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  1. Linkabel's artwork!

    Ah yeah, it's one of those "it looked good on my screen" but I saw that too later on when I saw it in my phone.
  2. Linkabel's artwork!

    And a quick update
  3. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That is my art! Cool that it made it for the first issue!
  4. Linkabel's artwork!

    Two things for today. The Sonic Mania guide I made and a drawing based on the Mary Garnet/Blue Gale story.
  5. Linkabel's artwork!

    I wonder what he's up to.
  6. For sure dude, this is for everyone to enjoy!
  7. Is it not giving you the link? Here you go.
  8. A great resource if you wanted to learn how to draw Sonic and his friends.
  9. I did notice that too. Windii did the translation quickly so it might be autocorrect messing things up. Edit: actually Windii stands by Mud and Hud.
  10. Windii was able to provide translation for some of the pages
  11. Found more info about the Sonic manga Like I said, hopefully people can translate.
  12. Linkabel's artwork!

    Thank you!
  13. Sonic Channel

    Cute af. I'm really digging how Uekawa is drawing the characters this year. The poses are still a little bit stiff but the characters ooze more personality than they did in some recent art.
  14. Linkabel's artwork!

    And another one:
  15. Linkabel's artwork!

    Welcome to his fantasy zone

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