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  1. Pinstripes the worst offender. If you get behind him, you’re pretty much fucked since he bomb spams HARD with no breathing room, and on a stage like hot air sky, yeah that’s not fun. And he rubberbands the worst to boot. You can’t shake him off. I seriously didn’t have that much trouble with any other boss for bullshit reasons like him

  2. Yeah, the CPU’s can be a bit...bullshit in the remake I’ve noticed when playing normal or hard. Like they slingshot back next to you when you get them off your tail like nothing, have mk level bull with item spam at points, and once they get far enough ahead, there’s just no catching up. It’s not impossible or anything, but it was quite the annoying wake up call. Especially regarding the bosses.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Solly said:

    I don't think Resident Evil lends itself to a composite character the way Dragon Quest does. The heroes in DQ are all pretty interchangeable blank slates, but the RE protagonists are a lot more distinct. They each have different personalities, signature martial arts, and even weapons (although I don't think Smash would care about whether or not Leon has used a grenade launcher in his games). 

    Umm, Simon and Richter then? The Koopa’s? Olimar and Alph? It’s not like Smash hasn’t used 2 different characters before and had one be an alt. I mean going off RE2R they’re really not THAT distinguishable in gameplay.

  4. 3 hours ago, Solly said:

    Leon's always been my guy, but I'm kinda leaning toward Jill because she feels less overused and because the pass could honestly use at least one female fighter if we're being honest. Plus out of all the potential RE picks, her goofy design probably fits Smash the most.

    If they were going with a female RE rep, it’d be Claire, since she’s much more relevant atm due to the RE2 Remake. But yeah anyone from RE would be pretty fire. 

    Will agree I’m a bit surprised at the lack of female reps in the dlc. 4 had Bayonetta and technically Corrin. I mean I guess they could do Leon and Claire as an alt(which has been a popular theory) similar to how they’re handling The Hero. But a female only rep would be nice. Guess I just don’t know who they’d pick at this point that would fit the hype. Mmmm Lilith from Borderlands could be pretty cool, she’s pretty badass. However none of the Borderlands games are on Nintendo platforms...Lara Croft could maybe work if Square got another pick. 

  5. Yeah I thought sakurai said awhile back he was not happening. Especially after fans began sending him fucking threats and anger over the character. Don’t vindicate their attitudes 

    Undertale tho would be interesting, though if Shovel Knight of all people, the indie mascot, only got Assist Trophy status, I can’t see Frisk. And honestly, these two would be pretty underwhelming as final picks. Well, mostly Waluigi

  6. Is there a situation or way in which they could do something that appeals to both sides that you’d be alright with or open to? Cause I feel as if doubling down isn’t gonna win the people that raised criticism over the system. Though if their goal is simply to satisfy the people that had no problem with it and don’t want it changed at all, I guess doing something like that is the logical next step. Which is fine. It’ll just personally for me be more clear from the get go it’s not really gonna be my kind of thing, if it’s just more of the same

  7. I mean Nintendo has always been one to create alternate play styles in order to be more accessible (smart steering for MK, the cosmic guide in galaxy, that easy mode in Star Fox 0, etc.) So the option to use unbreakable weapons I personally see as no different. If you don’t want to use them, you don’t, just ignore them and continue with the breakable weapons you use. Why force people to use a system they already don’t enjoy just because you personally like it and feel it compliments the game. Clearly that’s not a universal experience from others who have played and beaten the game and I don’t think their experiences or thoughts are invalid. If games like Skyrim being massive successes is any indication, a lack of weapon breaking doesn’t always take away from the experience for these open world games for many people.

  8. 41 minutes ago, JezMM said:

    it'd be a shame to invalidate a more casual player's experience in which Link never regained his memory - could give some interesting alternate dialogue for Link and Zelda if so.

    I’m pretty sure there’s a canon set of events, and the other methods are just for the players enjoyment, so I don’t see this happening.

    Also why not a auto weapon switching system like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV for weapons? While I’m in the camp that’s not a huge Into the weapon durability system as it is currently(it’s just never been a system personally I enjoyed as much as others in most games that use it.), I feel most for sure weren’t a fan of the pace breaking swapping weapon system. 

  9. So is there no standard Nitros Oxide edition of the PS4 version outside digital? Seems the only one available for it is the box set one with the pins which jacks it up to 70 bucks.

    edit: whoops just checked, the version without the pins is digital only. Huh. Well shit, guess I’m going digital.

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