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  1. Personally I can’t separate art from the artist in most cases as I don’t want my money contributing to people or groups that’ll potentially use those funds for shit purposes. I’d also just personally feel complacent and like I’m rewarding them regardless for their behavior and actions.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      It’s really subjective for me. Some people, I can look past. Others, I just really cannot, and will drop their product on the spot.

      I don’t know, it’s an odd subject for me.

    2. DanJ86


      Most of the time, I don't keep up with the news and know nothing about the person/company I'm supporting. But if something big is going on, I might learn about it and it'd make me think twice about supporting them.

    3. JosepHenry


      It is really subjective. Really, REALLY complicated.

    4. Ryannumber1Santa


      It depends on the situation. Especially in the case of a TV show or movie. Like, take for example - Ren and Stimpy, or Danny Phantom. We know now that the creators behind both are fucking shady scumbags, but I don't think it's fair to hate the art because of them, because those shows are the byproducts of multiple creative people putting their hearts and souls into the end goal of making a final product.

      My biggest example is John Lasseter's scandal at Pixar awhile ago, especially with Toy Story 2. It came out that John was sexually harassing people at work. If you want to devalue the art because of John's heavily role in the likes of the original Toy Story - or hell - the fact that he had to come in to save Toy Story 2, you also devalue and scrap the insane levels of work that went into making it by many many, many other people. 

      Here's a great video that looks into how it wasn't just John who made TS2 what it is, but rather, tons of Pixar employees, many the best of the best in their field putting their hearts and souls into fixing something that was utterly broken, and trying to make a great movie within the remaining 8 months they had left: 

      Tons of Pixar employees had to work overtime and endlessly in order to get this movie revamped and ready after setback after setback, and if what the video says is true - quite a few of them did it because they didn't want to let John down either, meaning he was a motivator for the animators to keep going. Situations like these, I find it very difficult to just hate the art because one bad egg was apart of the creation. 

    5. KHCast


      In the case of a tv show or movie yeah it’s contextual and why I said “most” instances. But if I find out that, say a prominent actor associated with the work or company or producer is extremely prejudice and supports and funds discriminatory groups, that’s when I opt not to give them any of my attention period. I’ll respect the art itself and those that worked on it, but I personally won’t give it money if a good chunk of that will go to said shitty actor, director or company who’ll use funds to support hurtful causes

    6. Ryannumber1Santa


      Here's another good video that dives into it a bit:

      (ignore the title, the episode mentioned ties into the point the video states)

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