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  1. This is going back a bit, but does anyone remember which Bumblekast episode this is from? I remember Ian mentioning it as an aside.
  2. Sonic isn't the kind of series where characters stand around and call each other out. Nobody's sitting Knuckles down to discuss his anger management problem. Intentionally writing Sally to be unlikable so that other characters can call her out on it would be poor use of the character, in a series that's about cartoon animals having adventures fighting robots.
  3. I think that would make for an unappealing character and a miserable reading experience.
  4. This has been a bad use of Tails though. At his core he's a little brother character, a plucky sidekick who admires Sonic. Smug, contrarian, know-it-all, straight man Tails is no fun and loses sight of what the character was meant to be. Sally brings something different to the table. A Sonic/Sally scene wouldn't read like a Sonic/Tails scene, a Sonic/Amy scene or a Sonic/Knuckles scene. These are all characters that can be put to good use or poor use. The goal should always be to retain the fundamental truth of the character and make the best of it, to build upon the things that work and discard or downplay the things that don't. Sally is duty driven, a natural leader and a planner. Sonic is a free spirit who dives into everything head-first. It's a contrast that works. The extra bit of fun is that, despite their differences, they like each other a lot and have a good banter. They keep each other on their toes. What doesn't work with Sally is when she's played as a killjoy or a nag. The solution to that problem is to not write her that way. Keep the friction between them humorous and playful. Keep a balance between whose approach is "correct", or keep it ambiguous. If Sally is always right, then she's annoying. If she's always wrong then she's annoying and useless.
  5. Can they? A good handful of the games' core characters are very difficult to utilise in Sonic stories on a regular basis. Knuckles is tied to protecting the Master Emerald on Angel Island, Blaze and Marine are in another dimension, Silver is in the future, Shadow hasn't had a defined direction or purpose since he was working with GUN. The only real straight-man characters that are freely available are Espio and Whisper, but the former is very reserved and the latter is very withdrawn. Sally is outspoken and can actually banter with Sonic and hold her own. It's a dynamic that doesn't exist with any of the game/IDW characters. The only thing holding her back is that she doesn't have an ability gimmick, beyond her Nicole device. In the TV show's bible the big high-tech gimmick of Nicole was that it could display holograms. Maybe the Nicole device could get an ability boost and be something more like the Sheikah Slate in Zelda?
  6. Amy and Sally are completely different characters who bring different things to the table. With Amy, Ian Flynn was picking up from the very, very strange role Sonic Forces had positioned her in. He tried to make sense of it by showing that Amy was out of her element and in over her head, then transitioning her out of that role and back to default settings as a free spirit. Sally isn't a free spirit, she's driven by duty, she is a natural leader and strategist. Her relationship with Sonic isn't a one-sided crush like Amy, admiration like Tails or begrudging respect like Knuckles and Shadow. Sally and Sonic are on an equal level, they like each other but have very different ways of doing things and keep each other on their toes. Right. It never saw air, so it didn't form part of Bunnie's backstory. As you say, it's fairly incompatible with the rest of the show anyway. (Just as the opening they DID use is completely incompatible with season 2's Blast to the Past.) The heroes in the show didn't have much backstory, so it doesn't ring true to me when people question if the characters can work without their deep backstories.
  7. Did the TV series give these characters much of a backstory, beyond "Robotnik conquered their city"? Season 2 retconned in the idea that Robotnik had been ruling for a decade, contradicting the opening. That would need to go, but it wasn't a great idea to begin with. Bunnie never got an origin in the TV series, beyond her having been half robotisized at some point. There are plenty of different ways to introduce a cyborg character without the robotisizer. Maybe she lost her limbs during the Sonic Forces war and Eggman gave her robotic prostheses (for his own testing purposes)?
  8. It's far from insurmountable. Ian Flynn has already rebooted the Knothole Freedom Fighters into something more game-friendly once, before Sonic Forces was part of the mix. He's said that he has a few different ideas of how they could be introduced. I think he's more than up to the task. The comic can more than handle a story where Sonic helps a princess find her missing father, with the help of a cyborg, a snooty bodyguard and an inventor. It's only complicated if you make it complicated.
  9. This would only a problem if they tried to replicate the cartoon, where the Freedom Fighters were the core supporting cast. We know that's not going to happen. Knothole and its Freedom Fighters can easily fit into the format of Sonic travelling the world, helping out some new faces (Sally and co) and foiling Eggman's plans (taking over the Acorn Kingdom). It would add a new type of location to Sonic's world that isn't a tropical paradise, big city, ancient ruins or rural village. Young readers wouldn't know G-merl. Nobody knew Tangle or Whisper. Them being unknown isn't an issue, as long as they're introduced well and don't dominate the book.
  10. I recall there being an episode of the Sonic Official livestream where Aaron Webber showed an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog series bible (just the cover, I think). Does anyone know which episode this was?
  11. There’s no such thing as “chaos energy” and Shadow was never “infused” with it.
  12. Thanks anyway! If you ever do get the chance to extract the file or check for page 32, it would be most appreciated!
  13. Does anyone have the "Heads or Tails" script that was on the American "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series" DVD? A fansite had the images, but page 32 was missing. Was this page included on the DVD?
  14. D'Coolette and Boomer are used in the series bible. Ixis was Naugus' name in Ben Hurst's outline for the episode "The Void" (he wasn't in the bible, because he's a season 2 character). Where did you hear about "Max"? They purposely avoided using that in the Archie reboot, so I don't think that originates from the TV series.
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