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A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

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    ssmb aint shit but hoes and tricks

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    Kingdom Hearts
    Chaos Walking
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Bright Eyes
    other things
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    United States
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    A chair

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About Me

Usernames I have used:

  • A Match in Oil Ocean Zone
  • Menorah in Oil Ocean Zone
  • Diabetic in Sweet Mountain
  • Deaf Guy in Music Plant
  • A Turkey in Oil Ocean Zone
  • Jackolantern in Oil Ocean
  • Baby New Year in Lava Reef
  • Got the Rooftop Runs

Usernames I am considering:

  • Redneck in Metropolis
  • Snowman in Lava Reef Zone
  • Gambler in Casino Night Zone
  • Rain Man in Casinopolis

    User suggestions:

  • Eskimo in Sandopolis Zone (Suggestion from Super Spindash)
  • Egghead in Death Egg Zone (Suggestion from Shy Guy)
  • Tails Explodes in Death Egg Zone (Suggestion from just a normal gamer)
  • Slicers must explode and die in Metropolis Zone (suggestion from Freezing Ice)

PM me if you come up with any.

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