Cynicism also = no friends and are sad and pathetic I guess 

    6. Sean


      @pppp Hey, don't be a fucking dick. KHCast hasn't done anything to deserve those shitty insults of yours (and who the fuck says "you have no friends," what are you in fucking grade school?) so next time I see you pull this shit you can expect an immediate suspension.

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