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  1. Moving on from the previous debates, while it’s unlikely with the Lite, does anyone think the Switch Pro will, in a similar manner to the New 3DS, have a few exclusive games for it? It’s apparently supposed to be much more powerful than a standard switch isn’t it?
  2. I guess I just never saw that much demand for something like this outside simply wanting a cheap alternative. So I guess we’ll just have to see upon release if it indeed was something that paid off for Nintendo and was worth creating. Or if it’s another Wii Mini situation
  3. I feel like you’re really underplaying convenient multiplayer with many of these games tbh. Smash especially given ultimates single player content is only part of the reason a majority even play the thing. Look, the system just seems dumb and misses in my opinion the whole point of why people got the switch. As an alternative it doesn’t seem all that interesting or have much going for it. I’m not the target group, but that doesn’t mean I can’t personally have my opinions on the thing. If anything you seem to have a problem with someone personally expressing their own sentiments. Many wanted a cheap alternative but still wanted that couch play, and local co-op. Not everyone lives in a booming city where everyone will have a Switch. So like I said, not a good alternative for many
  4. Don’t forget Online becomes much less of a feature worth investing in and paying for due to the systems portable only nature.
  5. Not exactly a good alternative for many when the systems selling titles are all about couch play with your friends and family. And also virtually cuts down some of its library in the process of cutting down those costs As for the child argument, I still find it fairly weak for a justification that this thing needed to be made when kids had no problem playing consoles before with their parents. It just comes off unneeded and short sighted for Nintendo so they could make quick money, especially with the Pro rumors in mind
  6. One group is telling me it’s for the poor, one is group is telling me it’s for the portable market, and now this. Make up your damn minds about what reason you wanna use to justify and defend its existence people good lord. It’s like I can’t argue and have a personal issue with this cause the defense is always shifting form in order to defend Nintendo Also parents with small kids play on consoles with their children all the time. The Wii showed this very much. As did the switch. So this makes no sense
  7. Keeping the tv functionality is more the least they could have done, you’re right(bad wording on my end). To make the system stand apart with its own interesting gimmick, incorporating any kind of past portable game backwards compatibility as more a selling point honestly, would have been nice if their goal is to sell this to the portable market. As it is, it’s a uninteresting looking downgrade that brings nothing to the table, being made to just make a quick buck during the holiday. I can’t even recommend this to people I know tight on cash since they were hoping to be able to have a cheaper system that would still allow family/friend play.
  8. Why even call it the switch at that point if the selling gimmicks/features are gutted out lol? Idk this just seems so uninteresting on its own and cynically done to capitalize on the holidays. And someone I saw online made a good point, the least they could have done for this to make it more interesting and stand apart, is offer backwards compatibility with 3DS titles if it’s going for the exclusive portable game market
  9. Yeah that seems about right for Gamefreak. Jesus Christ lol. They really are the new Koei Techmo
  10. Thing it it doesn’t matter how good some try, by design it’s meant to exclude players. That’s not rewarding top players, that purposely creating a system that cuts out the majority and allowing “top players” to rub it in people’s faces. Happens in overwatch and Fortnite all the time. And fine yes, I can concede the problem by itself, isn’t the worst thing ever(though annoying still) however, compounded with all the other issues with the game regarding its reward system and store? Yeah it certainly doesn’t help the general negative perception that it’s trying to be a F2P game without the “free”.
  11. I think in recent polls he’s gone down a little bit, but during ultimates earlier days and DEFINITELY during Smash 4’s ballot, he was placing in the top 10 constantly. He’s definitely noticed, especially given Sakurai has personally wanted him in for awhile
  12. Okay, but Geno still hasn’t exactly shown up to my knowledge in any official Mario associated titles outside his original game, Smash as a costume, trophy(?) and Spirit. I mean clearly the fact he has a fanbase to this day shows he has relevance to a degree, but I guess I’m referring to mainstream relevance and the effect he had on gaming. I’m not trying to make the argument he’s too irrelevant for Smash or anything, he certainly could be a DLC surprise or a starter in a potential Smash 6(banking on that if it were to happen)I’m just genuinely questioning the contention that he’s by definition not a niche/obscure character.
  13. Not that your overall point isn’t valid, but exactly why are those claims not true? I mean watching Papageno’s a avid Geno fan and supporter, even he admits Geno is a pretty obscure character being from a one off title from the 90’s.
  14. It’s just fun to speculate? Like idk, it can definitely get out of control, but having educated guesses and seeing if you’re right or not just is a fun little time waste. And it can definitely help excite and hype some, look at the Banjo fans that were arguing that he had a shot this time only to get vindicated in their guesses with the leaks and reveal. It definitely feels satisfying to see the character you guessed at or wanted get in. It’s basic human curiosity to speculate in these situations, so I guess I don’t really understand why people have a issue with the concept of guessing at who the mystery characters are Edit: oh you’re talking specifically about the dlc, never mind that’s fair. Though I’d argue it can raise awareness for potential future Smash games or potential DLC should they do more, who’s being discussed the most or wanted
  15. Okay, but no one here was doing anything of the sort recently, so I don’t see why you felt the need to bring up that you felt like the only one “not taking it serious like politics”? Lol
  16. Actually a lot of turns seem more designed with hopping in mind more than drifting tbh
  17. Honestly, I think I’m just gonna finish up silver tier and be done with the prix stuff. That Crunch costume is simply too good to pass up.
  18. Or the fact that Activision put weapon crafting and microtransactions in Modern Warfare Remastered and re sold it’s DLC. I don’t put anything past this company anymore, nor do I believe it deserves the optimistic views it surprisingly gets often
  19. So that leak from awhile back predicted most of all this, so can’t say I’m too surprised. However at least that confirms
  20. Locking content behind a timed event/leaderboard is certainly a F2P tacxtic, mobile phone games do that constantly. AAA games constantly employ F2P tactics in their game. The fucking pit stop is a Fortnite rip off, the prix is a glorified battle pass, and the coin system gives pathetic outputs unless you play during “bonus times” don’t try and fucking tell me this game isn’t employing F2P elements in every corner of it. Making quite the blatant assumptions, you’re totally assuming the casual playerbase isn’t the majority playerbase. It’s a kart racer, not fucking Melee. Also they’d likely be bothered because it’s, again, fucking content being locked behind a needless leaderboard timed event that’s designed to exclude people. Im not getting into the rest your pointless bullshit arguments here cause it’s very obvious you’re drinking Activisions kool-aid and defending the game at every corner, and discrediting genuine criticisms had. (Yeah I’m saying you’ve got a heavy Crash bias making debates with you pointless, just saying it now.) Yes it can be done eventually, but acting like doing it in 2 times over in 6 days is easy or not that hard is fucking ridiculous, especially given that some of the, if not most of the requirements that give the most Nitro do very much require high skill play and/or patience. Especially if you wanna end the month in the top 5% (Cause yes, it is grindy, I’m not gonna buy that it’s not) And since Crash doesn’t live in a vacuum and other games and media exist and compete for people’s attention and time, that’s patience many aren’t gonna have. Also if you have to cheat the game to earn shit “easily” that’s a problem. And not everyone has 2 controllers or 2 game systems so there’s that.
  21. I honestly don’t expect it to be as crazy as with Joker, especially if they just randomly drop Hero. Now Banjo on the other hand...oh boy that’ll be the one where we see if Nintendo has truly prepared
  22. Is there a bunch of discussion around this specific maintenance? I haven’t seen anyone talk about it
  23. It was during Smash 4’s run. I know he ranked in a few polls around the time of the ballot, albeit he didn’t rank super high.
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