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  1. Are you fucking kidding me? GTAV got modded into KH3 I’m just...wtf. Skyrim didn’t even get to this level of ridiculousness as far as I know haha. KH fans are passionate as fuck lol So how long before we get KH2 maps modded into KH3? That’s what I’m waiting for. That’ll be pretty hype.
  2. If the Colors remake/remaster is true, all I want is a remastered soundtrack so I can get a new rendition of the criminally slept on, Terminal Velocity
  3. I do say potentially in that statement as well since we currently don’t know how Nintendo are operating in regards to stuff like this. There could be a lot of factors at play there, maybe only remixes are allowed (which I’d still say could open the door depending on the film and song), maybe those remixes were cheaper or just more iconic, maybe Square Enix specifically asked for those ones, etc., but end of the day, AC, a movie, is still being referenced in multiple different ways, so I’d assume that means the possibility at all, for something similar like that happening again is there, especially if we’re talking nintendo specific franchises. Still, it’s all in the realm of hypothetical, and if I’m being totally realistic, pretty doubtful they’d go far with it. Still, it is a nice thought, since there’s certainly a lot of awesome music that I’d love to see acknowledged from those soundtracks.
  4. You know I just realized, now that Advent Children music got into Smash, the doors are now open for potentially other films based on games to get music in. Stuff like the Pokemon movies come to mind. Was just watching the Pokemon Rangers movie earlier, and man, it made me realize how some of the songs from these films would be badass to hear in Smash Hearing some of this good shit remixed in Smash would be more than enough of a reason as far as I’m concerned to add in another Pokemon rep lol
  5. Anytime would work for me, I’m on the west coast, so pacific time. Within today would be best for me
  6. Would anyone be willing to help me evolve my porygon? I need to trade it and then get it back while it’s holding that upgrade item
  7. You know, I was just thinking, since people were discussing Infinite and the Deadly Six in the statuses. I find it weird but funny, how despite Lost World having a stage and music, Infinite has a spirit and not the D6. Was really expecting someone like Zazz or Zavok would have gotten spirit treatment. on a similar related note, surprised classic sonic didn’t get repped spirit wise, either as a regular spirit, or Sonic’s fighter spirit. It’s just the Colors sonic model. (Which is the only colors representation in this game iirc edit: oh wait, reach for the stars is in the game)
  8. It’s both a blessing and a curse that I get to witness this lol. KH is about to become the new Skyrim in terms of modding the most batshit out there stuff Edit: Neku‘s been modded in Thomas the Train
  9. Aaaand we officially got model mods. Disney knew this would happen lol. Now we just wait for Shrek, Rick & Morty, and any other ungodly thing to get modded into the game lol. It’s a fucking Pandora’s box at this point, for all the KH games, (including the movies I bet lol)
  10. Eh, I’d say Persona 4 specifically drew a ton of buzz, it was one of the best selling steam games of that month it came out iirc. But yeah I get your point overall
  11. Yeah I play on PlayStation. Just try and convince me playing it through PSNow is good enough if the only option for a decent method to play unleashed is to just buy and Xbox One/X, I think that’s grounds to suggest it’s maybe fair game to give it full port treatment. Especially when stuff like Last of Us can get a full PS5 remake despite being only 8 years old, and getting a remastered version not even that long ago
  12. Ngl, I don’t get this argument people are using in saying “Well, these PC ports wouldn’t have happened probably if not for epic” it feels like massive guessing/assumption making, especially when we‘ve HAD Japanese Square Enix games on the PC platforms pre-Epic for awhile. A good chunk of FF games, and Balan to name a few. Not to mention most of Square Enix Europe’s titles. That company has had a decent relationship with PC for awhile now, so I don’t think it’d be hard to think games like NEO: TWEWY or KH would have eventually come to the platform.
  13. It would be awesome if they did what KH1.5+2.5 did and gave us an updated ost, but I’d be totally okay with the current one as well
  14. Newcomers gonna hear the better Sephiroth voice at least, and join everyone else in cringing at the new one lol
  15. I’ll take it if true. It’s not Unleashed or Gens imo, but I appreciated colors enough to be somewhat happy to hear it may see a Re-release
  16. So apparently we’re getting out of nowhere another advent children Re-release...? guess it makes sense since the mobile phone game coming out next year will have AC’s story in it. Plus there’s all the speculation that
  17. Weirdly enough, no retailers still have the game up for pre order on their stores. (Or even have it listed) if you want physical right now, only place to do that is Square Enix’s store itself
  18. I think it was just a harmless question guys. Lol But I certainly think Sakurai would make it a thing to point out or make a joke about in like a Sakurai Presents if Sora were announced. He’s all about pointing out/acknowledging small things like that.
  19. Looks hype as fuck, but fuck square and this epic store exclusive bs
  20. That looks like a hefty amount of dlc wow. I’m impressed so far, so can’t wait to see what else they got in store for us Also Tee Lopes, lets fucking goooo
  21. So just a heads up, episode 1 of anime for TWEWY will officially release tomorrow, so expect some announcement for NEO fairly soon https://www.dualshockers.com/the-world-ends-with-you-anime-1-funimation-release-time/ Idk if they mean japan time, cause in that case, we might get an announcement in a few hours lol there’s been a last second chance to the anime’s opening theme due to an arrest of one of the band members https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/the-world-ends-with-you-anime-opening-theme-changed-due-to-ali-band-members-arrest/
  22. Bravely Default 2. And holy shit that prologue was long. My mouth dropped when I saw the title finally and then chapter 1. Never played the first game, but I can tell this is gonna be a game I need to put down and come back to a lot, because it is pretty damn difficult even the first few bosses and mini boss enemies
  23. So remember how people had told us that the cutscenes in KH3 were pre-recorded/compressed video files so wouldn’t be able to be accessed and messed with? Well sounds like that was a big lie lol I personally can’t wait to see mods that replace the characters with completely different assets not even from KH3. Mario instead of Mickey, PS2 graphics Sora, GTA characters, Noctis, etc lol. The floodgates are open. Heck, replace Kairi with Riku, we got our Sora x Riku ship lol. I’m genuinely surprised disney did a PC port given how they had to have known this was inevitable lol
  24. I’m really hoping the references don’t overtake this and this literally becomes just another Ready Player One situation. Like sure the original film was still a cynical marketing ploy, but like it didn’t feel as blatantly in your face I guess with it. Last thing I want is this movie from beginning to end sprinkling reference after reference on us. Occasional is fine, but that shouldn’t be the films bread and butter and identity. Aside from that it looks like good fun, but I’m still not convinced yet.
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