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  1. Anybody Know Good Romance/Harem Manga?

    @Chris Knopps Hello, I'm bumping this topic because uh, I only visit this forum like twice a year to creep on old friends to see how they're doing... and this topic compels me because I am the romance manga queen. I've ready really good manga and REALLY bad manga. So lets us begin. Keep in mind that I obviously read shoujo so it is a lot less harem and usually more girl-protagonist oriented. I automatically drop the manga plots that revolve around a smart/powerful guy belittling a girl and then falling in love? Those repulse me. Anyway, I'm sure this is enough but you can also check out MyMangaList and I've rated anything I've ever read. My favorites: Daytime Shooting Star (Hirunaka no Ryussei) Dreamy country bumpkin moves to the city. Meets new people. Falls in love. This is the only manga I've read 4+ times because I love the ending so much. There's some controversy over said ending though. A new live action came out in March. Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) A spoiled princess is upheaved from her position and becomes a badass rebel to save her country. This is a heavy action/adventure fantasy with a lot of lore. It's reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender tbh. I love it so. It has a anime series as well but it becomes bad quickly. Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita) Girl is abandoned by drunk, gambling, debt-ridden father, and looks for a place to stay when she a god makes her his substitute as he abandons his shrine. Very Japanese mythology-based. You're introduced to very prominent god figures like the Dragon King. I recommend this manga just for chapters 14-17 which is all based on time travel and sets up the whole purpose for the plot. I probably love this series than most because my swan song from middle school years was Inuyasha. Dramatic (these are by far the most critically acclaimed): A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) The protagonist is actually a guy here. In elementary school, he considers his life boring so he does crazy shit to make it exciting. Until a deaf girl transfers in. The class endlessly bullies her. Betrayed by everyone in class, he is outted as the sole bully and then in turn becomes hated and bullied himself. Now in high school, he ventures to do right by the one he bullied. This one is well, highly reccommended. Had a movie comes out at the same time as Your name. and I'd say it rivals Your name. in plot. Orange The protagonist receives a letter from herself 10 years in the future. The letter warns her of the days to come and the boy she and her friends will need to save. This is also an anime and live action. Goodnight PunPun (Oyasumi PunPun) I just read this one for myself and whoa. It's a life changing experience. A story of a dark world for a little boy. What his adolescense brings him and the small pockets of hope he finds along the way. Btw there is sex, murder, rape etc in this one so not for the faint of heart. March Comes in Like a Lion (3-Gatsu no Lion) We follow the life of professional shogi player as he becomes an adult. He makes friends/enemies through shogi and has a complicated family past. The highlight of the show, in my opinion, is his bond with three sisters who live in the same city as him. One is in her early twenties, one a middle school student, and the other a toddler. This has ongoing and beautiful anime series and a new live action. Ancient Magus' Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome) Protagonist is cast aside by the modern world for her extreme connection to the magical realm. She is now in the care of Magus who vows to save her life. The manga is currently bogged down in filler (in my opinion) but I'd consider this a dark fantasy/Harry Potter/Full Metal Alchemist mix shoujo. Has an upcoming anime series this fall. Fucking hilarious: Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (trans: Please Love the Useless Me) This is technically a josei, but soooo funny. Woman who is close has been used by younger men her entire dating life and is recently unemployed. I recommend on laughs alone. Monthy Girls Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun) Shoujo which is also parodying shoujo. Has an excellent anime. The creator also has Oresama Teacher, which is less of romance, but is also so fucking funny. Takane to Hana Age gap manga while they're trying to best eachother. It's... has the most memetastic expressions. Protagonists bettering themselves and love is just a part of that: Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride) Protagonist is in her first year of high school and projects a very boyish atmosphere. Turns out she was very girly and not liked by her classmates much in middle school. Everything changes when she meets a guy of cold hearted nature whom she believes may have been her first love. This a beloved series with a manga, anime, live action. Strobe Edge is a similar manga written by the same author which is quite good as well. Koukou Debut (High School Debut) Sporty/guyish girl asks the most brooding popular guy in school to do her up and help her fall in love. Same author as My Love Story! (recommended above), one of my first loves and pue shoujo. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji This one is a guilty pleasure for me. It's usually the exactly the thing I hate with perfect guy belittling average girl, but she wins with persistence. The manga gets infinitely better when the love is mutual. Last Game Don't even know how to describe this one... Protagonist is a dude. A rich elementary kid is the best at everything - grades, sports, etc until a girl transfers and bests him. After several revenge plots fail, he comes up with the most brilliant idea. She'll fall in love with him and then he'll break her heart. Unfortunately for him, this comic documents 10+ years of their lives. Nana's Revolution (Nanairo Kakumei) This is set in an elementary school, but I love this comic because all of the mean girls in this are fucking manipulative geniuses. I love how this focuses more on girl friendship while she falls in love with her defacto mentor. Rainbow Days (Nijiiro Days) Set around 4 best friend guys with very different personalities fall in love with different women who are all interconnected. Lovely Complex (also known as LoveCom) Tall girl and short guy fall in love. It's super funny, and one of the most beloved romance manga. It has an anime and a live action as well.
  2. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Amen, but instead... I went to Portland's march today. Where 45,000 were expected to show up, there were 100,000. In Seattle, there were 175,000. I'm proud of my weird corner of the country, PNW. A lot of families and younger crowds. It was an amazing experience to pick up flyers, hand some winter gloves for the homeless, and talk to others participating openly about politics. It rejuvenated my faith in this country meeting all the people who are willing to fight for the next four years. Many Black Lives Matters organizers were also attending and I stopped by and talked to them about their future events. Many organizers emphasized that marching isn't enough and told us about several organizations we can volunteer or donate to. I'm going to start volunteering for the "Sister District Project" (https://www.sisterdistrict.com/) where you'll be assigned particular representatives to hound, basically. I don't have much money, but I've got time. I want to see Trump's excuse as to the millions of women that protested today... if he even responds at all, that is.
  3. Official Anime/Manga Thread

