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  1. Happy Birthday!! :)

  2. This, as much as I love SotN, I feel that when you get to a certain point, the game just feel like it's a total pushover. (like when I ended up getting the Crissaegrim in one of my playthroughs through just a random passerby drop, without even bothering to grind for it) And hearing Finale Toccata for almost the entire inverted castle was also rather annoying, and I don't really care for that song too much when just listening to it by itself. At least Lost Painting (which played in almost most of where Finale Toccata doesn't play in) is very much enjoyable in it's own right, which makes the sections with that as the music to be much more enjoyable. Ecclesia, though, was a really good step for the series in trying to give the Metriodvania style games some of the classic-style difficulty. Anywho, one game that I would love to improve a few things in would be Wild Arms 5, I really liked the battle system and the characters in that game, but I personally would loved to of seen more of Volsung's backstory aside what was mentioned in-game. Also a bit of the ending was a bit WTF-ish, enough to the point I needed to look up on gamefaqs just to make more sense of what happened. The game could of also used more voice acting, I normally wouldn't of minded it on most circumstances, but when you seen the characters mouth moving, and not even a single sound coming from them while you read the text there just make it look like it was incomplete. Especally when you noticed that several of the key scenes had voices to go with them too while everything else..nada. And then the game also made a habit of beating it's main arc words into your head at every possible moment, which after the millionth time of hearing "You can do anything as long as you don't give up" it starts to become very redundant.
  3. For this year gaming wise, there were a few dissappointments, mainly over the fact that whenever I hear of a new game coming out for only the 360 and PS3, I end up going to the emo corner because I still lack either of the two systems. (trying to get a PS3, though, when I can, acutally, it's next on my console buying list now, since I was able to get my main 2 systems that I wanted out of the way this year) But on the plus side, this year was when I was able to get enough saved up from my paychecks in order to buy a PSP, and I was able to get a 3DS as well. So that's all well and good. <3 And I was able to take the time to enjoy quite a few good games as well. But 2 games stood out the most that I started, played through, and was able to beat during this year. 1 - Radiant Historia - Argubally one of the best DS RPGs that I've played if not THE best. I absolutely enjoyed the story brought about in this game, and the soundtrack was really lovely (just remind me not to listen to the soundtrack in the car when on my way home from work at night, Since it's more or less a good relaxing soundtrack, sometimes with the more peaceful tunes making me fall asleep.) And the battle system is one of my favorites for in turn-based RPGs as well. 2 - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - I know, the game came out a while ago, but it wasn't until this year that i was able to buy myself a PSP, and through hearing about VP2 was how I came to even know about this game's existence (felt getting the remake was a lot easier then trying to hunt for the original game, plus being on a portable format allowed me to get more playtime in the game as opposed to getting the original, console version) To put it simply, this game completely kept me occupied and hooked to my PSP during my 30-minute lunch breaks at work. And was one of the games that I got that confirmed to me that the investment into the PSP was completely worth it. Also other notes of interest, this year was when I was first caught wind of the Wild Arms series, got all 5 of the main games plus XF (I also beaten through and liked WA5), Also I played through and beaten Golden Sun: Dark Dawn which was a good continuation of the series but it still left many many many loose ends and has made me really craving for another game to be made to help tie up some of the plotlines in there. There was of course also Pokemon Black (the highlight of that game being mainly it's soundtrack. <3), And I was also able to re-kindle in my love of Tales of Symphonia when I was going through all of that game in order to reclaim my lost save data. And then there was also 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors (I can't fully consider it a game as it was more like a book, but still, it's a shame that not a lot of people will get a chance to enjoy the story to it because of people just probably dismissing it off since it IS for a game system.) There were no Sonic games this year for me, though, mainly because I wasn't able to get a copy of Colors (I'm still contemplating on if I should get the DS version, Wii version, or if they're both different enough for me to just get both of them anyways), my lack of PS3/360 meant no Generations for me, and since I got my 3DS very late in the year, I was only able to pick up a couple of games that were there at the time I got the system. And that wasn't there at that time, but I'm definitely going to pick up the 3DS version when I can afford it (probably after I get Tales of the Abyss 3DS, though).
