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  1. Those taller characters are the Sonic the Hedgehog Band members. Max (monkey), Mach (rabbit) and Sharps (parakeet/parrot). Vector is in another one.
  2. They were in production at the same time. Sonic the Hedgehog began development first, then Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog came about as a compromise when ABC balked at the idea of extra Sonic the Hedgehog episodes being produced for syndication.
  3. He does the foot tapping animation immediately after.
  4. Sonic Jam's Sonic World was an open environment with a set of missions, so they have toyed with the idea.
  5. When you begin a sentence with "Actually" it implies that the thing you're responding to is factually incorrect. I didn't mention the cartoon characters at all.
  6. Sonic X, if I recall correctly.
  7. Who is this in response to? I don't think anyone said otherwise.
  8. Sega owns all the IDW Sonic comic characters. The previous comic's character rights problems came from '90s era Archie messing up by either not getting the writers/artists to sign work for hire contracts, or losing their records of the work for hire contracts. After that fiasco, there's no way anyone involved would allow that to happen again.
  9. Baku baku basically translates to "chomp chomp".
  10. Misleading thread. Does this sound like it's something Iizuka is actively looking into?
  11. Maekawa mentioned something about a feeling of connection between Sonic 2006 and Sonic Rush, but he was quite vague about it. https://twitter.com/mizuhano/status/1010563445068976128 Silver's chronology is fairly straightforward: Sonic 2006 (events get undone), Sonic Rivals (meets Sonic for the "first" time), Sonic Rivals 2, Sonic Colours DS (meets Blaze for the "first" time, but they have a sense of deja vu). The others are kind of vague. Sonic and Tails never interact with Blaze in Sonic 2006, and they don't (knowingly) interact with Eggman Nega in Rivals 1 and 2. But, since Sonic and Blaze appear in at least one scene together in 2006, but don't acknowledge each other, it makes more sense if they don't know each other at that point. It also makes more sense if Eggman and Eggman Nega's team-ups in the two Rush games take place before the Rivals games, where they are enemies. So: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic Rush Sonic Rush Adventure Sonic Rivals Sonic Rivals 2
  12. https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Burger_King?file=Burger_King_Sonic_R_2.jpg Does anyone recognise the robot in the lower right? The one in the lower left is Cluck from the DiC Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, so I imagine this is also from one of the cartoons. EDIT: I've found a screenshot of it: https://66.media.tumblr.com/b4b793d553de437732f72c62ee006383/tumblr_inline_pn5g6tHx2R1rupio6_500.png The walker robot in the lower left. Does it have a name? Does anyone know which episode(s) it appears in?
  13. As I said, "As long as you assume it takes place before Shadow the Hedgehog there's no real reason to dismiss it." Let's not forget that Sonic Battle was released slightly before Sonic Heroes, so its story was "out of order" from the beginning. Sonic Battle itself makes reference to Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. Sonic Battle is then referenced in Sonic Advance 3. So it certainly has two-way ties to other games in the series. For whatever it's worth, Emerl's character profile (with new artwork) was added to Sonic Channel sometime between 9th April 2007 and 18th April 2007. So Sonic Battle's story was considered a relevant part of the Sonic series even a year and a half after the release of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  14. Sonic Team have never come out and said that Sonic Battle is non-canon. Obviously, the core series home console platformers will always take precedence over handheld spinoffs, but Sonic Battle fits as comfortably into the Sonic canon as any other game of that era. As long as you assume it takes place before Shadow the Hedgehog there's no real reason to dismiss it.
  15. The only order that makes sense is: Sonic Heroes > Shadow the Hedgehog > Sonic Battle There's nothing that majorly contradicts this, so it's best to consider this the correct continuity.
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