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  1. Happy birthday Commander Hurricane, sir!

  2. I liked the episode though it did feel like it needed more investigation. Also Pinkie Pie made me think about Inspector Jacques Clouseau a bit for some reason.
  3. I agree with the Pinkie Pie thing, I always felt things like private investigators worked better the more eccentric they are. At least to me.
  4. Well playing as metal does sound a bit interesting.
  5. Married to Spike, well looking at the game it could have been much worst.
  6. Really caught my interest and it quickly became one of my favorites.
  7. Having nothing to do, I apparently took on the goal to watch everything on the site without even noticing. Not counting the things I always kept up with(NC and Linkara) I have watched all of Nchick, Obscurus Lupa, Spoony's reviews and The Cinema Snob. All this within the last weeks.
  8. I'm looking forward to this, perhaps the first Pokemon game I buy when it first comes out.
  9. World of Tanks an online game, the first game of this type that has interested me. Only destroyed 1 things, survived a few times but mostly I just get blown up every match, still have lots of anyway.
  10. I really enjoyed series not the greatest but still a favorite though there is something about the third book that makes me think of it as rushed. I have also been looking forward to movie at least when I remember there is one coming out.
  11. Happy birthday! SIR!

    1. gato


      I'm updating this comment because I'm lazy. :U

  12. Really enjoy Smackdown probably more then Raw. I also like Superstars it is surprisingly good, if only more interesting things happened in it. I do hope they don't have Teddy and John in a match though I would enjoy seeing the Ace Crusher if he can still do it. I do wonder what they have planned for Kane. Recently I started watching Ring Ka King and it was pretty good, enjoyed seeing people like Chavo doing something interesting.
  13. Rewatching Doctor Who(2005) Just started on season 3

  14. Patlabor is the series that got me interested in mecha, a division of the police that uses giant robots to deal with crimes and accidents involving giant robots. The Vision of Escaflowne is another I watched around the same time and that I really enjoyed it back then. I also enjoyed playing games like Front Mission 3, Zone of Super Robot Taisen 2 and Zone of the Enders Fist of Mars.
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