    I've seen Rin-Ne, but lost interest at the end of the first season. Though I still keep up with the manga translations. I'll read in regard to Takahashi-san, but I just don't think anyone wants another Ranma 1/2. I'm borrreeed with it. Which makes me feel bad because I love her art. Same for the US. Funimation is taking tooooo long. Though I'm more sad A Silent Voice hasn't had an online sub yet. And it's another top animation film of the year. I don't know anything about Blue Exorcist besides this girl's hime brows. And man, this post delivers. Recently I binge watched Yuri on Ice!! and watched the new Little Witch Academia TV broadcast.
  4. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    Just dropping just musical theatre knowledge on dis thread. Yellow Diamond's voice actress is the most famous singer and actress cast in Steven Universe. Some will argue Estelle, but eh, this is freaking Patti LuPone! She's a Tony and Grammy winner and Emmy nominated. She's been in a lot of musicals, but for those non-musical types, she was the first cast Fantine in the original London cast of Les Miserables and in the 80's reboot of Anything Goes. I still wonder how they cast her, besides Sugar being a huge musical theatre dweeb (obvs). I'll just leave this here.......... My thoughts on the Steven Bomb:
  5. Official Anime/Manga Thread

    I'm surprised no has talked about this yet. A million years later and fuck, it's finally here. Also this. Ahhh, my brother loves Punpun. Now that you've reminded me of this, I need to check it ouuuut.
  6. What music are you currently listening to?

    Being nostalgic and hitting my pop roots lately with Imogen Heap and her ilk lately. I like pretty girls with pretty voices. Also one of my favorite bands, Surfer Blood, released the single from their newest album Snowdonia to be released in February. I don't know how to feel about it. Their guitarist passed away from terminal cancer this past year. The lack of his influence is so evident in the single.. the difference is drastic. I miss Thomas and my surf guitars. What a beautiful soul that was ripped from us. :'(
  7. Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Ahahahahaha. (Knows she's going to be one of the garbage people to go watch this.) This is DBZ Round 2...................... And here I thought Naruto was over. How the fuck are they going to compile this one? And Americanized too? I can't even imagine xD
  8. Adventure Time!

