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  1. How do we have multiple Mario Kart stages in Smash, but no Mario Party ones???

    1. StaticMania


      What boards are even that interesting enough to be a stage?


    2. KHCast


      Tbf the Mario Kart stages they ended up going with were pretty damn generic and basic in all honesty 

    3. StaticMania


      I meant aesthetically, the Mario Kart stages they went with use the actual stage layout which isn't actually possible for any Mario Party board before 8.

      They'd be like New Pork City where everything of interest is just placed randomly in the background.

    4. Adamabba


      Rainbow Road was a sick Mario Kart stage but it's one of the few stages that didn't make it into Ultimate...

    5. KHCast


      Idk I think they could do a gimmick with the stage where the tiles are randomly generated and the at certain points whatever tile a player is on effects the match in some way or transforms the stage into a minigame, so sorta like WarioWare

    6. Adamabba


      a mario party stage actually sounds pretty interesting now that i think about it. there could be chance time too lol

    7. KHCast


      Also, we’re all in agreement that if Waluigi gets in this pass, he’s probably coming with a MP stage right? (Either that or some mario sports stage)

    8. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Why bother putting effort into a stage based on a luck-based franchise when nobody will play it cause this is a competitive game that requires "real" skill. Then again, why make any stage that isn't FD or Battlefield. 


      On a serious note, the real crime against humanity Smash had committed for Mario stages was never making a Bowser's Castle stage.  ...Except for that teeny weeny Bowser section in Paper Mario... from Sucker Star.

    9. JezMM


      The good news is Mario Party still got representation through three random-ass completely forgettable songs from the newer games.

    10. KHCast


      @I Have Berry! Hero on Mario Party stage. Omg plz make that happen and make it legal in competitive 

    11. Thigolf


      I think it just comes down to the fact that Mario Kart is absurdly more popular than Party is.

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