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  1. So drawing a black person as a ape, is justifiable and funny now and people are painting racism to be “dark humor” to defend it? And anyone with a problem with it is a “triggered snowflake” that can’t take a joke? ....What the actual fuck is wrong with geek culture?

    Also, fuck no, just cause you’re black and found it funny doesn't suddenly make it okay or make you exempt from supporting racism of any sort. Otherwise, we all may as well give black guys like Ben Carson a pass for the shit he does. News flash, black sympathizers exist and a lot of them find homes in communities like the comic book, anime and video game worlds. Just look at YouTubes popular black comedy, nerd, etc channels and the content they’ll typically release(usually something about sjw’s ruining something they enjoy, looking at you Star Wars and Marvel fans) or Black Trump supporters. You can very well be a minority that works against or believes ideologies that do harm against your community as a whole, despite what you believe. So this “I’m black and I don’t find it bad, I found it funny, so it’s not racist or offensive calm down” type of retort really needs to stop.

    1. KHCast



      for context, and maybe I’m late to this, but I’m just now seeing the Pokémon Nessa controversy. Like, how is this a controversial thing drawing a black person as an ape? It’s VERY clearly going for a obvious punchline. I don’t see any other interpretation for this. Clear and simple, it’s very intentionally racist. 

    2. Panda Claus

      Panda Claus

      What Nessa controversy?

    3. KHCast


      So Nessa was drawn by an (I’m assuming fairly popular) artist to be a ape, naturally that drew attention, and the Internet being, well the Internet is trying to create some devils advocate podium for it to be argued as not racist, and that it’s just a case of whiny fragile liberals making a issue out of nothing. The popular claim and argument for it is that it’s “dark humor” and thus not racist. Which is fucking stupid. Well known YouTubers like Omni are giving this situation coverage, spreading the discussion around.

    4. DanJ86


      Yeah, as an artist myself, I'd like to support the freedom to create whatever they'd wish. But on it's own, drawing a black character as an ape seems wrong. If they did it with every character, no matter the race, gender or anything else, I'd probably see it as a personal style choice. But again, on it's own, it comes across as wrong.

      I have fallen in the trap of thinking something is okay because a person from that minority thought it was funny. I understand a little better now, I hope.

    5. KHCast


      They definitely have the freedom to create whatever the fuck they want. But don’t expect there to not be any form of consequence. Be it criticism, a site taking down the art, etc,

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