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  1. DUDE. HOLY SHIT that looks awesome! I agree with BB this looks just wow! Sega good job on this!
  2. Just a question but how can you tell from a minute trailer how automated it is? We still haven't seen a playthrough of the stage yet. Yes I can see there are Boost hallways in the trailer but We don't even know how spread out each of them are. From CE i can assume will follow the same style. So hopefully they won't be super automated. I'm guessing the reason why classic stages are so linear is because It's a lot harder to re-imagine those in 3d Compared to already 3d stages. I also agree on the opinion thing. You shouldn't complain unless people are TRYING to force it on you or are saying your opinion is invalid or bad.
  3. Really? because his move set and hyper combo's look very varied. He's got some creepy looking moves and just plain bad ass moves. They do seem to be relying to much on the Rocket launcher though. I find him better than Rocket raccoon that's for sure.
  4. Well at least there are new things in the level to keep it fresh. But still wow sega LOL! Can't wait to see crisis city's similarities.looking at the two though It seems more cartoonish in the generations one. Probably because it's brighter and more colorful. The buildings look a little different. Also yay university! But no pickle... Also the adventure games and classic's had straight lines. Why can't generations have any straight lines. It seems a bit to much to ask for that. It can have a few straight lines right.
  5. Don't forget the spagonia alternate pathway. Since this is a trailer I'm not going to say that it hasn't changed and gameplay is still mostly boost hallways. I'll wait until we see the whole level.
  6. Yes please! I wouldn't be surprised but it will probably be at the end of the game. Still I'd be happy with either one.
  7. i wasn't trying to start a war i was just asking a question about why he thought that. I don't want to start a long debate. Also Seaside ruin or Seaside Palace...hmmm.
  8. Look at 00:23 for seaside hill and 00:53 for spagonia. Multiple paths. Also just because it shows some areas were it's narrow doesn't mean it will all be linear.
  9. How is spagonia a boost hallway? I can clearly see multiple pathways! Also seaside ruin(i'm mixing both) Has multiple paths as well.
  10. Well it played during two trailers and i kept seeing people post it on youtube as "Sonic generations main theme." I was just wondering.
  11. Isn't this song like the main theme or something?
  12. Crisis City...NOW SEGA!!! Also like that their using the colors way to intro the stage with sonic doing a little taunt.
  13. "Sonic games usually look 100x better than they play." "Why add tails..." Those trolls! I don't care anyways. anywho Sonic sounds really different compared to his colors voice. Actually look and pause at 00:23.
  14. And stop at 53! multipe paths!!hopefully it won't be like the original were it's almost all boost.
  15. OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING!!!!! I love both stages they look beuitiful! and tails!!! Spagnia looks beuitiful! and i think c. sonic homing attacks in teh cgi... and some of those 2d sections look like there from the original.
  16. But we already have windy valley in M&S... although it could be nice. also I didn't know windy valley was a highway with neon lights or that RR was a dessert. You always learn something new...
  17. I would have preferred those stages due to my experience with those and it like you said would have made it way more diverse. But hopefully the rumored Secret rings stage and the level dlc will make it more diverse.
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