  4. "Ditto" here. Then again, I also love Strategy RPGs so that is another reason for me to want to play this game, as long as it DOES get a US release. Besides, I think I'm in love with Akechi Mitsuhude (the dude with the Articuno) <3
  5. Ever since once playing Tails' Skypatrol, I realized that a spinoff game with Tails would probably work better if done as a vertical scrolling shooter. (like DoDonPachi....or for a more better known comparison, Touhou) And Tails would have the Tornado throughout the game as well (with or without sonic riding on it, depending on what one could go for with the game in terms of story.) And maybe they could make more games in which you see things from Eggman's PoV. (That was one thing that I liked about SA2, was having a story focusing more on the bad guys then always having to be the hero, even though in the end part of that feeling did end up getting...negated) maybe a strategy-based game featuring Eggman in which you have to try and conquer the world by dispatching robot troops to capture different zones, and at the same time you have tp try and track Sonic's movements to stop him from foiling the plans by building/ending your strongest ones to where you think he will be at next. And maybe a proper follow-up to Sonic the Fighters with some of the more recent characters. As much as I want to be in support of STrainer's idea of it having Power Stone's gameplay style, it would need to be executed properly which makes it seem iffy to me. Castlevania Judgment had a similar gameplay style to Power Stone, but in the end it didn't get received all to well (half of the reason because of the character designs, the other half because people were saying that the gameplay needed a LOT of polishing. The game was indeed fun, but there were a few points when playing that I thought it could of been done a bit better in some departments.)
  6. Trying to beat the Reaper in Persona 3....soo many times have I gotten him down to just a sliver of health and then he wipes out my entire party when they are at FULL health with Megidolaon. It took me getting to around I think level 92-95 just to beat him. Also, even though this didn't happen IN a video game, it is still somewhat relevant, but buying a used game that you've been hunting for a while, and then come to find out it doesn't even work. I had to return a game that I bought recently for that very reason, and it's even more so annoying when it's a game that you're extremely eager to play.
  7. Sonic Adventure 2, it was one of the first soundtracks that I acutally bothered trying to track down and get an actual copy of the OST instead of just downloading it and burning onto discs for everyday listening (I would try and buy more video game OSTs, but the fact that the only way I can get them is through ordering online and me doing so it a huge hassle since I don't have my own credit card), and one of the few CDs that i have in which I'm not skipping through half of it to get to the good stuff. (about the only themes that I'm not too fond of are the ones for Knuckles' stages, but even those have a bit of likeability to them here and there.) Besides, Eternal Engine has one of the best BGMs in my opinion. Although Sonic and the Black Knight is an extreamly close second favorite, since a lot of the level music feels as if there's a bit of inspiration from Fire Emblem's soundtrack as well. (Understandable given the game's setting, but it shows even if one just listens to the music without even looking to see what game it came from as well) This one I'm rather disappointed to see that Amazon only has the Vocal Track for, since I've been trying to find a copy of the 2-Disc OST on a place that dad will trust enough to order from. (and E-bay will only be a last resort for this)
  8. Some of the fluctuating opinions actually make sense if you think about it, for some if you're younger you tend not to look too much into some things with games and just enjoy then, then if you come back to the same game after being spoiled with the newer iterations you replay the old and seem to wonder "I actually enjoyed THIS?" Even though with the Sonic series I never really experienced this, as a lot of times my opinions with them are fairly consistent with the time they're formed. Although some of the more drastic switches I feel could also seem like it's just a thing of "following the herd of opinions just to fit in" But who am I to judge? The swap between Big being a hated character to now not so much is a bit understandable, but I find the development to be a bit late in the fanbase. In Adventure I always felt that the largest hate of him was in his levels and the atrociously slow speed he walked...or should I say Waddled in the adventure fields, which made getting from point A to point B a bit of a hassle. In Heroes and Chronicles (according to what I've gotten around to playing of so far) he had a bit more character development to show that he is capable of things other then simply fishing. And actually makes him seem a bit more competent there too. Thing is, some people do end up being heavily opinionated towards their own belief, and thus attack anyone whom they think is wrong. --2005- Rush is the best thing ever. 2010- Rush is shit and S4 is just Rush 3.-- When I got rush, I rather enjoyed it a lot despite beating it rather quickly. (But the only reason that I did was because at the time it was one of the first DS games that I got so at the time I didn't have much of a library of games with the exception of GBA stuff, right now it takes me ages to even beat a single game because of this.) The other day I got Rush back out once more and still find myself really enjoying it, despite wanting to start a new file re-enjoy everything in it again as I went though it the first time. I can't say anything on S4 as ever since that came out I find myself with a lack of Wi-Fi to load points onto my Wii and get the game. --2007- Secret Rings is fantastic. 