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  1. The star known for his roles on Disney channel like Jessieband Descendants, and his appearances in the film grownups earlier today died after having a seizure. He’s been fighting with health issues for his whole life apparently. He’s still got some projects releasing later this year, including a Descendants 3 releasing next month, and a HBO series he’s starring in. https://amp.tmz.com/2019/07/07/cameron-boyce-dead-at-20/ I’m genuinely gutted, despite not really being a “fan” of his work on Disney channel. At such a young age is always a terrible thing, but he really made the most of his time. He was a activist that really urged the world to do something and help one another. He helped raise funds for the water crisis, and just in general came across as a just good kid to be around. Certainly the world lost a amazing kid today that had a lot of promise in his future. I’ll leave behind some very, surprisingly, profound words that hit this all the more home for me.
  2. I wonder if Cranky Kong is a potential character for a theoretical 2nd fighters pass or a Smash 6. I know he had a large following for awhile.
  3. This is under the assumption it’s a simple task that doesn’t require much effort to do. And like you said it’s only 6 days in so will naturally get worse especially towards the end. Getting to gold tier as it is is a grind fest that requires time and patience, so for the average gamer probably won’t be immediately accessed. This game uses F2P tactics, and this is one of them, it knows very well only super dedicated hardcore players that sunk their time in this game are gonna go for this(the top 5%), cause ultimately it’s gonna get repetitive and exhausting for most also, isn’t 5% of 289967, 14498.35, not 35398.5 ?
  4. Also no offense, but this kinda comes off a bit gloat-ish that you can stay within 5% of millions of players no problem....again not trying to be rude, that’s just kinda how it comes off when I read it. I mean in general I find it problematic Activision is gating content to a select lucky few (people that play nonstop/pros) that’ll undoubtedly show it off online, creating that “haves/haves not” psychological frustration, as not everyone has the time and patience to sink that much time to maintain their position, but I digress. It’s just another annoyance I’m having with this game. It feels like F2P game honestly with these things. Like yeah, it’s cosmetic sure, make that argument, but these cosmetics are some of the driving collectibles within the game, which focuses on customization very much unlike the original.
  5. That’s like, basic shit the game should be able to tell you though. Like F2P games will tell you very clearly if you’re in a certain tier in the leaderboards, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to do the calculations yourself.
  6. Are they ever going to fix online, cause I was being targeted repeatedly by missiles and bombs by I’m pretty sure everyone in a online match. I wasn’t even in first.:/ That’s not fun nor is it skill. At the very least, the option to play online matches without items would be nice. But then again, not many Kart racers even do that
  7. Both papagenos and BillyB0 have addressed this point as well, on top of multiple people in the Smash tweet scene. (Also even if it wasn’t being talked about outside myself, I don’t see how that makes it any less a point that Nintendo were pushing RE more than the the other 3rd parties at E3 in their direct.) Marketing is a huge deal with Nintendo especially when promoting Smash dlc characters, so it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to find it a reasonable argument that “Nintendo promoting this 3rd party series more than others could give more weight to the characters inclusion in Smash” RE didn’t just out of nowhere become a popular theory. I should know considering just a few months ago I was being shot down constantly for throwing out resident evil as a guess, even with the idea Capcom would likely get another rep going around. NO ONE was theorizing them, come post e3, suddenly it’s now become pretty standard to see Leon/Jill guesses.
  8. Sakurai already stated regarding Namco reps during Smash 4 there was no one else outside Pac-Man he thought of as viable additions that brought much to the table, and that was while he had the Tales staff including the director iirc, working with him on Smash, so that doesn’t in my eyes put him in a “likely” situation. Things could change over the spam of a game’s lifecycle though, but I feel Namco and their characters are probably in the same position in Sakurai’s mind as before, but Lloyd certainly would be the defacto next Namco Rep if they’re getting someone.
