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  1. Not only was that review utter garbage, this "journalist" had the audacity to spoil the last cut scene of the game. I was trying my best to avoid spoilers since the leak. Thanks a lot, GameInformer.
  2. I like how someone said reviews are much more important than the score several pages ago, but now it's like this: "Who cares if the review is badly done? Be happy about the score, you ungrateful bastard!".
  3. This "reviewer" has personally insulted me and stripped all meaning from my existence with this review. If anyone needs me I will be in the bathroom sobbing uncontrollably while I cut my wrists.
  4. I like Destructoid and I use it as my main video game news source, but when it comes to Jim Sterling I avoid his articles. It seems everything he writes or films is tailor-made to piss people off. I rember when he made a video in which he said all classic games (not just Sonic) are shit and that people only like them because of nostalgia. He's there just to be controversial and controversy is a good way to get a lot of attention.
  5. Anon

    Battlefield 3

    The Back To Karkand expansion pack will have 10 weapons from Battlefield 2. I hope they are balanced so we can use them on regular maps.
  6. Chip and Ironicus commented on a Sonic fan a month ago. He was absolutely mental, but the video was quite funny. How can anyone think a camcorder LP of Sonic Free Riders is good idea? Nice ElectricalBeast reference in the tags.
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