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  1. I gotta wonder if one of the factors in Nintendo/Square going with The Hero over someone like Sora for Smash was the fact that most of the DLC was being aimed to appeal westerners, and Sora was just another highly asked for western character. I mean there’s obviously shit like having to go through Disney and getting the licensing rights to use him, but I’m guessing there’s more to it.(not to mention Nomura already has one of his creations, Cloud, in. And so far none of the dlc characters from 4 to now come from the same person, so sakurai probably wants to diversify a bit in that regard as well so it doesn’t look like he’s playing favorites or some something.)

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Figured it was purely because of how stupid popular Dragon Quest is in Japan, like so much so that people actively take a personal day to stand in line and receive a new copy.

    2. Zaysho


      Joker aside, I've been thinking it's possible the DQ3 hero and Banjo might have been high in the previous ballot in Japan and the West, respectively and Nintendo put them into consideration after Ultimate started production. Nintendo/Square might have specifically requested the DQ11 hero but gave some leeway for alts as long as Luminary was the main rep.


      I'm only making some guesses though but these two fighters definitely felt like they were answering fan demand similar to some of the newcomers in the base game.

      I don't think Sora is necessarily an impossibility at this point but I could see there might have been different priorities this time around.

    3. Mega


      Dragon Quest is ultimately a more important JRPG title. Pretty much all JRPGs borrow ideas introduced in DQ.

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