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  1. 4 hours ago, mayday2592 said:

    Yeah no, I have over 100 hrs clocked in on switch and have never had such a horrible time. Haven’t heard those complaints from several online and offline friends either. Reddit sub doesn’t seem to mention any of those issues being widespread either, sounds like it may be an issue with your internet.

    Given literally as I said, none of my other PS4 games online have had issues, unless Crash requires more than the average online based game, nah. The online for this is just buggy as shit. I’m certainly not the only one experiencing constant kicking out of matches for example. That’s a complaint I’ve seen brought up multiple times by people online. The only issue I’ve seen rarely brought up, and I even mentioned it was rare, was the map not being completed when racing through it. If you haven’t seen anyone complain about the online, maybe you’re just not looking that hard, cause I’ve certainly seen people critique the poor experiences they’ve had. Even in this very topic I’ve seen people bring up matches where opponents or items glitch up on them or how finishing races won’t guarantee you get the spot you finished in(or at times register you as finishing the race).

  2. Never in my life have I experienced such a shitty online server as this game. Constant kicking me out of matches, janky framrate consistency with the actual races, and even at rare points, the maps not being fully processed, so I’m driving through invisible nothingness for half the times. Like this is such a joke I’m sorry, none of the other online games I’ve played on PS4 have nearly this problem 

  3. I wonder then if that general apathy and numbness people feel regarding whatever he does now is gonna help him with re-election. If Democrats are gonna fixate their podium on trump and the republicans like last time and what bad people they are, or on “identity politics” as people put them, I could see that annoying many fencers or people that have grown indifferent to him pushing them towards a re-elect. I’ve definitely seen people that otherwise didn’t approve of trump whatsoever end up taking the defensive or devils advocate route regarding him because they couldn’t stand the attitude portrayed by many democrats and liberals. So I definitely feel it’s a very real possibility that on a wider scale come elections, Democrats could find a way to fuck this up for them and push people into the GOP’s direction. All Trump would need to do is focus on a topic or issue Democrats are ignoring that resonates with a good majority and make empty promises, and that indifference/numbness can very easily be replaced with optimism or benefit of the doubt. Kinda like when a game or film company fucks up so much, and people are so used to that as the norm that something basic or slightly interesting can be raised up or touted as something bigger than it is that gets people interested or at the very least, slightly optimistic. That psychological tendency society tends to have, could very well I feel play to Trump’s advantage if he plays his cards right and that’s concerning. 

  4. 16 hours ago, Conquering Storm’s Servant said:

    I figured this topic would be more active given the firestorm that’s been going on the past few days.

    Or was it so blatant to others that there wasn’t any point posting?

    In general looking online, I see little discussion about it, least on my feeds and twitter page. Everyone’s talking about Ariel and Area 51 and the Face App. Why is there always a trending meme next to when Trump just drops a bomb? 

  5. 4 hours ago, Radiant Hero Ike said:

    And Elite Smash isn't even really fun. I remember using Ness' up special too close to the stage and I just fell to my death. And of course, even though my opponent did nothing to make that happen, he crouch spammed. Blech.

    Yeah I honestly don’t get the point of it’s creation. It can’t be to distinguish “good” players from the “casuals” since Elite doesn’t really measure skill since there’s a lot of factors at play that can effect the match unlike a tournament, and given some people can effectively spam or troll their way to it, or use team smash mode and lets the good player take on most of the shit, it doesn’t exactly always improve the players skill to get there.

  6. Smash rant incoming. Gonna put it in spoilers


     Can I just say, fuck Nintendo for making elite smash a thing. God, as if looking it up online for tips wasn’t bad enough due to seeing how pretentious and snarky people get(cool you got there easily, that’s supposed to mean anything? Awesome ZerO, it’s not hard at all to get in for you.), getting there at this point is a nightmare since it’s at borderline 5 million GSP now instead of the 3 million it was at around earlier this year. I’d say I’m a fairly above average player, but damn on top of the player spam, lag, asshole/trolls, and genuinely pro players(that can be lumped in the asshole category since they fucking t-bag like it’s 2010), we go to the actual system of progression that is GSP. I have no idea how this works, but I don’t find loosing nearly triple the amount of GSP I’d get compared to if I won, all that endearing and fun. Seeing my characters number go from 4.7 million, RIGHT NEXT TO THE ELITE NUMBER  to 2.8 million in the span of 3 games is just fucking stupid. Not helping is the inconsistency of earning depending on the match. So in a free for all for example, typically you’ll earn a small amount if you’re in 2nd. And that was happening. Suddenly, next free for all I get second, and...my GSP massively drops instead. Uhh...wat? It’s just tedious. Oh and the closer you get, the less you earn, so despite having won a match at the 4.7 million mark before I got knocked down, I only earned a small number keeping me in that 4.7 range. Just I can’t win with this game. But seeing how people are cheesing to get into elite smash judging by a lot of the online YouTube smash scene, I guess I’m not missing out on much. Like seriously, it gets mean spirited at point how the popular smashtubers make fun of players they play online. I just wanted at least 1 character in you know? But nope. In the end, it’s ultimately a pointless distinguishing mode that gives people a massive ego complex. I wish they handled this better.

  7. Yknow, regarding the recent talk of regarding Sonic’s design and how the team “hears the fans” I gotta say, I’m still not that convinced or moved...Given the video game movie scene(and movie scene in general in many ways) is filled with so many mistakes for people to learn from and know what people don’t like to see, “learning from your mistakes” isn’t gonna do it for me Sonic Movie team, since this shouldn’t have been something you needed to “learn” in the first place, when it’s been shown in the past, even if not from you, where certain choices can easily land you. It shouldn’t have taken a huge outcry for you to THEN care about getting it “right.” And even then, that’s just the design, I’m not convinced the rest of the film will be anything but “generic Hollywood live action reboot of a beloved franchise”, so I don’t see that “we wanna show we care and wanna please fans” attitude going any further then the design of Sonic.

  8. 55 minutes ago, Myst said:

    Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic X, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06 Sonic Unleashed & the Archie comic book all say hi.

    Sonic X and 06 are rightly shit on what the hell is your point with those, also the other examples don’t counter Ryan one bit. Being in a human world was not his point of contention. Being Hollywoodized, generic and predictable, cynical, live action, garble that isn’t bringing anything new, cool, or interesting to the video game movie (or movie in general) scene is.

  9. 42 minutes ago, Tornado said:

    I would have thought that they would have gone the other way with it, honestly. Make an nVidia Shield kind of thing permanently docked.

    Would have been really interesting if they made two different cheap alternative models actually. One for those that want strictly portable, and one that want strict console. Though I assumed the costs would be ridiculous to do that

  10. 5 hours ago, Strickerx5 said:

    Though honestly, this is probably one of those cases where the number of times of that happening is severely outweighed by the number of people who will never run into this issue at al

    I mean, after the Wii U I wouldn’t make that assumption lol. People can surprise you 

  11. Moving on from the previous debates, while it’s unlikely with the Lite, does anyone think the Switch Pro will, in a similar manner to the New 3DS, have a few exclusive games for it? It’s apparently supposed to be much more powerful than a standard switch isn’t it? 

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