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  1. Games before didn’t have nearly this bad of grinding, as it’s obvious Activision intended microtransactions before ripping them out without balancing the game with that in mind. That’s part of this reason this event isn’t even that exciting. At least when regarding the Pit stop content. I’m not sure how much of a slog the main goodies will be to get.
  2. What place though does that have here when the discussions here have no real relation to that? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone argue all the outrage is just. I just really don’t see the point here in bringing it up. It’s just brought up to my knowledge to re-iterate when someone doesn’t care about the criticism directed at GF.
  3. No one here is acting as if their blood needs Pokémon to live, we all understand it’s a video game. But we’re customers, and we can express when something isn’t looking good. Coming together to express disappointment/disapproval with a product is about the only thing customers have in regards to a voice. Yes, we all die, we live life, there are more important things than video games, but that doesn’t mean criticism in mass is wrong either of having a passion for a franchise and being disappointed is bad. That’s the market. This is an industry like any other Yes, blind hate for the sake of it is wrong. Except criticism and anger doesn’t automatically equate to being a jerk or lacking respect or devaluation of one’s argument. They aren’t mutually exclusive. And actually can better educate people in certain instances. Maybe instead of being annoyed at the outrage for being outrage, more people focus on what it’s about and why it’s happening. For example, outrage over Crunch periods happening in the industry, and people that defend them. That’s a valid example where outrage in gaming makes sense. And while the Pokémon issue isn’t near that level, I’d say people expressing upset emotions and annoyance over the deteriorating quality and complacency they feel has been going on is valid, and not toxic. Now if they’re attacking GF employees verbally or sending threats, that’s definitely not on.
  4. So I already have my issues with the statement as a whole in relation to the game industry(actually not just the game industry, but I digress), but relating to Pokémon? I don’t see the unrealistic expectations laid out when AGAIN, they have the assets there and this can more than likely be chalked up to ignorance or laziness on their end. I also don’t see the arguments presented at their core being the issue. Most people here criticizing and calling out gamefreak simply have brought up the facts, and it’s been usually the people arguing FOR the game and why it’s like this kicking up a stink about people “complaining” despite the reasonable issues people have addressed regarding the games choices. So if anything, toxic apathy/optimism has been the larger cause for unrest as we’re literally going in a circle regarding these arguments and disputes. The same discussions I saw at announcement of this, and I’m still seeing people argue the same points about how much work it would be on GF, despite the evidence presented against that. A argument point brought up weeks ago.
  5. I really can’t get over how unappealing, cynical and shitty the Pit Stop is. Even if it’s “fixed” the fact it’s there and gating off content just feels gross. You can tell Activision is the one that called the shots there. It’s a shameless Fortnite Knockoff with microtransactions likely scrapped at the last second, without balancing the game to account for that. In a remake of all things. I totally can respect people deciding against purchasing the game because of it. Especially if said people have spotty internet connections.
  6. ....what kind of blatant corporate apologism...like all you’re doing right here is basically doubling down on your “I take companies sides of the argument” view, making all the more your arguments here on the Pokémon situation, all the more biased
  7. The fact they could do most of this on the 3DS and now on the console jump are removing a major percentage from the game period despite the upgrade, leaves me wondering if it really was a case of “pushing the system and team” or just a case of mismanagement of time, or straight up just cutting corners to meet deadlines. Cause I don’t see it being too unreasonable when past games have done it. Like this argument I feel is just going in a circle at this point.
  8. All we’ve seen characterization wise, is raven being “emo lol I don’t actually care and will boringly scream”, Robin “so serious Batman wannabe”, and Cyborg making a “omg its Santa” comment. Nothing about these to me so far look promising. It feels like they’re just doing the young justice episode again only to the next level.
  9. Look online dude, tons of articles and forums are citing it as a possible nod to the keyblade. https://www.gamesradar.com/toy-story-4-might-have-a-kingdom-hearts-3-easter-egg/ https://amp.businessinsider.com/33-easter-eggs-details-you-missed-toy-story-4-pixar-disney-2019 https://www.kh13.com/news/potential-kingdom-hearts-reference-found-in-toy-story-4-r3048/ Certainly had the shape and design. And Pixar is all about Easter eggs, so wouldn’t be that hard to believe they’d do that there
  10. I guess the question comes down to if Pixar themselves ACTUALLY consider it canon to the films lol. It sounds like there was a lot of back and forth on how this was going to work between Square Pixar and Disney. Which speaking of Toy Story apparently TS4 possibly has a KH Easter egg?
