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  1. If they end up doing a Zelda Maker, what eras/games do you want them to do? Obviously Zelda 1 and ALTTP are guaranteed if they do it, but after that?

    Personally for me, it’d be interesting if they do what they did with Mario 3D World in MM2, translating a 3D games mechanics into 2D. Question is, how would that work? Like if they translated Ocarina of Time or BotW style into over-the-head or something.

    1. KHCast


      Also a thought. Majoras Mask, could be done pretty well I feel if translated into over the head top down gameplay. The Masks could provide a unique style in themselves for it that would be able to set it apart.

    2. KHCast
    3. Diogenes


      minish cap and albw. la remake would also be acceptable, but considering it already had framerate issues, they might shy away from trying to replicate and optimize it for a game where people will put 30 octoroks in every room.

      i'm not sure trying to translate one of the 3d games into top-down would work well; they could just do the art style and be done with it, but beyond that, i think the change in perspective is more significant for zelda than mario (especially given they went with 3d world, the most 2d-esque style of 3d mario) and you couldn't really capture the feel of the 3d games in a top-down style.

    4. KHCast


      I guess I was thinking doing things like incorporating the roll, or z target, or epona, or the aforementioned masks in the case of MM, as features in a top down style could be interesting.

      In the case of BotW, maybe having random items you could scatter around a created stage for the player to find and use against the enemies/bosses you’ve set up, or allowing enemies to pick up said items you’ve placed if they got near it. Maybe being able to use the paraglider. Or maybe the champion or sheikah abilities. Just basic things that BotW did. But fair, it might be too different to do, as it may not entirely capture the feel of those games.


      Edit: also completely blanked out on it, but Four Swords could be interesting 

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Honestly not sure what I can add to this discussion. I struggle to maintain any interest in "create your own" type games, so any input from me would be pretty naff. 

      Speaking purely from the perspective of recognisable art styles and not talking about mechanics, it would be pretty important to get some butt ugliness Toon Link into the game. There's the choice of either going for Minish Cap/Four Swords Adventure or Triforce Heroes. Depends on how 3D is handled by the game.

      The game would likely take on a top-down, tile-based approach. Many objects would be universal amongst game styles, such as the bow, boomerang and hook/clawshot. MM could give you access to the transformation masks, TP would give you the option to transform into Wolf Link, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword would... I've got no idea. Items like the Deku Leaf and Beetle have only appeared in those games specificially, so they could be unique to those styles as with certain powers in mario Maker but... I don't like that idea.

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