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  1. So you admit to being a troll. Which is against SSMB's rules. umm... wow.
  2. My face when Bronies got mentioned on the Colbert Report: My face when Circuit Mane faked being sick:
  3. I warned you about updates bro! I told you dog! IT KEEPS HAPPENING!

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac


  4. >my face when new layout

  5. The white hurts my eyes and the new layout is so confusing.
  6. Hello Captain Obvious. I'd put the episodes on my iPod but 1. it's too small and 2. it's a first generation iPod Touch so it's incompatible with anything that isn't an audio file.
  7. The only facepalm that is suitable for that is one what covers our universe and Equestria. Seriously, Hitler Youth? Where in blue hell did he get that comparison? Just... WHAT?! I know somebody who lost her father in this bombing and I hope that Anders Behring Breivik burns in hell for eternity.
  8. You can't really stop people from having sex, and trying to get anybody to stop is a completely futile effort. End of discussion. Now... umm... post ponies?

    1. Dialga190


      The cupcakes are a lie.

  10. darkhaven, bro, you're making it REEEEEEALLY hard for me to love and tolerate you. OK, getting back to that poster, YAY, Octavia is in there! As well as Madame le Flour. And.. every single character whos been popular in the fandom.
  11. If this bitch (bitch isn't strong enough a word for this creature) and her repulsive husband get elected I'm moving to Canada.
  12. Space space space space space space space space….SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE

  13. Dialga190

    Bill S978

    OK, which side is pushing this? Republicans or Democrats? It's a stupid law anyway and there's no way they'd be able to effectively enforce it anyway.
  14. I'm either really naive or really dense, because I didn't see the racism in it until now. I thought it was just a 12 year old boy who thinks he's funny.
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