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  1. I'm still a little mixed about Clinton's speech last night. I agree and do see her more favorably than I did before the speech, definitely. I agree she has been more emotive this campaign around and I think the speech was particularly good while hitting points most left-leaning would like to hear. A couple of pieces fell flat for me. I have to admit, I think she showed true leadership by conceding a little to Sanders delegates and the people who disagreed with her. They've been treated like second class citizens and censored throughout this entire process by the DNC while "UNITY" has been shouted from the podium for the last four days. Especially when they stripped Nina Turner, who is an amazing speaker, activist, Bernie's top surrogate and has spoken out against the DNC in the past, of the great honor of introducing Bernie Sanders. Am I a conspiracy theorist to believe that after the DNC was rather harsh to these delegates for Hillary to appear soft when she extended a hand to those delegates who were neglected? We're all skeptical, but she used the right lines with, "Our country needs your ideas, energy, and passion. That is the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America." I like her relation to Donald Trump's bankruptcies to college debt: "Why can Donald Trump ignore his debts when college students can not refinance their loans?" Her insults to Trump were awesome. Particularly my favorite was her quoting Jackie after the Cuban missile crisis, "War might be started not so much by big men as by the little ones moved more by fear and pride." But the couple of that places fell flat: Her amendment of Citizen's United. I guess Clinton's donors attended the DNC and are completely free now that Bernie Sanders is no longer a threat. I hope Sanders' supporters hold Clinton accountable on these policy positions. Especially an amendment. Her calling corporations to be more "patriotic." Corporations can't be patriotic. They're cyborgs that churn profit. It might just be jargon, but it seems like red herring. I believe in science. What about fracking? It's worse for global warming than any other energy source. Hillary is still too militaristic. I understand her proving herself to be a "strong" leader, just like Bill Clinton did with his "tough on crime" bills. It's something Democrats have struggled with for years, and especially for a woman leader. Balancing the tightrope of femininity and 'leader strong enough to rule the world's largest military.' But ugh, just not my thing. People are tired of politicians. And Hillary Clinton couldn't sound anymore than a politician. It was a speech built around slogans. Poor Hillary. It's a catch-22. She's known as flipflopper so the worst part about this is if she changes, people will note it and continue this rhetoric. I haven't been totally fed up with this convention. We've been talking about how government has moved right over the last 20 years. I, however, was impressed this week Democrats being unabashedly progressive. At least more progressive than 2008 election cycle. And side note, if they want to humanize Hillary, please use this woman: Clinton continued to check in on this woman for 15 years after 9/11. Donald Trump tried to cash in on small business funds after 9/11.. really highlights the difference between the two. ^ This. This election may open the eyes for other in terms of third party affiliates. I've always been a strongly registered independent in WA state and it has always been a struggle to get independent parties in the mix. With my my couple of years in Seattle, I was particularly proud of supporting Kshama Sawant, a socialist alternative, in the fight for the fifteen dollar minimum wage and city council seat. It was a tough fight for her against the democratic party who threw money in order for her not to be elected. Now she's joined a council of corporatists including Mayor Murray who bends over backwards for Microsoft and Amazon. I hope politicians like her can work against the two strong standing parties on a local level and bring the progressive policies. But now I've moved to Oregon, there are only closed primaries. I had to register as a Democrat. I just felt dirty.
  2. I was Bernie-or-Bust for quite a while.. and I'm still in mourning. I've been grappling with it for a while and for many voters, elections are highly emotional. And for some of these non-voters, I think their love for Bernie rivals their hate for Trump and his supporters. I think fear is a deciding factor especially once Bernie voters see Trump's polls rise above Hillary. I think I am included in a pool of voters who give fellow Americans the benefit of the doubt. How naive of me. I can't even fathom our country electing Donald Trump. It seems impossible. I cringe every time a Democrat official writes him into speech, because he is an easy way out of talking real policy. Yeah, everyone left-leaning dislikes him. We get it. But the RNC convention just made that shit real. And Hillary's polls are dismal. That's why as a Bernie supporter I've been inching to 'falling in line.' However, I also have the luxury of not voting in general, because I have the privilege of living in the very blue state of Oregon. Trump is Hillary's 'trump' card. Hillary's disapproval ratings would have her lose in any other election. That's why this election is so laughable. If Bernie had won the nomination, Trump would have been crushed. Unfortunately Hillary won the popular and establishment vote (through a little help from voter suppression~), but unfortunately we have to move forward. Siiiigh. I honestly see more disenfranchised Republicans running to Johnson in more numbers than Bernie supporters resigning to Jill Stein. It seems like the two main issues that may 'tilt' a Bernie supporter is denying the TPP and end worldwide fracking. But that'll never happen with Clinton in nomination. Yeah, I saw this on TYT livestream. I've seen all the anger from Bernie supporters. I'm one of them, but more like I cry every time I see Bernie speak. I'm pathetic, hahaha. I appreciate this anger -- it it forcing the DNC to change, the platform