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    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      if they start theming it around internet meme's it might simultaneously become the coolest and worst pizza place around.

    2. Strickerx5


      You live by Chicago? Aw shit, that makes 3 of us!

    3. -Robin-


      Nope, this pizzeria is in Oklahoma. Just has "Chicago-styled" pizza, whatever that means.

    4. Solkia


      ^Fluffy and greasy?

    5. Bisylizzie


      You can buy single slices of pizza?

    6. Solkia


      Lots of pizza delis do it. I personally have never been to one that does though.

    7. Bisylizzie


      Mind = Blown

      I've never seen that around here XD

      Must be an American thing?

    8. Strickerx5


      NO! Now there is still only two! >_<

    9. Solkia


      Possibly. IT's a really old fassion thing, and it's good to see it still around.

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