  11. https://gamerant.com/kingdom-hearts-3-pixar-toy-story-canon/ I know this is a controversial topic, but reading this, it really does come off as if Pixar genuinely insisted to Nomura and Square that the only way to do their worlds in KH was to have the KH characters actually visit the actual official canon lore(at least regarding Toy Story). Like, maybe this can be interpreted to still mean it’s not actually canon, but idk...Seems like the words used make a strong case for it actually being canon to the films
  12. It really is comforting to see so many high profile people in the Smash community leave the kind words they are about him. From guys like BillyB0 and PapaGenos, to Alpharad, Sherwood, and Introspective, all the way to the competitive scene guys like ZeRo. It hurts knowing he thought he’d be forgotten...he’s a loved individual. Just look at all the people that weren’t even close to him express their respect for him. the people bullying him online, compounded with his mental health and lack of care given regarding it by both the system, and the people, really did a number on him, and I hope the people memeing and “clowning” him feel ashamed. It wasn’t a joke that he was going through actual mental illness, anyone paying attention could see that. Even though he pulled shitty pranks, they were obviously signs of a problem, and don’t justify making fun of him in mass, even while he was missing. The system failed him, he deserved much better. Hopefully this issue becomes more real to people within these communities and going forward we do better to help people that are going through issues of depression, mental health, etc. instead of ridicule, and make fun of them for attention. RIP Etika. I may not have watched much of your content, but you certainly made your place in the community you loved.
  13. Did drifting fuck up shooting rockets in the original as well? I can’t remember. Cause that’s been annoying me a lot online and with bosses
  14. Pinstripes the worst offender. If you get behind him, you’re pretty much fucked since he bomb spams HARD with no breathing room, and on a stage like hot air sky, yeah that’s not fun. And he rubberbands the worst to boot. You can’t shake him off. I seriously didn’t have that much trouble with any other boss for bullshit reasons like him
  15. You know if they built on Lost Worlds gameplay and tweaked it up, I could see the drop Dash being implemented in 3D.
  16. Yeah, the CPU’s can be a bit...bullshit in the remake I’ve noticed when playing normal or hard. Like they slingshot back next to you when you get them off your tail like nothing, have mk level bull with item spam at points, and once they get far enough ahead, there’s just no catching up. It’s not impossible or anything, but it was quite the annoying wake up call. Especially regarding the bosses.
  17. Yeah PS4 online is pretty shit. Still waiting for a match. Had a group join, but then everyone quit. So hey, TSR and CTR at least have this in common edit: aaaand now it froze when it found a group
  18. Umm, Simon and Richter then? The Koopa’s? Olimar and Alph? It’s not like Smash hasn’t used 2 different characters before and had one be an alt. I mean going off RE2R they’re really not THAT distinguishable in gameplay.
  19. That’s what it says on the PS Store page oh sorry, 9pm est which is 6pm pst which is my time “Play on 06/20/2019 9pm Eastern Time”
  20. So the game becomes accessible to those that digitally pre ordered at 6pm est. So does that mean it’ll be available to purchase after 6 digitally? Edit: 9pm est sorry mixed my times up
  21. 40 bucks, 60 if you get the Nitros Oxide edition
  22. If they were going with a female RE rep, it’d be Claire, since she’s much more relevant atm due to the RE2 Remake. But yeah anyone from RE would be pretty fire. Will agree I’m a bit surprised at the lack of female reps in the dlc. 4 had Bayonetta and technically Corrin. I mean I guess they could do Leon and Claire as an alt(which has been a popular theory) similar to how they’re handling The Hero. But a female only rep would be nice. Guess I just don’t know who they’d pick at this point that would fit the hype. Mmmm Lilith from Borderlands could be pretty cool, she’s pretty badass. However none of the Borderlands games are on Nintendo platforms...Lara Croft could maybe work if Square got another pick.
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