to change. In my opinion, it isn't hope that drives the human race but dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is what leads to innovation and rallies people together against one cause and the revolution's eyes are trained on the DNC and their nominating process. Every election cycle has its drama. There's always drama during the primaries -- look at the Obama/Clinton race. Dear God, it was a nasty ordeal. And I'm sure the DNC was also involved. Does anyone remember Florida in the 2000 election? The system has always been corrupt and we couldn't save it in time for Bernie Sanders. Here's hoping that this anger organizes itself with the help of Bernie Sanders against the DNC to change more rules and end voter suppression. Otherwise it will fall by the wayside like every other election year. Oh we could talk for hours about Hillary's flipfloping, lactose policy, her half-truths, her money grubbing, her racist speech, her husband's support of the War on Drugs, her defaming the women who accused her husband of rape. Her 'aggressive foreign policy' is what gives me shivers at night. But there's one thing you can count on Hillary for in the next four years: social liberalism and what is popular. As far as the LGBTQIA community, Hillary was extremely late to support and to be honest, I'm not sure if she's even a supporter. But I think they can rest easy, because LGBTQIA rights are popular and positively regarded. She'll push forward legislation that will get her reelected and not cross her big-moneyed interests. I actually made an earlier post about how Bernie isn't 100% angel from up above. But for not taking super pacs, denouncing Citizen's United, and calling the DNC out on it was extremely smart. Super cred. I actually heard a very interesting theory about why Democrats lose elections and big moneyed interests. Let's say 80% of campaign donations are going to Republican campaigns while 20% are for Democrat campaigns. Republicans have more resources and exposure thanks to the cash on hand. And what do Democrats get? Big money bought their silence. 20% is enough to scrape by and not call Republicans out on being sellouts. I'm sure I'm not the only one to think if the Democratic party shifted in this direction, they'd see more wins on a local levels.
  3. Wow, I'm going to seem like a TYT freak in this thread. They're streaming live, but they also do floor and protestor interviews and shows in downtime. They'll usually give more commentary than mainstream press. I think that Bernie-or-busters are just emotional right now and come November they'll cast their ballots for Hillary when Jill is still polling at 3%. Especially if they saw the rise of G.W. I don't think their anger is misplaced, however, because that anger is bringing positive change to Hillary's platform, the DNC nominating rules, and ending closed primaries in order to squelch the flames of Bernie's revolution. I don't think Hillary earning the Sanders vote as bad. Personally, this election will not be about beliefs or policy, I'll be casting my ballot for supreme court justice nominations. I'd prefer things slowly decline rather than the hellscape of a Trump presidency. I'm sure more and more people will warm up to Hillary as the general takes place. Unrelated, but this made me cry. Old people are so cute, especially Bernie and his brother. :'[
  4. Though I know many Sanders supporters feel betrayed by the senator and his speech tonight, I didn't feel the same way. Yeah, it sucks his speech eventually rolled into the 'Trump is evil, fear fear fear', but he called out the DNC establishment and big money via prime time. And he made a good argument for Hillary Clinton and the democratic platform he and his supporters fought for (which a lot of Sanders supporters have been mulling around in their head for the last month, including peeps in this thread). His message has been consistent. I doubt Hillary will uphold much of this platform, but that's just my matter of opinion. (I don't agree with The Young Turks all the time, but I respect Jordan Chariton's opinion.) The main point I'm spreading here is that Bernie's vision is living on in an organization they're naming "Our Revolution." I'm excited to see if this anger fizzles out or if the revolution really continues into actual legislation. Contribute if you'd like. It's not hard to rally progressive supporters here in the PNW, but I thought I'd spread the word here. Also, can we say hype? DNC has decreased their superdelegates by 60%. They're down to 250. Democracy? Gasp.
  5. Surprised no one has posted about this... (Not really, everyone else is wrapped up in Sonic Mania and Sonic 2017) Steven Universe had a panel yesterday (without AT this time)! And for some reason, Amethyst's voice actress is live streaming from her phone the whole time which is super annoying. First 45 minutes is all musical performances and mini-interviews intermittently in between. Don't Cost Nothin', Mr. Greg, It's Over, Isn't It?, Both Of You, On The Run, Tower of Mistakes, Stronger Than You, Love Like You, We Are The Crystal Gems Here are my takeaways: Summer of Steven episodes will conclude August 12th. And there will stuff in the fall and "after that, we have boatloads of episodes. We're not going to run out." Steven Universe's episode "The Answer" is nominated for an Emmy and there's a children's book for sale (but we all knew that). Love Like You theory of Rose singing to Greg theory debunked. Rebecca confirms it's a major theme between all the characters. "When you can't understand why people care about you." There's a half hour special coming up according to Rebecca. "intergalactic hip hop culture" actually made me laugh. Rebecca would love to make a Steven Universe movie. Rebecca Sugar comes out as bi as she describes themes of female empowerment, consent, identity, and LGBTQ representation in SU. Toot toot! All aboard the obvious train. There will be new gems. (Obviously 'cause of the leaks.) And lastly, Rebecca plays an unaired song, "Here Comes a Thought." Honestly, have no idea who this song may be about. Maybe Lapis or Peridot? It's a song all about the fear of a relationship falling apart. So meh.
