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  1. Goodness, I haven't been here in over 18 months lol.

    1. T-Min


      I was gone for five years before I mysteriously returned, BEAT THAT

      also hi lol, I think I remember you

  2. The Yardrats utilize a different form of power from ki called Spirit power. Where Ki would let the user perform a variety of abilities with an emphasis on attacks, Spirit has a greater emphasis on techniques. This includes the Instant Transmission, as well as cloning oneself (not unlike Tien’s multi-form technique), and gigantification. Vegeta is going to learn how to use this power KAIJU VEGETA.. The three bandits from earlier made it to Earth, where Piccolo is waiting for them. He quickly beats them, but not before they send out a signal to Moro that Earth has a lot of life energy. So the fight’s coming to Earth now. Meanwhile, Merus knows Ultra Instinct, and is going to train with Goku so he can access it consciously as well. Merus has his own Hyperbolic Time Chamber facility on a remote planet, though it’s time distillation is just three days long for every Earth day.
  3. If there is any good in the world, Tempest of Seasons will join Together We Ride and the main theme as the quintessential Fire Emblem song.

    1. Red


      I'm still new to Fire Emblem music but I really like the battle theme of Three Houses!

  4. New chapter got leaked early, and we find out what Moro's third wish was.
  5. Next Super manga chapter's out. Not much going on plot wise, it's been focused on the fighting. However, lore was added that explains future events. Grand Kaioshin and Merus surmise during the fight with Moro that while his spirit and persona is a part of Good Buu, Grand Kaioshin's godly ki and overall power were transferred to Evil Buu when Good Buu blew his stack back then. That godly ki would remain with Evil Buu all the way up to Kid Buu and eventually go with Kid Buu after the Spirit Bomb destroyed him. But, Kid Buu was reincarnated into Uub. And the power went along for the ride. So the reason why Uub is able to keep up with Goku at EoZ, after the events of Super and all of Goku's powering up during that era, is because Uub himself possesses Grand Kaioshin's godly ki, albeit unknowingly. So that, combined with Kid Buu's own enormous raw power, makes Uub a potentially superb fighter able to keep up with the Super Saiyan Blues and Broly.
  6. Looking back, for how powerful and ever-present Saiyan genes and traits are, especially with Vegeta, it's a testament to how dominant Bulma's genes are that both their children take after her in appearance instead, with the second child being a practical carbon copy.

  7. Bryce Papenbrook sounds like he's using his Henry voice from Fire Emblem Awakening for Silver, just not as excitedly. I'm still gonna be expecting puns and casual murder thoughts from Silver every moment though.
  8. I just thought of a hypothetical Metroid soundtrack being composed by Richard Jacques AND FUCK I NEED THIS NOW.

  9. So I just recently discovered KingMeteorStudios and his Good Future/BadFuture/Past remixes of Sonic songs. Brilliant stuff. 


  10. Protect the Marines in metroid Prime 3 from the Pirates that breached the ship with their pods: 10 seconds

    Protect the Marine from the crawltanks in the next room: 7 seconds

    Shut the lock to prevent the Marine from being sucked into space: one quarter of a picosecond

  11. New manga chapter is out, and Buu's unlocked the Grand Kaioshin's memories and has them on hand now. He recognized Moro on sight and, being a magical creature himself, is putting up a much better fight than Goku and Vegeta did. It's unknown if he can perform the same sealing ability that the Kaioshin did, but for now he's a potent roadblock for Moro. Meanwhile it's constantly refreshing to see Vegeta be a stand up person. He is genuinely regretful for slaughtering the Namekians decades ago, and brings it up with Elder Moori and asks how he feels about him now. This, despite proving his sincerity back with Kid Buu, and protecting them just a few days ago. And just before he and Goku take off to confront Moro again, Vegeta pleads for Goku to restore New Namek back to normal if he makes it out of this fight, with no mention of his own safety. He's shouldering an incredible amount of responsibility here. Back on Earth, Piccolo has realized something is up at New Namek. Really hoping he plays a pivotal role in this saga, if not take the win himself, since he too is a magical being, and it is his people Moro is targeting.
  12. All these Ultimate players howling "FuNdAmEnTaLs" like a group of malfunctioning Tickle Me Elmos is utterly precious to see, because I don't believe for a picosecond that these people wouldn't jump at the chance to have Lucina, Ivysaur, Olimar, and Wolf nerfed to oblivion if the option was presented to them.

