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  1. The Yardrats utilize a different form of power from ki called Spirit power. Where Ki would let the user perform a variety of abilities with an emphasis on attacks, Spirit has a greater emphasis on techniques. This includes the Instant Transmission, as well as cloning oneself (not unlike Tien’s multi-form technique), and gigantification. Vegeta is going to learn how to use this power KAIJU VEGETA..

    The three bandits from earlier made it to Earth, where Piccolo is waiting for them. He quickly beats them, but not before they send out a signal to Moro that Earth has a lot of life energy. So the fight’s coming to Earth now.

    Meanwhile, Merus knows Ultra Instinct, and is going to train with Goku so he can access it consciously as well. Merus has his own Hyperbolic Time Chamber facility on a remote planet, though it’s time distillation is just three days long for every Earth day. 


    There’s been subtle hints from Merus’s fighting pose and his vagueness on his abilities that Merus might be an incognito Angel, which explains his overwhelming power and UI access, yet his apprehension in using it. Almost as if he too is wanting to stay as neutral as possible.

  2. New chapter got leaked early, and we find out what Moro's third wish was.



    Moro wished for all the prisoners of the Galactic Patrol to be released. All of them, from every outpost, from the most recently imprisoned to the ones that have been in there for as long as time itself just like Moro. They're all free.


    I don't know how this benefits Moro directly aside from the good ol' Fuck You, but this means all of Universe 7 is about to be utter chaos, just like Earth was when King Piccolo decreed that all crime was legal and freed Earth's prisoners.


    This does bring up the convenient opening for future sagas though. Any future villain can be explained away for why he waited so long to act by just saying he was a prisoner of the Patrol until recently. And who knows, maybe some of these escaped prisoners will join up with Freeza and bolster his ranks.



    This also puts a considerable strain on Universe 7's standing with the Omni-kings and the Grand Priest. If these escapees are going to take this opportunity to cause hell, it can drop 7's quality in the eyes of the other universes like a stone.


  3. Next Super manga chapter's out. Not much going on plot wise, it's been focused on the fighting.

    However, lore was added that explains future events. Grand Kaioshin and Merus surmise during the fight with Moro that while his spirit and persona is a part of Good Buu, Grand Kaioshin's godly ki and overall power were transferred to Evil Buu when Good Buu blew his stack back then. That godly ki would remain with Evil Buu all the way up to Kid Buu and eventually go with Kid Buu after the Spirit Bomb destroyed him.

    But, Kid Buu was reincarnated into Uub. And the power went along for the ride.

    So the reason why Uub is able to keep up with Goku at EoZ, after the events of Super and all of Goku's powering up during that era, is because Uub himself possesses Grand Kaioshin's godly ki, albeit unknowingly. So that, combined with Kid Buu's own enormous raw power, makes Uub a potentially superb fighter able to keep up with the Super Saiyan Blues and Broly.

  4. New manga chapter is out, and Buu's unlocked the Grand Kaioshin's memories and has them on hand now. He recognized Moro on sight and, being a magical creature himself, is putting up a much better fight than Goku and Vegeta did. It's unknown if he can perform the same sealing ability that the Kaioshin did, but for now he's a potent roadblock for Moro.


    Meanwhile it's constantly refreshing to see Vegeta be a stand up person. He is genuinely regretful for slaughtering the Namekians decades ago, and brings it up with Elder Moori and asks how he feels about him now. This, despite proving his sincerity back with Kid Buu, and protecting them just a few days ago. And just before he and Goku take off to confront Moro again, Vegeta pleads for Goku to restore New Namek back to normal if he makes it out of this fight, with no mention of his own safety. He's shouldering an incredible amount of responsibility here.


    Back on Earth, Piccolo has realized something is up at New Namek. Really hoping he plays a pivotal role in this saga, if not take the win himself, since he too is a magical being, and it is his people Moro is targeting.



  5. Goku can't really feel compelled to wish the Saiyans back if his remembered experience with them in his universe comprises of a kidnapper of a brother, a sociopathic bruiser, a proud prince that took nearly 20 years to fully convert, and the one Saiyan he sensed was pure after two decades.

    Lest we forget, the Saiyans were not exactly hesitant to commit planetary piracy. Goku just might not want this resurfacing, and Vegeta certainly doesn't after all these years of getting over it.



    That's not to say the Saiyans could come back though. Freeza could very well wish them back even, knowing he has the strength to suppress them even if they all became Super Saiyans somehow. But a full-scale Saiyan revival would not be initiated by Goku nor Vegeta.

