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  1. Mr. X mii costume for Brawler lol Well, they always will advertise it in a direct if there’s a game dropping close to said direct. I also don’t recall AA or DMC getting full budget ads by Nintendo with actors, a setting, and being over 3 minutes. If they don’t care about promoting it no different than any other port, why go all out like this and give it its own presentation slot? I also never said a big deal, just ‘a deal’ that they acknowledge the franchise more heavily it seems compared to others in Capcoms library
  2. If they can give multiple sword characters varied fun movesets, and have them feel unique, and even a give a plant charm, I don't at all understand why that couldn’t be the case for Resident Evil. I think that could be a fun franchise to represent. Using your MvC point, that could easily work just as well for someone like Chris, Jill or Wesker. Just have them be a snake/joker hybrid, agile, but tactical. Erdrick is literally just Link+ Robin so I don’t think they have to bring completely new things to the table. And if they did, incorporate zombies in somehow. That was something in MvC2. I don’t at all agree resident evil would be boring as a choice. And the attitude people are taking regarding the prospect really severely underplays the significance of it as a franchise historically in gaming. It’s just as deserving I feel as a Dante or Phoenix Wright Dante only just got his first game on the switch, and it was only the first. With little to no fanfare. They always make a deal about when Resi gets a game on Switch.
  3. This Microsoft cooperative thing Nintendo’s got going means only one thing: Halo DS is happenin boys

    1. Ferno


      nintendo's been cooperative with ubisoft too tho

      but mah boy still ain't smashin


      tendo pls

    2. KHCast


      Microsoft is the favorite child clearly 

    3. Strickerx5


      Waiting on Nintendo to return the favor in Microsoft's case...

  4. You know what would have been funny? Super Lucky’s Tale being the only Microsoft thing they showed for the Nintendo direct. There’s a timeline where that happens lol

  5. https://m.ign.com/articles/2019/06/11/zelda-breath-of-the-wild-sequel-is-not-related-to-majoras-mask It’s gonna be darker than Majora’s Mask apparently
  6. I’m still expecting some kinda catch with CTR. The road map stuff already has me raising an eyebrow.  (And tbh not really a fan of this roadmap shit anyway. Yeah cool it’s free, but just upfront admitting it’s content not yet done that’ll be done later, just makes it come off like your game isn’t done yet. And if your games not satisfying and fun now, expecting to way for the content that will make it that just seems expecting much. But Crash at least looks like tons of fun so will hopefully avoid that pitfall.) As long as they don’t go crazy with outside monetization tactics, I think this could certainly be my summer game 

    1. Dejimon11


      Sometimes it's just best to relax when it comes to this stuff. I'm not even trying to defend Activision but with what we had of this game they've gone above and beyond what they promised. And this tactic is similar to what Nintendo did with Splatoon a game that was super popular. Hopefully this is just done as a way to avoid another Spyro situation where they rushed it out the door.

    2. KHCast


      I have my fingers crossed. I really don’t want another Activision fuck up with these games. 

  7. So while I’m hyped for Banjo, I can’t stop thinking of the last two characters. I’m more than ever convinced that if Capcom is getting another rep, which I find likely, it’s gonna be between a RE rep, and Phoenix Wright, and I’m leaning more towards the former. Going off the direct, there was really no sight of Phoenix Wright news or attention to his franchise. instead? We got a entire segment dedicated to Resident Evil and the games being on the switch, introducing both 5 and 6 as coming soon to the platform. They really seem to be pushing that of all the Capcom content the most, and as we just saw with dragon quest, high marketing pushes from Nintendo is worth consideration. Then there’s the sheer fact that it’s a franchise in public eye currently thanks to RE7 and RE2R and their critical and general acclaim. Compound that with the “what the fuck” factor of a M rated gore centered horror game icon series showing up in Smash, and that’s a lot of buzz I can already predict.(and no Castlevania doesn’t at all fill the “horror” genre imo. It has spooky characters, but is in no way played up to scare you. It’s a platformer with blood pumping adrenaline filled music and cheesy ass writing.). Phoenix, just kinda sounds like another Banjo. A fan request character, and while that’d be great to get another one for fans, I feel like Banjo was meant to be that and that he’ll be the only “fan service” character. Now, sure he’s got Nintendo ties, a lot of them, and sells decently, so on his own merits, stands a decent shot, but idk, I really think if Nintendo really are wanting “out there unexpected” shock value characters, RE no question would fit that bill. Though maybe I’ll be wrong, at this point I won’t really complain with whoever finishes off the dlc, it seems like a pretty good group already as is 3 characters in.(Though I swear to Christ if you add Bubsy Nintendo...) I just think it’d be cool to see what RE could bring, and have more personal ties to that over Phoenix as I never really got into his series
  8. If RE gets in Smash, and we don’t get a remix of this:

    I’m gonna be pissed.

  9. I legit had to double take when I saw that Etika did a react vid to the Banjo trailer, cause I thought he was in put into a mentally unstable facility, but then remembered he got let out of the hospital for...no reason by the state.

  10. BotW 2 is coming out likely before the next elder scrolls game. Let that sink in. The last main elder scrolls game, which came out well before BotW, that BotW was inspired by, won’t potentially have its next sequel out before  the open world Zelda games sequel no one expected

    1. SupahBerry


      BOTW 2 will be out before FF7R finishes all its episodes.

