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  1. Did you guys read the PR? It says right there its the Bay Area, which is a San Francisco-ish stage..
  2. Hey S0L... There are a few things that disappointed me from the reveals so far, but I'll let you know the work you put in the characters, vehicles, courses, is nothing short of mindblowing, and I can see this game being the best kart racer ever. I appreciate what you guys do, coming out here to answer the fans even though you're not required to, I really respect that. Keep up the good work.
  3. Except there are much better choices, both from marketing perspective and from my personal opinion. You are selling a game to gamers... Shouldn't you include GAMING characters instead of characters from other media forms?
  4. Meaning the word "shit"?... I think Hatsune Miku is shitty character that has a shitty design, I don't have to be polite about it, last time I checked, those words are not banned here. Maybe If I told you that anyone who likes Hatsune Miku is filthy weeaboo, you can call me a prick. I'm just casually swearing at a fictional character... How sensitive some people can be.
  5. I'm not acting much different to how a lot of the users here acted back at E3. Also, I'm trying to pick a fight by insulting a fictional character? Only little children (or man-children) get butt-hurt when you diss their favorite character.
  6. That's not the point... I never seen a moderator comes out to tell everyone not to be hater when the shit storm happened with Danica's announcement. Every one was expressing how SHIT Danica Patrick's inclusion was.
  7. Why not add Christiano Ronaldo while you're at it... dem football fans will buy trillion copies.
  8. Because they are actually original video game characters? Not some moe persona that appeared in many media forms, including a rhythm videogame series by SEGA. She has in common with SEGA as much as Micheal Jackson had...
  9. LOL, Miku? She is for SEGA like Micheal Jackson was... a licensed character, nothing more. She is not a SEGA character, even if she appeared in SEGA developed games. There is around 27 slots for characters in this game, let's keep them for actual SEGA characters that are way more deserving. I hope they keep shit like Neptunia and Hatsune Miku away.
  10. Sure you didn't, but it was implied clearly. Anyway, forget about it and let's move on.
  11. When you look back it where it started, it was just me asking a simple question about the 2 tracks... But Mr.Rex "jokingly" said I was a pedant, so it's pretty clear who brought "the flames" or "riots" in the discussion. Of course I appreciate you for answering fans questions despite having a lot of work to do, and generally being really polite, S0L.
  12. OPs are constantly updated with the latest info, don't tell me you don't know that despite being around here more than me? Don't be a fool, no it doesn't. 16 new tracks plus 4 meaning they are bringing back 4 tracks from the original game as remake/remastered versions. It does not imply anything beyond that, its still part of the track roster, don't try to bend their words to suit your argument, its pathetic. The fact that there was 2 Jet Set Radio tracks in the OP is what confused me, made me think its Shibuya Downtown renamed.. Just like how they renamed Dragon Canyon. Except its not...There are a lot of people out there that are just as confused as I am, but nice job pretending its "TOO OBVIOUS" and "COMMON SENSE!1!11!" despite the ambiguity of the whole matter.
  13. Do you even read? I was confused about the fact that it contradicts with the Developer's "one track per IP" statement, in which Blue Blood told me its excluding the 4 returning tracks. Then SumoRex's calls me a pedant because I was confused about something that his team was being ambiguous about, as evident by the quote in my previous post. Don't waste my time if you won't bother reading.
  14. Because the fact that the 4 returning tracks are excluded from the "One track per IP" rule is such a common knowledge, right? Get over yourself. Its not even mentioned in the OP. One can easily be confused when in every interview one of your fellow Sumo employees stress that one IP won't have more than one track.
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