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  1. That is a fan theory. Chaos is a mutant Chao. That's all we've been told officially.
  2. He's said before that the "half wolf" part was never his intention when designing the character, it was something the sales department added. In another reply he says that Fang ended up being as tall as Sonic because he needed more pixels to get all the design details in.
  3. In Sonic X, Station Square was part of the human world and Mystic Ruins was part of Sonic's world that was temporarily transported over to the human world.
  4. Tails and Knuckles didn't need a car in Sonic R, and she was slower than both of them in Sonic Adventure. Amy tends to only equal their speed in titles where the the gameplay dictates a more level playing field, like Sonic Advance and Sonic Heroes.
  5. Amy was a tired cliche even in 1993. She was pink because she's a girl, in love with the hero because she's a girl and had to be rescued because she's a girl.
  6. There's nothing preventing Sega from creating more echidna characters or evil versions of Sonic. They just can't use the specific echidna characters or Evil Sonic that Ken Penders co-created. Sonic Chronicles was a problem because the new echidna characters and their story were clearly and obviously based upon Ken Penders' Knuckles comics.
  7. If they get permission to use the Freedom Fighters it'll probably be either the whole team or just Sally. I can't envision a scenario where they get Sally and Bunnie but not Rotor or Antoine, or where they intentionally leave out Rotor and Antoine. I wouldn't count on holo-lynx Nicole making it. That was purely an Archie idea. Ian previously made it sound like it was even a bit of a grey area during the reboot.
  8. Ian Flynn talked a lot about the Freedom Fighters on today's Bumblekast (45m17s in): Covers a lot of stuff that's been brought up here. I'm paraphrasing here, so listen to the podcast for the exact wording and context: when the original show was made Sonic had no proper supporting cast in the games - Tails was brand new, Amy hadn't appeared in a game yet, Knuckles didn't exist yet. So the Freedom Fighters were the supporting cast. Nowadays Sonic already has a huge extended cast from the games. With new characters like Tangle, Whisper, Starline and Mimic they look for roles/niches that haven't already been filled. Ian says Rotor is one of the biggest problems, since he was Sonic's best friend and the gadget guy, which is Tails' role. Antoine was a mildly offensive cowardly French stereotype in the cartoon, so they'd need to consider what they should do about that. There are a lot of ways to bring the Freedom Fighters back, and it would take a lot of time and consideration to bring them back, Ian hopes he can be part of that conversation if it happens. Ian isn't banking on the Freedom Fighters coming back, but he is optimistic. The IDW crew had an impromptu jam session - pitching ideas just for fun - about what they would do with the Freedom Fighters. Ian has around 5 different scenarios, depending on what limitations they'd be under. Evan Stanley and David Mariotte have their own ideas (Ian really loved one of Mariotte's ideas, that he hadn't even considered). EDIT: Beaten to it while I was posting.
  9. They could easily retain all the core elements of the character, just adapted into the video games' world and design philosophy. Whether fans of the character would be pleased with this is harder to judge. Fans of the later Archie comics would already be used to her existing in a game-like world and having gone through design changes. Older, casual fans might remember her from the cartoons and comics of their childhoods, and check out whatever new game she's appearing in out of curiosity. The super hardcore fans of the cartoon who hated the Archie reboot would probably hate any other revamp too - but that's a niche within a niche. Ultimately, I think anyone who wants to see the character return to the series as it exists today would be happy. Anyone who wants the series to be an exact replica of the 1993-1995 cartoon will never be satisfied. But an infinite runner mobile game isn't the best venue to retool and reintroduce a once major character.
  10. In the mid-90s you'd sometimes see merch with Princess Sally, but none of the other cartoon characters. For a while in the west she was the brand's de facto girl character, and effectively the co-lead of the cartoon, so she carries some value as an individual character. Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine are essentially just her "crew" (and Nicole is her cell phone) . Their stories revolve around Sally's story - Kingdom invaded, King imprisoned, Princess leads a rag-tag resistance to take back the throne. I don't think there's much of a chance of her appearing in the mobile games right now though. Sega of Japan doesn't really like touching on old Sonic media in general, and would be even less inclined to do so when it's a piece of media they had no creative input in. Tangle and Whisper are characters Sonic Team helped design, they immediately became popular in the fan base, and the comic they appear in is still running, so their inclusion in the mobile games is a cross-promotional tactic. If Sally were to be put in the mobile games, there'd be no product to cross-promote. And there's currently not much buzz around the character. And she'd need to be redesigned to fit the current standards of the series (the Archie redesign is apparently off-limits). And unlike Tangle with her tail and Whisper with her Wispon, she doesn't have a gimmick or theme that lends itself to gameplay, so that's another thing that would have to be considered. It would be more work, and probably for a lower return. Honestly, it would make more sense to introduce a new, game-ready version of Princess Sally into the IDW comics first, and see if that version of the character takes off. Then the design and gimmicks would be taken care of, they'd be able to gauge fan interest properly beforehand, and they'd have a product to cross-promote. But we know that Sonic Team/Sega of Japan currently has no interest in doing that either - because she's an old media character and they had nothing to do with her.
  11. Sonic 3D and Sonic R were made under similar conditions. Sonic Team did all the conceptual work, level design and so on, while Traveller's Tales handled the development. I think in a previous podcast Ian said he was told Sonic R was canon when he was working on the "Sonic: Mega Drive" comics, which starred the classic versions of the characters and was released over a year before Sonic Forces. So I wonder if today Sonic R would only be considered canon for Classic Sonic?
  12. It's repetitive when every adventure Sonic has involves the Chaos Emeralds and when every finale involves Super Sonic. Diminishing returns each time.
  13. No. Okano was a Field Artist on Sonic Adventure. It's a character he sketched, made into a 3D model, and put into one of the background posters.
  14. Let's not read too much into the "planned" part. English isn't Okano's first language. In other tweets it's more clear that it's just a character he designed on his own. https://twitter.com/okanotion/status/1292606063661862913 はい。私はキャラクターを作る仕事を希望していました。これは、仕事の合間を縫って当時使用していた3Dのツールで自分のスケッチブックにあった蜘蛛の女の子のモデルを作りレンダリングしたものだと記憶しています。 Google Translated: "Yes. I wanted a job to make a character. I remember that this was done between the work, and I made and rendered the model of a spider girl in my sketchbook using the 3D tools I was using at the time." https://twitter.com/okanotion/status/1292606937272524800 "This was character of the girl of the spider which I created freely."
  15. They wouldn't have come into existence without the Wii. They were explicitly created with the Wii Remote in mind.
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