  6. i want penguin knuckles

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  7. The crazy sad part about a David Duke's senator run in 2016 is that I think people would vote for him... Not win obviously, but ten years ago, I don't think this would've been a possibility. I think social conservatives hate being labelled 'politically correct' moreso than racist thanks to Republican leadership and Trump. Or vote for him and hide in the colorblindness that is All Lives Matter smh.
  8. Cody was telling me about you telling me to watch this! I'll really dig it since one of my favorites is Kamisama Hajimemashita (I actually bought the manga and that's huge for a cheapskate like me) and it's all about a human-girl-turned-god. I'll probably watch it today tbh since contractors are here and I get all weird and anxious when they're around. *retreats to anime* So truth.
  9. Sorry, I'm a little late to the party but I've got to gush about the Mr. Greg episode, because I love how the Steven Universe has an entire episode dedicated to glam mid-twentieth century broadway. I wonder if this episode was written specifically for Pearl's voice actress? She was cast in the first national tour of Wicked and is now touring with If/Then. Seems like too much of coincidence, writers definitely wanted to write focusing on her talent.
  10. Maybe 5 years after the show is completed? It took a while to get Kai, but we'll see if Naruto lasts the test of time from nostalgia-worthy patrons.
  11. This is my number one jam on ukelele! Advent, you and I are the AT squad.
  12. Yes, out of all everyone I know who watched the series, I'm the only one still standing. I have an almost masochistic sense of patience. Itachi arc was extremely good, but that was the shining beacon of the last six months. Siiiiigh. I think I'm with everyone else and giving up now.
  13. I'm here to rant, motherfuckers. Anyone else watch Naruto Shippuden? It's a guilty pleasure of mine. If you ever watched/read Naruto at length, you know the characters and dialogue are garbage, but I enjoy the glimmer of ninja lore, epic proportions of shounen that takes place (example below), and watching Naruto get so OP he slowly becomes ninja god. Hence why I watch. But this anime has been driving me insane for the last six months. I thought the fillers were bad before, but now these are full blown 3-month long fillers. It's just too much. They're just killing me milking the ending for as long as its worth. Kakashi arc: 13 episodes, Itachi arc: 7 episodes, Origination of ninshu arc: 10 episodes. These were all good since they were augmenting a storyline not heavily described in the manga, but the worst was the alternative-reality-parents-are-still-alive arc that lasted a whole 20 episodes. The only reason I'm super peeved is here I thought oh no, there's no way they can add any more filler especially after But no a new teaser came out for the next episode (469) I CAN'T STAND THIS SHIT ANYMORE. TELL ME WHEN IT'S OVER. ________________________________________________________________ Besides the horrible taste in my mouth from Naruto, I've been watching the new Berserk. I got into the manga series from one of my non-weeabe friend in college and Wolfy and I watched the OVAs and are now watching the show. It's been pretty cool to finally watch Guts as the Black Swordsman and a lot of the new anime material is original. I guess Kentaro Miura is extremely involved. If you haven't heard of Berserk, love Game of Thrones or enjoy super dark medieval shit and gore, Berserk is for you. For those of you who enjoy shoujo/slice of life, you need to check out Orange. The manga finished earlier this year and I was so depressed since it was such an original spin on shoujo. Plus I love time travel shiiiit. It's about a girl who finds a letter from herself ten years in the future. The show is about erasing her regrets and saving someone she loves. It's also beautiful so it has that going for it. Annnnd we started watching Mob Psycho 100 and shit is bonkers y'all. Probably the best anime OP I've ever seen. Over the top anime humor doesn't usually do it for me, so I've been kinda meh about the series so far.. but episode 2's twist ending got me laughing super hard. Also Sean the manga for this just ended with this crazy 100 page chapter, but translations hasn't caught up yet. ;_; There's also a drama that came out a couple months ago and is garbage, buuut the casting of Takeo is brilliant. The more y'know
  14. Happy belated birthday, Chris! Hope life's been treating you well. Alsooooo to make up for my tardiness.


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