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  1. Following up on my previous status, was thinking about what levels I’d use for a Sonic game like that. To keep it reasonable, I think I’d go with a even 12 stages divided into 3 categories based on challenge level. I’d probably start off the game with a small original new Sonic stage to naturally, introduce sonic and the general mechanics, before we actually get into the actual Sega levels. From there, my picks would be:


    Early levels:

    1. Miracle World (Alex Kidd)

    2. Dreamworld (Nights)

    3. Tokyo-to (Jet Set Radio)

    4. Providence (Vanquish)

    Mid levels:

    5. Fantasy Zone (Fantasy Zone/Space Harrier)

    6. The Streets (Streets of Rage)

    7. Carnival Town (Sambe De Amigo) 

    8. Paradiso (Bayonetta)

    Final levels:

    9. Turtle Village  (Golden Axe)

    10. Curien Mansion (House of the Dead)

    11. Valkyria Chronicles (honestly, I’m super unfamiliar with this one, so not sure about a location or general area to use) 

    12. Mementos (Persona 5)

    1. KHCast


      I structured it in the order of classic/retro first, mid 90’s/2000’s series, then modern franchises if you noticed, with each “era” receiving an extra stage depending on the group, so each get some decent representation.

      If I were to do a final level, I’d probably have it be something like a Eggman base that’s infused itself with pieces of other unrepresented Sega franchises like Monkey Ball, Virtua Fighter, Space Channel, Yakuza, Comix Zone, Shinobi, etc. 

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Can we have Zodick the Hellhog as a boss? I need my Illbleed representation.

      Though personally I'd like a Yakuza world. Kamurocho is still a big place and it can be like a Casino Night Zone with a ton of nods to the game.

    3. KHCast


      I was considering Yakuza as a level, but figured that might come off a bit repetitious with Tokyo-to already being there, along with The Streets.  (That and with Bayo, Persona and Vanquish that’s already 3 M franchises so I didn’t wanna push it lol.) Though if they were able to diversify it enough into more of a casino trope, I guess it’s possible to incorporate.


      I was thinking for bosses they’d be eggman mechs based on the level/series, with occasional actual enemy bosses from certain games. Though Zodick could be a awesome bonus post-game boss lol

    4. JezMM


      If this happened I'd be really bummed out if AGAIN (with regards to the All-Stars Racing games) there was no Phantasy Star Online-related stage when that's such a fondly remembered game for so many people and one of the few extended SEGA franchises I personally care about lol.

      Prolly being biased but I'd trade a Samba Di Amigo stage for it, that's such a niché title at this point.  PSO was a pretty big landmark in gaming in comparison, being the first ever MMORPG on console (to my knowledge).

    5. KHCast


      Idk why but I was thinking they’d represent Phantasy Star as like a shop or something if there was some like general hub

    6. Wraith


      I think instead of ending on the newer games I would start there and work backwards. 

    7. KHCast


      I actually kinda like that. I’m sure they could do some plot reason like “there’s some strange macGuffin causing trouble in each of these areas that can only be found in the “source era” 


      or something along those lines 


      Also, just if anyone’s curious, I’m primarily thinking classic or just 2D rush-esque gameplay, maybe with a stylized 2D art style like SoR4, for something like this. I think it’d be just way too ambiguous to try and translate many of these franchises into sprawling modern 3D levels, especially when many of these franchises rarely if ever go full 3D. At best 2.5D, but even then, you run the risk of offputting translations of some of these characters into 3D. (Hello Alex Kidd)

    8. Tracker_TD


      I think it'd be a real odd omission to not have Puyo in there; the two series have collaborated on numerous occasions (Mean Bean Machine, Sonic Mania, Puyo Quest, the Puyo x Sonic calendars, just about every Puyo game has a Sonic Puyo set in it) that it's an absolute shoe-in. I also think Sakura Wars would make for a nice tie into the fact a few members of Sonic Team helped on the latest entry. PSO is a shoe-in because of the ST connection, and like Jez I'd take that over Samba De Amigo.

      I think for an obligatory space level, I'd go for a deeper cut and use Thunder Force; partially just for the music granted, but god Thunder Force is cool. I'd have that in over Golden Axe; SoR already represents beat-em ups and... Golden Axe kinda sucks ass. 


      We do not need Illbleed. Namely because Zodick scares the everloving shit out of me and I do not need him in an official Sonic game. 

      Bizarrely I've put thought into a concept like this before... but for a game themed around Namco properties. I have no idea why. I'll probably write it up at some point. 

    9. KHCast


      Puyo Puyo I specifically was thinking would be represented as something outside a stage tbh lol. Like a mini game/mission or a power up. 

      Also, I’m unfamiliar with Sakura Wars. Again, it was in my mind as like a shop or a side mission. Like the characters would show up in a hub or something, and ask you to do stuff for them. idk maybe if I was more familiar with the game I’d be more creative with it lol

      Golden Axe I wanted to keep primarily just because of its legacy, and that fact that it still has its own unique gimmicks (magic and riding Dino’s) that’s set it apart from SoR I felt justified them both being in. Plus GA just has amazing aesthetics and concepts in regards to levels

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