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  1. I just hope the online servers won’t be fucked on release.
  2. Yeah I thought sakurai said awhile back he was not happening. Especially after fans began sending him fucking threats and anger over the character. Undertale tho would be interesting, though if Shovel Knight of all people, the indie mascot, only got Assist Trophy status, I can’t see Frisk. And honestly, these two would be pretty underwhelming as final picks. Well, mostly Waluigi
  3. Apparently there are rumors going around that Frisk from Undertale and Waluigi are gonna be the final DLC characters. Thoughts?
  4. I never cared much for the music in the original CTR, it was pretty forgettable imo, so that news doesn’t exactly effect me much either way.
  5. How’s the difficulty? I was watching Jim play it, and it looked pretty...easy. Are there difficulty modes?
  6. Is there a situation or way in which they could do something that appeals to both sides that you’d be alright with or open to? Cause I feel as if doubling down isn’t gonna win the people that raised criticism over the system. Though if their goal is simply to satisfy the people that had no problem with it and don’t want it changed at all, I guess doing something like that is the logical next step. Which is fine. It’ll just personally for me be more clear from the get go it’s not really gonna be my kind of thing, if it’s just more of the same
  7. How about the option to keep the broken remains of the weapon, and take it to a smith or to fix it (or fix yourself)albeit with a higher cost of materials and money needed depending on the weapon or with some other drawback? Would that work as a compromise potentially?
  8. I mean Nintendo has always been one to create alternate play styles in order to be more accessible (smart steering for MK, the cosmic guide in galaxy, that easy mode in Star Fox 0, etc.) So the option to use unbreakable weapons I personally see as no different. If you don’t want to use them, you don’t, just ignore them and continue with the breakable weapons you use. Why force people to use a system they already don’t enjoy just because you personally like it and feel it compliments the game. Clearly that’s not a universal experience from others who have played and beaten the game and I don’t think their experiences or thoughts are invalid. If games like Skyrim being massive successes is any indication, a lack of weapon breaking doesn’t always take away from the experience for these open world games for many people.
  9. I’m pretty sure there’s a canon set of events, and the other methods are just for the players enjoyment, so I don’t see this happening. Also why not a auto weapon switching system like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV for weapons? While I’m in the camp that’s not a huge Into the weapon durability system as it is currently(it’s just never been a system personally I enjoyed as much as others in most games that use it.), I feel most for sure weren’t a fan of the pace breaking swapping weapon system.
  10. Chance alone has me sold. One of my favorite indie artists gone major, and one of my favorite animated cartoons? Can’t wait to see how that turns out
  11. We already had a follow up with that Ganondorf. (TP Ganondorf is OoT Ganondorf in the child timeline). I’d personally rather they not continue again with this one. Though considering one of the champions, the Gerudo one, specially namedrops OoT Ganondorf....it could very well end up happening
  12. So is there no standard Nitros Oxide edition of the PS4 version outside digital? Seems the only one available for it is the box set one with the pins which jacks it up to 70 bucks. edit: whoops just checked, the version without the pins is digital only. Huh. Well shit, guess I’m going digital.
  13. It’s a SyFy original, of course they’re ripping it off lol.
  14. If this ends up on Vita in the West but not PS4, I’m gonna seriously laugh myself to death
  15. Orchestral/mashups are great and all, but I do hope that isn’t the entirety of the remakes soundtrack.
  16. There it is. Not even just for the remake I guess, so if Cloud were to show up in KH again, don’t expect Burton.:( Cant help but find it especially sad that despite voicing Cloud for 17 years, he never actually voiced him in the one game that actually mattered. And while I’ll get used to the new actors, it annoys me how they initially had him set to voice for this game. While the recasting isn’t the end of the world, the actual treatment voice actors typically get in these instances is apparent and I won’t get over. This, “drop this guy, for more famous guy” attitude publishers have is the fucking worse and shows a lack of reverence and respect to the mark certain actors bring. And sorry, but I can’t totally buy the “it’s a reinterpretation” defense when square and the industry do this quite casually and commonly. I’ll get over it, but I’d prefer they not paint it as something else when we all know why they’re really doing it. I’m happy at least the new voice actor responded with respect and knows he’s got shoes to fill.
  17. I wonder if WoL being the basis of The Hero’s trailer is a possible tease at more content (story or otherwise) coming to that mode...probably not, but I can dream lol
  18. It’s more unsettling than straight up dark(though there are some pretty fucked up implications left for the imagination), but compared to most Zelda games, it’s a pretty somber and tonally different experience. The closets you could get to it with other stuff is maybe Twilight Princess with how weird and disturbing certain things can be.(like Zant and his death)
  19. I have to ask why they didn’t just delay this. I mean I’ve heard the argument that the games need to launch the same time as the shows and merch, but idk...I think this is a glaring omission that would warrant it.
  20. I certainly get The Mummy vibes from this trailer. Group searches ancient tomb, dead Ganondorf being brought back to life by a magic spell of some sort, with a creepy awakening scene, worlds now in danger of said undead person. I love it haha
  21. He also stated that sometimes he just enjoys tweeting about games he enjoys and not every appraisal is a hint or clue towards someone’s inclusion. And besides it’s a coin toss on that rule anyway. Sakurai never iirc posted about his love for Banjo after all. Sora iirc ranked decently as well along with a number of characters that haven’t gotten in. And Joker wasn’t even on that list. Or Erdrick iirc. When was it stated the DLC discussion started around 2016? Wasn’t the game itself still in development then, with sakurai stating dlc discussion didn’t begin until after the game was completed? And sakurai has met with multiple devs in the past for it to go nowhere. Again, while these points are worth consideration sure, I don’t find myself adding them to the evidence pile quite yet as there are exceptions/counterpoints to the presented evidence in favor. And yeah, you could argue the same for my RE points, fair. This is all just speculation after all, and I simply feel more strongly about that franchise personally And I could say the same for Resident Evil lol. I think there’s points for both, again it could go either way I feel, or Capcom may just get ignored. Anything at this point really can happen, but I simply am against the notion that RE wouldn’t bring anything, and has no reason to be considered
  22. Well, yeah. Not sure where you’re going with that point, but yes my point is Sakurai for base game, gets say. There’s a reason he recently commented on the fact Nintendo staff were surprised by the “everyone is here” bit at E3 last year like everyone else. True, but nothing suggests 1. He’d by default go AA over any other Capcom Rep or 2. That Nintendo can’t hard press on certain characters, or hell, restrict by franchise(as in going “hey we want a character from AA, pick which one out of the list we’ve made”) There are certainly multiple different marketing tactics to consider. Persona may not have been a pushed franchise by Nintendo, but it was a franchise of critical acclaim thanks to Persona 5 popularizing it, and did have a unannounced title coming to Switch. Plus sakurai loves the hell out of the game. So there was reason to go with him. Now not every character follows that promotion trend. Again, when marketing certain things, it can be presented in multiple different ways to warrant said decision. It’s not always “what’s the biggest” on Nintendo’s consoles, but that CAN be a factor at play for certain characters chosen.
  23. Nintendo weren’t the ones picking the base roster for Smash 4, that was specifically Sakurai, hence why we got picks like Wii fit Trainer and Duck Hunt. Nintendo with the DLC for ultimate however has much more say. There’s nothing to suggest they wouldn’t take more business rooted options Banjo is a easy win for goodwill to the fans, and opens the gate for future collaboration between them and Microsoft, so there was reason to go that route even if as a character he’s been obscure and forgotten by the mass market.
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