    [Pitchfork Article] Eight episode mini-series of Finn, Jake, BMO, and Susan Strong exploring the oceaaaaaan for mysteries and sercrets. It's rolling out January 30 and ending February 2. Looks like Steven Bombs were successful so Adventure Time is getting the same treatment. Ugh. I was so spoiled when we received a new episode every week for a solid two years. u.u;
  9. What music are you currently listening to?

    Saw these guys on Thursday so I'm in the thick of it again. There was flames, at least five rounds of confetti, and lots of fireworks. u.u
  10. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    (This is less of a response, more of my anger of visiting right wing media outlets recently.) Honestly, I've asked myself the same question for the past month, but since my mourning period ended I've actually started watching alt-right programs just to get an idea of their logic. After the Bernie run ended, all idealist hopes were thrown out the window. And it's a cycle pressured by the 1% (though many of the right don't realize) -- people are unhappy with their economic situation. Their salaries are going down and their premiums are going up. So they're going to overturn the current political party for the other. And in 4-8 years when it's not any better, they'll elect a Democrat again. Another reason was a rallying cry against the 'pollitically correct' and a changing American demographic. They're tired of liberal elites who look down on them and call them names like 'ignorant, racist, etc' for starting a dialogue or saying how they feel. Instead of educating themselves, they grew angry instead. Regarding systemic racism, sexism, and bigotry, their reasoning is, "I've never been mean to any minority, women, anyone of the LGBTQIA community, or the disabled so this discrimination doesn't exist." They become extremely defensive if you insinuate they may have had some advantages in life because they're white. They don't realize the systemic challenges. Many alt-right and anti-feminist commentators gravitate around the question, "What can I do that Blacks/women/other groups cannot in this country?" ...And ignore that economic privileges exists and the disparity of unemployment rates in Black communities, differences in wages, etc. But I digress. Americans are more pro-choice than they've ever been. Americans are now in favor of gay marriage. There's still some work on climate change, but eh, pretty good. But those issues didn't matter to anyone. It's all about the paycheck and Obama, a corporatist, didn't make a difference. Hillary Clinton wouldn't have either. It didn't take much foresight to notice Donald Trump was just lining his pockets as well, but that didn't matter. They threw caution to the wind. The most disheartening part about this is the Republican/Democrat tactic to only divide us and have us tear each other's throats out while the government runs rampant and we get two shitty candidates anyhow. And the corruption and crony capitalism insues. We're either Republican or Democrat and not much in between. If you're not either of those two, you're the 41% who didn't vote. Not dumb questions at all. It's all about American history. The electoral college is an invention for the elite and politically powerful to ultimately keep the decision within the inner circle of Washington. Originally, voters were only white, men, and land owners, but the elites creating all the laws wanted our electoral system to be as stupid-and-populist-proof as possible. So states were allotted electoral votes based on the number of their representatives, population, etc. The numbers are skewed so many states are not overlooked. Presidential candidates would ignore New Hampshire and Vermont, and just be in California all the time otherwise. Election day happens, they count the vote. But a month and half later, representatives for the electoral college -- all 538 of them -- can vote anyway they want to regardless of how their region voted. It's frowned upon, but totally possible. Many "faithless electors" are hoping to disavow Trump and nominate Kasich in his stead. The Russian hacks are just arsenal for those Republicans hoping to switch other Republicans over. (Their reasoning: The Russians are trying to take advantage of a weak America with an incompetent leader.) Auditing the vote just means investigating the election. Many are concerned that Russians hacked voting machines to influence a Trump win.
  11. Official Anime/Manga Thread