2008/9- Secret Rings is one of the worst Sonic games ever.-- Some of this "could" be attributed to being spoiled with the later Wii Sonic games that came out like Unleashed and Colors. When I got the game I though of Secret Rings to be alright. Gameplay wise it was acutally rather neat, but when I was playing it I found some areas rather frustrating and simply put the game down for a while. I tried picking it up a year later and I just find that some aspects of the controls just don't stick in my head as well as other games for some reason. Not that it's always bad, but the game never was that memorable for me in the first place for that. Some games I can pick right back up 2-3 years later without playing and can remember the controls on the spot, and some I just can't do that. --2008- The radio effect while boosting Unleashed is awesome. 2011- Ruined forever.-- I actually never noticed the radio effect, but then again, some minor sound and music effects often skip my notice in the first or second time I play through a game entirely. --Advance Years: Dimps are the only ones keeping Sonic alive. 2010/11- GET THEM AWAY FROM MY HEDGEHOG-- The only one of Dimps' games so far of that I've played and never really cared for much was Advance 3. The rest were rather enjoyable (despite Rush Adventure was good gameplay wise, I just don't find the game itself to be too memorable, and trying to find the Emeralds that Johnny has without aid of a map to be rather annoying as well.) I can't say on S4 or Colors DS as I haven't gotten around to getting those games yet. (S4 because of lack of Wii-Fi to buy it, Colors DS because I want to get a few things fixed and paid off with my car now along with another class paid for before I bother buying more games to play) But still, I felt that they were doing good with those games of theirs that I do have and played, thus if Dimps continue making more games as long as they're fun to play, then go right on ahead. I probably could of went on about the other points that were brought up, but I'm tired as it is when I was writing this (it's 1 AM for me here) so excuse any talking in circles that may be going on or anything that may be wrong spelling/ grammar wise.
  9. Mainly I've only had a bit of time to alternate between playing Pokemon Black (Getting the 5th badge now), Pokemon Soulsilver (Just random grinding and Battle Frontier matches), and Radiant Historia (I believe I'm at around Chapter 6 in that game) I'm considering on starting up Wild Arms 5 since now I finally have a bit of time to set up the PS2 and play it.
  10. ohh yeah, I forgot about that being in the back of my last issue. But since that's for June's it's not that far away, for subscribers It would more then likely be in the mail sometime late next week, at least that's mainly deriving off of my issue receiving trend. But still, judging from the image, they have to be covering the 3DS generations, I mean why else would they have classic Sonic shown right there with modern anyways? (and note, it would HAVE to be the 3DS one out of the versions anyways since it IS Nintendo Power. XD) Also there is one thing that I noticed in May's NP issue as well after looking through it again. (the same issue that shows the Sonic teaser in the back) Take a look down at where I placed a blue dot as well. --Ignore the crooked scanning job and the .JPEG file quality, as I was lazy in this-- The star by it means that it's a tentative title at the time, but since this was a while ago, it's Generations, I'm sure of it. .....but then again, I'm starting to think I might getting a bit off track of the topic with this since it's about the 3Ds one, one the PC one....
  11. Sorry, but fixed for you. ^^ Still, any Castlevania character being in SSB would be perfect for me. I was actually a bit disappointed when Konami had them put in Snake when they had better canadates really. (No offense, Snake is awesome in his own right as is his games, but I still like CV much much more) Anyways, it would be awkward to have non-game characters in the smash series, but then again when Brawl was made, it was awkward to have non-nintendo character in a game that was mostly Nintendo characters at the time. Anywho, for a non-game character in a Smash Bros game, how about having Captain N? You know, it DOES make sense if you think about it.
  12. Easy enough since hte type of internet you pay for is unrelated to the type of computer you have. It's easy enough to have a near-10 year old computer yet still have decent speed internet because of the fact that you don't bother to upgrade the computer when it does well enough for you so far. (Which is basically the case with my dad's computer, it's practically 10 years old so it can't run crap for games or anything of the like, but our internet is fairly high-speed and decent enough.) My laptop I know wouldn't be able to run this game at all. (It can't run portal, and it sometimes lags a bit in Photoshop every once in a blue moon.) But since I'm planning on getting both a PS3 and a 3DS eventually when I can get the money saved up, I'll end up getting one of those 2 versions. More then likely the 3DS one if it indeed does come out, since I would have more time to play it then if I had the PS3 version.
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