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  1. Oh god....Metal Gear Survive is out tomorrow.

    1. goku262002
    2. Teoskaven


      Guys, can you feel the hype?
      Me neither.

    3. TheOcelot


      Well, it's nice to know at least one game will have a worse meta-critic score than Sonic Forces. We hope... :P

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Oh it'll Survive, alright!

    5. Bobnik


      I doubt it's gonna be outright shat on for what it is, as gameplay-wise it still looks somewhat solid.

      Now what it represents is completely different story.

    6. DiamondX


      Wait, they actually kept going with it?

      I expected it to be cancelled.

    7. KHCast


      Apparently their beta was last week lol

    8. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Sadly not Diamond. This game still lives, despite the hate. Its just MGSV with annoying survival stuff added (crafting, yay -_-)

    9. DiamondX


      Look, I'm not even a MG fan but I know this is not how a MG should be.

      Even as a spin-off it doesn't bring the crazy fun one should do.

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