    I agree it's he is in disagreement with AI animating, but I think there's another layer at work here. It's about AI in context of art and particularly Miyazaki's work. His work stems from the human condition -- pain, insecurities, hope, complex emotion and he visually represents this in painstaking detail. So when he's saying 'We humans are losing faith in ourselves,' we are now handing art and an emotional platform to engineered minds. It poses the question, 'Does art exist when it leaves human hands?' My personal opinion is no, because I believe art needs intention -- which AI lacks. I think Miyazaki would agree. Others may not. I think it's important to note that the director has always been opposed to modernization as his films are so often freckled with the technology/nature debate. The morality of the films are always gray, but his bias leans with nature. Channel Criswell is one of my favorite film critics/commentators and he has a beautiful video explaining Miyazaki's work with human emotions in his films. Google's AI has been dreaming and creating "art." It's pretty... weird.
  12. Undertale (PC)

    I know this game is now dead to the internet, but I thought I'd share this AMAZING blend. The composer of Metal Gear Solid (2-4), Norihiko Hibino, released a tribute/cover album to Undertale. It's... everything you could ever wish for. Magical in fact. https://scarletmoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/prescription-for-sleep-undertale http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2016/12/01/metal-gear-solids-composer-has-released-an-album-of-music-for-undertale
  13. Adventure Time!

    Big Adventure Time announcement on Monday! If not movie, then a new mini series. I'm so hype. [Video of Jeremy Shada's hype]
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  15. Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Sorry I'm so slooow. I'm back to comment on animu ~ So jealous. I watched shitty pirated your name. and now that it's getting a nom for the Oscars and it's releasing here in the US around the time of the award show. I'm not sure how I totally feel about the dub trailer, but I regret now being impatient and just watching the first thing that passed my computer screen. Sigh. I throughly enjoyed the movie though, some slice of life which was turned on its head and turned thirller. And I haven't seen any fansubs for Koe no Katachi pop up yet. Shame. This season I literally have just been watching the slow demise of Naruto. (Which is surprisingly not over as we delve through a bunch of character's childhoods?) But I'm officially over it since the anime adaption of the manga is complete. They must be dragging their feet on the one epilogue chapter and the transition to his kid's storyline. So my one anime this season is March Comes In Like A Lion and I have been enjoying more than originally thought. This is a very slow-paced, metaphorically-driven, and real talk anime. Just like I like them. Rei Kiriyama is a 17-year-old professional and prodigy shogi player who internally battles with his (not so surprisingly) dark past and his apathy for his profession and life. Much of the series is Rei and his internal dilemnas, with which the author and studio animate very artistic and strictly metaphorical scenes. Physically highlighting Rei Kiriyama's true descent through his feelings. These moments are intermixed with his acquaintances the Kawamoto sisters and other shogi players. Often times the quirky and bright sisters juxtaposed with Rei's sullen inner mind is frankly jarring. The tone can flip 180 degress at the drop of a hat. So sometimes it has me left a bit shellshocked. The more you watch though, you grow to love these characters more and more. Rei is sullen and quiet and he slowly brightens as he gets closer to these sisters, preschooler Momo, middle school girl Hina, and 20-something Akari. These women are so real and so reflective of their age as Rei partakes in their life. Momo may be some 5 year old, she's clumsy, spills her milk, scrapes her knee - but she's attentive to her surroundings and genuinely cares about everyone and every creature that waltzes into her life. Hina is liking her first boy, feeling first anxieties of the future, experiencing her first adult rejections, and battling with self doubt, but keeps a smile on her as she as daringly takes on her future. And Akari, a much too young woman who takes on the responsibility of a mother to her sisters and works two jobs. She's strong, sweet, and kind, but grows frustrated with her sisters as they don't heed her advice and they trip through the squabbles she went through not too long ago. I don't think there's a women in existence who cannot relate to these sisters. Very sweet, sentimental, depressing, agonizing, and fulfilling slice of life. Weirdly enough, enjoying it more than the hugely popular Orange. Not sure what I'll be watching next season in totality, but I'll definitely watch Little Witch Academia anime when it finally comes about and continue watching Ancient Magus' Bride and Digimon tri. (urgh, nostalgia). I'll also keep my eye on Hirune Hime, a movie directed and scripted by Kenji Kamiyama, the creator of Eden of the East. Looks Little Nemo-ish to me.