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  1. G.I. Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony are all Hasbro properties.
  2. Some of these weren't "actual" names for the character, they were supposed to be disparaging nicknames Sonic would use. https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/268747/ Other relevant links: https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/268804/ https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/268696/ https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/412455/ https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?threads/dr-badvibes.6657/
  3. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were released in that period.
  4. It would be grossly irresponsible. “Environmentalism can be a bad thing” is a poor message to send children in a world on the verge of environmental collapse. There’s no “both sides”.
  5. I don't think having a villainous environmentalist would be a good look, given that we're on the verge of climate change disaster while world leaders put corporate interests before the future of human and animal life.
  6. Those taller characters are the Sonic the Hedgehog Band members. Max (monkey), Mach (rabbit) and Sharps (parakeet/parrot). Vector is in another one.
  7. They were in production at the same time. Sonic the Hedgehog began development first, then Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog came about as a compromise when ABC balked at the idea of extra Sonic the Hedgehog episodes being produced for syndication.
  8. Sonic Jam's Sonic World was an open environment with a set of missions, so they have toyed with the idea.
  9. When you begin a sentence with "Actually" it implies that the thing you're responding to is factually incorrect. I didn't mention the cartoon characters at all.
  10. Who is this in response to? I don't think anyone said otherwise.
  11. Sega owns all the IDW Sonic comic characters. The previous comic's character rights problems came from '90s era Archie messing up by either not getting the writers/artists to sign work for hire contracts, or losing their records of the work for hire contracts. After that fiasco, there's no way anyone involved would allow that to happen again.
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