    1. Tornado


      Is this status about the WNBA?

  13. Man I sure love me some Stardust Speedway remixes. 


  14. The FFVII port on the Switch has toggles to increase the game speed 300%, turn off random encounters, and notably, reset your values to max during combat, including HP, MP, and even Limit.


    While I'm far from complaining about these features existing - the more convenient for new players, the better - I DO wish these could be toggled off in the configuration proper, particularly the God Mode toggle. Pressing those analog triggers can be an accidental occurrence during the thick of it, and idk, I'd feel a bit sour if I was properly getting my ass kicked because I was being dumb, but then one press gave me everything back and made it a breeze. Just my two cents.

    1. Blacklightning


      At the very least that's the kind of shit you should have to unlock first. You mean it's in there right from the start? Who does that?

  15. So where in the timeline does this new Zelda take place in.

  16. Unpopular Sonic opinion: Marble Garden Zone is one of the best designed stages. The path forward is a great subversion with going vertical without sacrificing flow, the multiple paths are straightforward to see and barely intersect with each other until the end, and the mountainous backdrop is gorgeous and gives the impression that Sonic is running around someplace vast, endless, and untouched. The level really doesn't get enough credit.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      dunno about level design, but i vastly prefer the zone's music compared to Green Hill Zone.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Correct opinion

    3. Wraith


      I really really do not get why people are down on that stage. Always thought it was spectacular. Huge in scale and has a lot of fun gimmicks

    4. Sean


      My biggest problem with the stage (getting hit while on a top made you lose your shield) was fixed in S3 Complete so yeah I like it now

    5. Diogenes


      yeah i've always felt marble garden was pretty solid. the visuals can feel a bit samey after a while and it goes on maybe a touch too long but i've always had fun with it, so i've never got why people consider it such a low point. if anything i feel going from it to carnival night is s3's real low point.

  17. I can't fucking believe we're about to get a 3D model of Wart for the first time ever.
  18. Goku can't really feel compelled to wish the Saiyans back if his remembered experience with them in his universe comprises of a kidnapper of a brother, a sociopathic bruiser, a proud prince that took nearly 20 years to fully convert, and the one Saiyan he sensed was pure after two decades. Lest we forget, the Saiyans were not exactly hesitant to commit planetary piracy. Goku just might not want this resurfacing, and Vegeta certainly doesn't after all these years of getting over it. That's not to say the Saiyans could come back though. Freeza could very well wish them back even, knowing he has the strength to suppress them even if they all became Super Saiyans somehow. But a full-scale Saiyan revival would not be initiated by Goku nor Vegeta.
  19. They should go and unearth Gohan's original adult look. That hair is distinct enough on its own. I think everyone would be up for this.
  20. Whis is all but stated to be biologically incapable of doing anything beyond a neutral stance when it comes to physical realm matters. Whis smiling is probably more to do with him being proven right that Goku and Vegeta can accomplish anything when they work together, an idea that Gogeta proved in spades.
  21. The "stock-standard" magic Moro has shown has explicitly been pointed out to be magic he just recently recovered after eons. We don't know what Moro has other than his OHK trump card and the magic he's shown at his weakest. He's steadily getting his magic back, and if he got his wish from Porunga, he'd have all it back at once. So there's still a ways for him to go to show off his repertoire.
  22. All day at work I had the theme song from The Little Mermaid syndicated series playing in my head. I haven't even heard that song since, like, 2003 or something. I have no idea how or why my brain suddenly remembered it.

  23. It looks like Goku was actively trying to get to Ultra Instinct but just couldn't tap into it consciously yet, so he'll just go straight to Blue instead and save the strain. If that's the case, then it means Goku wasn't confident from the start that Blue could pull it off, and needed Ultra Instinct however he could get it. Broly was just that strong.
  24. Super Sonic Racing has been my ear worm for about a week. Damn that reprise 2 minutes in.

  25. Smash Spirit spoilers:


    ....There are no Startropics spirits in Smash Ultimate...


    ...Despite that game being unearthed to be put on the NES Classic of all things....


    They wouldn't.

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