  9. Regardless of it being 5 and 6, it’s a 3rd party game series, capcom’s best selling, that got a full blown Nintendo supported advertisement compared to all the other 3rd party games. You could have put it in the typical 3rd party montage section of their directs and got the message across, but they instead made a full on 3 minute ad. You can’t just ignore the weird sudden focus on RE from Nintendo. They did this same marketing focus on dragon quest before it got revealed. If Phoenix gets similar treatment with his series, I’ll concede this point, but until that, this is a valid point I’d say in RE’s favor
  10. To be realistic, there are some reasonable arguments against a namco rep in general despite the demand for a rep from them The twitter user is arguing for, but Billy has some fair counter points regarding Capcom, I still personally haven’t been convinced that RE isn’t the most realistic option for them, if we go by marketing and promotion. It got a weird push by Nintendo at E3. So yeah, Phoenix is the rubber up, but coming in first for me is still RE
  11. Professor Layton I can smile to. But THAT....ummm
  12. Is anyone else getting a bunch of Waluigi stages recommended to them in stage builder? Also Leon/RE rep and Crash. That’s who I’m rooting for. Used to be Dovakhin, but after Bethesda shit the bed....
  13. The game keeps telling me I’ve unlocked the same prix unlock every time I finish a match. Is that a glitch?
  14. I didn’t mind the Mr. T thing, but I like this iteration much more
  15. Sounds like most people had a 180 in their negativity regarding the game. That’s awesome people are finding it a much better time. Having played it again recently, can’t say I personally see much in the way of improvements compared to the last time I played. Like is the game absolutely shit? No, clearly not. However I don’t think it’s anywhere near the best racer, and Activisions incompetence and greed stinks up the game so much, I don’t blame people at all for refusing to continue playing, or for loosing interest in checking the thing out. I’ll probably finish this prix event, and then put the game on hold, until the Spyro prix. By then hopefully they’ve made more noticeable improvements regarding the games problems.(microtransactions are not an improvement to a Grindy coin system, so if that’s their fix, they can fuck off, I’m not gonna stick around and continue playing.)
  16. Uhhh...what lol? Quite a lot of people care, why do people that enjoy the game keep underplaying this criticism? Yeah we can Do you have proof this is just a minority?
  17. *groans* it really sucks hearing this. Man, what happened to this game? 😕
  18. It being a video game doesn’t absolve criticisms had. Things can be annoying,bad, exploitative, etc. within them regardless of the medium.
  19. Sure sounds like you’re already gearing up to bat for the decision should Activision add in microtransactions. I know your LOVE crash and all that, but cmon man.
  20. Well guess some are just more naturally optimistic than me. I just don’t trust them given how shit the pit stop already is
  21. 1. You have sources to back that up? Cause to my knowledge, especially outside 1st world countries, MANY don’t have internet and stable connections are still a large problem for many 2. You realize it’s not just PS4 3. Also it being 2019 doesn’t justify half the shit wrong with the online, and online only requirements.
  22. Oh also “Ignore the issues of the game and you’ll hardly notice the issues!” really? That’s the fix. Outta mind outta site?
  23. Unlocking shit at a Grindy pace isn’t “doing it the old fashioned way” because, again, those “old fashioned” games built their reward systems around the game itself. CTRNF despite not having microtransactions(at the moment) I can guarantee built their system around that idea in mind, or had them in and last second removed them. It’s fucking Activsion, let’s not pretend they aren’t above that And no, it’s not just cosmetics, it’s actual characters as well? Not to mention that argument to me doesn’t hold seeing’s as how the cosmetics are still part of the game and it’s charm so are very much features of the games worth value to many. “Just cosmetic” also undervalues and undermines the work being put into said cosmetics as well.
  24. So are you gonna defend the game on every front? Legit asking cause you’re always there arguing for the game when someone raises a point of issue with the it. It’s a legit criticism the grindy pit stop, many, not just “whiny gamers that want things now” have brought up. It’s very evident the games output of coins was fashioned after mobile/free to play game models. It’s not satisfying at all. cool beans tho trying to equate my argument to whining child in order to gain a laugh and attempt to devalue my stance Also, yeah I’d say there’s certainly some bs “difficulty” moments in the game.
  25. So Endgame failed to beat Avatar’s box office. God damnit. And thus, James Cameron’s ego continues
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