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    Vidya gaems, and fapping. And vidya games you can fap to.

    I'm interested in STUFF.
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  1. mite be cool why not take down some even more deserving websites why they're at it. Like those dead-meme forcing faggots at reddit.
  2. ugh i can practically FEEL the butthurt coming from this thread i kinda think nostalgia critic comes off as annoying. I mean like his videos, but it's REALLY easy for him to descend into to ear rape and LOL SO RANDUM territory.
  3. oh my god oh my god what was that seriously my brain is fucked up now GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOR? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS I DONT EVEN
  4. Dr Jackstraw


    tron miku is best miku also you now can not get that song out of your head.
  5. DAT FUCKING PURPLE JUICE DROWNS ME EVERYTIME Nostalgia'd hard, unfortunately
  6. awwww I can't seem to post status updates oh well.
  7. awww, can't status my update. But I digress. Glad to see you're taking extra moderation for the statuses.
  8. figured i post this, if you haven't seen this 5 minutes of awesomeness. this was an opening to a japanese sci-fi con in the early 80s made by a amateur team of animators, they're nothing special, they just happened to become a small, unknown studio called, i dunno, GAINAX. Makers of Eva, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Panty and stocking? Heard of those animu? they're obscure, of course you haven't. seriously this is the definition of awesome. a girl in a bunny outfit surfing a flying sword, while kicking just the ass of about EVERY nerd property that existed up to 1983, to a kick-ass song? that's just cool.
  9. awww yeahhh gurren lagann time. after that; Bebop time.

    1. thedarkknight
    2. Noir


      See you later, spiral warrior

    3. Silverfang


      who the hell do you think I AM???

    4. King Frosty

      King Frosty


  10. i paint my naked body blue and go run around in the street awwww yeahhhhh
  11. fuck that troll jackstraw, he's annoying i don't like him

    1. McGroose


      ya he sucks penguin ass.

    2. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      Ugh, that guy.

    3. thedarkknight


      He's a douche.

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