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  1. Hey peeps just asking if this is already a topic then cancel this and link below but I've seen Mighty the armadillo on sale on eBay (at extortion prices. I'am in the u.k is there any website I can buy from instead of eBay? Cheers.
  2. I like the wink to the SNES & MEGA DRIVE controller buttons on the issue cover :)
  3. I have a chrome laptop how can I play these games
  4. New start. New beginning. It's been 23 years plus since we have had a issue 1. It's time to start afresh. Fleetway came and went and I was as. Then I knew about the Ar his saga and stuck with that until 2016 when it ended, So I am looking forward to this with great anticipation because this means no massive baggage from 23 years of material. SEGA will be more involved and what ever is created from now till the comics end will never repeat the Penders saga. Good luck IDW
  5. I just getting giddy with the thought in the future of Hardback IDW Sonic Collections hehehe
  6. Question, can IDW ever put The Nocturne (AKA The Dark Brotherhood) in the books? coz its nothing to do with penders Dark Legion and they belong to SEGA outright, he never won that argument right?
  7. Just a question. Now that IDW will more likely have a new slate.... Does this mean we could see The Dark Brotherhood (aka The Nocturne Clan) In the comics? Or will the A-Hole wanna sue and be a dick again?I
  8. I think basically SEGA is letting the rights run out as they're relationship with ARCHIE after the whole penders and other creators trails practically crippled ARCHIE's friendship with SEGA. By giving it to someone like for e.g. IDW they can start from scratch sign the proper contracts no BS and throw out all the backlog and restart. Now that the SATAM characters and post Genisis wave characters are SEGA approved they'd have no need with Ian or any of the recent newer guys. All we can hope for is that the matter is resolved quickly so we can get back to basics
  9. *sigh* its Fleetway 2001 for me all over again IF this is true, it is sad that it'll not get to 300, lets be truthful here. Archie hasnt made any waves about 2017 having a 300th issue, I remember when we are 15 issues away from #200 Archie were hyping it every month, but this time they havent. If it does get cancelled let it go to IDW or BOOM, start from scratch, get all these contracts sorted, let SEGA give 100% full support and wipe the slate clean. Start from the beginning build new stories/mythologies etc. oh and let the creative talent hop onto it as well, just not have a repeat of the Penders issue.
  10. Anyone know if Thrash, Sharps the chicken, Max the monkey & Mach the rabbit will ever come back? and whats the deal with Mina and Ash? are there gone or unavailable?
  11. just hope we dont have another long delay again, on another not 40 pages to go till the magic 1000th page
  12. I'd rather Archie sell the rights to IDW
  13. When is #279 released again? i know its been awhile is it 3rd of Fed in the USA?
  14. be cool to see the Sky Patrol trio in proper drawn form, just never thought id see them in the book, now just get a X-Treme adaptation sorted and it'll be all done, hell I remember geeking out in issue 134 i think was the Home epilogue where it was drawn by John Grey who drew a cameo of Shortfuse the Cybernik in the background when Sonic explain's the BEM's story of how the mobians were de robotizied, and even put Tekno the Canary & Ebony the cat in there as well, and if iam remembering correctly Tiara was a cameo in the crowd :D. Urgh soz guys nerd alert here
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