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  1. Seriously Now were deciding to say this is to much? Hey it's a spoiler topic and people want to share what they find. They care about the people who don't want to be spoiled. That's why they put it in a spoiler topic. some people act as if the people putting the spoilers up are selfish and careless about others. I personally get more exited with leaks but i know that's not the same with everyone that's why i use spoilers. I will agree it's gotten chaotic recently. It's gotten to the point were one of my friends can't even look at official news because of the spoilers. I told him about flying battery when spagonia was announced and he yelled at me saying he didn't want to hear it. He's even thinking now about not getting the game anymore because of the leaks. Which makes me feel bad for him.
  2. Even then you didn't even touch the infinite boost. What happens then? *push boost button* *end up playing future sonic generations 2 and makes ss burst past our reality*
  3. Oh i was trying to sound sarcastic when i said who knew.
  4. Wow who knew This huge war would go on in Yt between the sega forums and retro. I sure didn't! plus Jack is being framed. Sonic generations takes the cake when it comes to video game drama! Jack i hope you can clear things up with everyone soon.
  5. Meh read the description. not gonna fall for it. *About to press play button! must stop!* Wow....It...was real!0_0EPIC!!!!!! Also wow sega forums and retro are at it.
  6. Well I know that I'm not dumb. I kinda expected them to mix in stuff like the hub and other areas into the actual stage. I just meant convenient that the images from the leak are very similar to the pieces of art from unleashed. And I was also talking about that classic Sonic has the artwork from the night time picture. Not that it means anything but classic sonic has werehog segments in his gameplay so i find that funny that they gave him that pic. Although this does raise a question if the hub from spagonia is in the act then what will be the hub for unleashed if the game gets hubs?
  7. +1 rep for you!/trollface And Yeah i 100% agree with you.It Should not be your main motivation.
  8. I just find it very convenient that's all.
  9. Who here likes the summertime song?
  10. Sega put this in generations somehow...0_0 LIKE RIGHT NOW!! i will buy 10 copies if you do. I also approve. Or make this a event in the new M&S Olympic games thing.
  11. Okay i didn't know where to post this but if you go to the lab in either spagonia of shamar and go to the music area When you go to scroll down to the spagonia hub world music you'll notice they have these pictures. The night theme is the classic pic just at night while day is the modern one.I find it funny that the pic for classic is the like the werehog one but at day. And also that classic has werehog segments in his gameplay.(not turn into a werehog just play his sections.)
  12. Well Sonic runs into classic sonic when he is sucked in by the time hole. After then Both classic and modern sonic will be going through time holes to get to their next area. I'm not Sure on C. tails.
  13. Sonic 06 i agree is over the top more something like adventure or unleashed. That would be fitting. But If generations can put all these different types of enemies into one game my answer is yes. Also your saying that the game can't have a epic story because of the designs of the characters? I really don't think they could have been any more violent looking. Are you even looking at the story itself?again read the japanese manual . And i never said i wanted a large ff plot. Just a good plot with action and adventure.
  14. I really HATE this argument:"IT'S SONIC GUYS! He can't have a epic storyline! It's sonic a kid friendly franchise that doesn't need a story." Why can't he have a epic story? why does it have to be light and simple? Hell he had a story in the genesis games. Those wen you went deep into it were pretty epic plots. More dark then colors and heroes.Eggman is kidnapping animals and stuffing them into robots. in those. Were talking about canon and story because We have some info on the plot and are curious. Debates are going to emerge no doubt. Were not complaining about blaze being there were just curious how she got there. Just because he's a family friendly character doesn't mean he has to be like mario and have a easy dumb plot. Look at ratchet and clank! there's a example. and spyro.
  15. Wow it seems we've all forgot on classic sonic. That's pretty surprising that we've in so many topics talked about nothing but modern sonic and his friends.
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