    2. Speederino


      BotW 2 will be out before Half-Life 3

    3. KHCast


      Meanwhile Bethesda couldn’t make a elder scrolls game worth a damn that wasn’t Skyrim, for the current gen, and Nintendo is now making two open world masterpieces for one. I think I know which company uses their time and resources more efficiently.

      @SupahBerry God it kinda is cringe how Nintendo puts these guys to shame

    4. DanJ86


      What source do you have that states BotW was inspired by Elder Scrolls? I've never heard that before.

    5. KHCast


      It’s purely speculative, but Skyrim is what popularized the open world genre, and is one of the best selling in its market. Open world styled games started releasing more often following its success, so while no, it’s not a direct inspiration(at least not officially stated), it’s success indirectly is what influenced the market to to make them a more common thing. I don’t at all doubt Skyrim inspired even if slightly, the ambition and goals of BotW.

    6. Speederino


      I am almost certain I heard Nintendo directly namedrop Skyrim as an influence at some point.

  11. Pre order/collectors edition summons in FF7R annoys me to no end on just how stupid that sounds as a idea. Like I wanna be excited and like the remake, but there’s a lot keeping me from jumping in with everyone else 

    1. Dejimon11


      It keeps getting worse 

    2. KHCast


      .....they’re just never gonna finish it at this rate. 

    3. Tatters


      They're trying so hard to milk this series till the heat theory happens.

  12. Super Lucky’s Tale was put on Switch because literally no one gave a shit about it as the Xbox One X launch game lol.

  13. Really not a shocker, I expected this response but figured I’d post
  14. Said it already, but not a huge fan of the way he decided to “throw people off” due to his NDA. I feel he could have handled that better without borderline just saying “nah don’t get your hopes up fam”. But, hey, now that this has been revealed, guys like Sora are back on the market lol so not all bad I guess?
  15. Trying to imagine for Sora in Smash, if they’d use 3’s design or the more recognizable 2 outfit. Going off the last 2 reveals I’m inclined to believe 2’s costume and fight style would get priority. Banjo sports his more classic design, and The Hero has alts based on older more recognized characters. So either way, I’d imagine Sora would have his classic/iconic outfits somehow as either the default or alt similar to Cloud.(with maybe different keyblades for each alt? None of the Disney ones probably)

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      What would his final smash be?

    2. Tatters


      Sora's final smash might be Trinity but with Riku and Kairi.

    3. Sean


      Atlantica musical number

    4. KHCast


      @Ernest the Panda Sora explaining the lore to the characters

  16. Bring on Leon for Smash! They’ve been adding each of the resident evil games slowly to Switch, would be hype if they dropped RE7, and then later, RE2 Remake, with a Leon/Claire alt trailer for Smash

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I legit thought you meant Leon from Pokémon Sword and Shield 

    2. KHCast


      Lol well that Leon could be added as a alt for the Pokémon trainer 

  17. Yeah this is annoying situation, for completions sake I’m getting The Hero. I’m not sure how much profit he’ll get from dlc profits, but I hope it’s not much. He looks like such a great character sakurai and his teamed clearly worked hard on, that’s really the reason I’m ultimately going through with the purchase. He looks fun, though I don’t really care for Dragon Quest still, but I can tell it’s a character fans of the games especially in japan will love.
  18. Wonder if we’ll get more WoL centered cgi cutscenes, whether it’s for dlc reveal or not. I could see Sora or Leon getting a similar trailer to Erdrick fighting the darkness/hoard of enemies or maybe someone fighting Galeem and its army

    It’s also interesting that they decided to spoil the whole twist with the plot.

  19. Zelda + The Mummy

    all my yes

    1. Dejimon11
    2. KHCast


      BotW 2 with its undead Ganondorf

  20. I guess I’m just a bit concerned they’ll just “lol just kidding” the whole deal with Ganondorf/Ganon they hammered on in the first game (that this was meant to finally kill him for good from this timeline). I mean I guess you could argue and say the king or whoever came up with the legend made up that Ganondorf “gave up” his physical form for this, and it was simply ganondorfs rage incarnate while he was chained up...(idk why you’d chain him simply under your castle, when in the previous games you had to banish him to another dimension, but okay?) but then that kinda just makes botw 1 another Ganondorf story vs a return of Ganon itself. And I’m not sure how to feel about that?
  21. “We didn’t want to re use a already existing story” -creators of Marvel ultimate alliance 3

    >looks at Avengers The Game

  22. I didn’t care much for The Hero in Smash until people started calling them Android 17. Now that’s what I’m calling him 

  23. Zelda lore has never been grounded in reality with its rules and consistency, so the idea that through “magic and darkness” and whatnot, Link constantly ass whooping Ganon causes something like Demise, or at least something Demise esque to awaken within Ganon/Ganondorf to happen isn’t that out there. You said yourself, they’re one in the same, but regardless, he is the source power
  24. There not being music for the Spyro switch trailer was weird..

  25. Could be stylistic and just be interpreting him in more traditional “modern” attire. Though he is also Ganondorf technically. What would be cool, is if this were a hybrid between the two.
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