  6. The "stock-standard" magic Moro has shown has explicitly been pointed out to be magic he just recently recovered after eons. We don't know what Moro has other than his OHK trump card and the magic he's shown at his weakest.


    He's steadily getting his magic back, and if he got his wish from Porunga, he'd have all it back at once. So there's still a ways for him to go to show off his repertoire. 

  7. It looks like Goku was actively trying to get to Ultra Instinct but just couldn't tap into it consciously yet, so he'll just go straight to Blue instead and save the strain.


    If that's the case, then it means Goku wasn't confident from the start that Blue could pull it off, and needed Ultra Instinct however he could get it. Broly was just that strong.

  8. New Super manga chapter is up on viz's site.




    The villain's name is Moro, and he's been active in the universe for as long as the Kaioshins have been. Grand Kaioshin and South Kaioshin personally enter the mortal plane to contend with him, but find themselves outmatched by Moro. Moro has a special magical ability that drains the lifeforce and ki of anything his attack strikes, which he can then consume to increase his own power, so the Kaioshins had no chance of overcoming him in force. So, Grand Kaioshin decides to use a technique he invented that can seal magical power away, though it comes with a sacrifice of nearly all of his god ki. The technique is successful, and severely damages and fatigues Moro in the process, and Moro is imprisoned by the Galactic Police. Magical strength =/= physical power however, and Moro is not lacking in either department, so all attempts to execute Moro ended with Police fatalities; he's given a life sentence in imprisonment instead.


    10 million years later into the present day, and as we know, Grand Kaioshin has been assimilated by Majin Buu. The technique he used to seal Moro's magic is deteriorating, and Moro immediately took advantage of that and escaped the Galactic Patrol's prison. The Patrol has no other idea on how to contain Moro, so this is why they took Majin Buu, in the hopes of acquiring Grand Kaioshin's technique from him somehow to repeat the process. But, Buu's still asleep, so there's little they can do about it until he wakes up.


    Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are made honorary members of the Galactic Patrol until the Moro business is settled, and they, along with Jaco and Merus, go to stop a trio of bandits stealing a fuel source. They're eventually caught, but Vegeta notices that Merus has the speed and instinct to have done it all on his own without Goku's input, and is curious to see how strong Merus really is. Moro's current location is finally located, and Goku uses the general direction given to search for him using Instant Transmission, in order to get a read on the guy. Goku does find Moro, but Moro sensed Goku sensing him and psychically makes his awareness to him known, shocking Goku completely.


    New villain, bringing lots of new stuff to the table, background and aura about him makes him threatening in a non-power related way. Excellent stuff.

  9. Gogeta may be a little more chipper than he was in Fusion Reborn, but he still feels different to Vegetto. Vegetto doesn't miss the chance to trashtalk if he can, whereas Gogeta seems to be focused on the endgame. Here, he only powers up as much as he needs to to keep ahead of Broly while not risking a reduced time limit, and when Broly catches up in power, Gogeta immediately powers up further with no hesitation to keep the fight in his control.


    Gogeta's more animated, but he's still very serious.

  10. Well, the unconfirmed idea is that Majin Buu's absorption victims originally start out as prisoners within those pink pods that are propped up in his head. Buu's absorption antics in the modern era lasted for around 3 hours in real time, so the fanbase kinda concluded that the victims were freed quickly enough.

    But Grand Kaioshin (and South Kaioshin) were absorbed millions of years ago. Since they were nowhere to be found when Vegetto went inside to inspect Buu, it was logical to assume that Buu's body ultimately assimilated those two into his being, making them truly part of his essence. 


    We have no idea what induces biological differences in Buu's wacky body. Perhaps its Grand Kaioshin himself that was able to facilitate this wacky part about Buu, since we don't really know anything about Kaioshin bodies either. But perhaps this prisoner or the Patrol can help shed light on the matter and find a way to get those two Kaioshins back without needing the Dragon Balls.

  11. What, the same lore that said that the Super Saiyan state could only be achieved as a Great Ape? The lore that said the power was so great that he blew up the planet he was on unintentionally? Did you think Goku becoming one without going Great Ape was contrary to lore? 

    Legends get exacerbated. Nothing concrete saying you can’t become a Super Saiyan without sacrificing your identity. The exact opposite happened four times before the Broly movie.


  12. They had the opportunity to make every Pokemon look as mass-appealing as possible. Make everything colorful and cutesy, for the sake of the brand.


    The fact that they didn't is a vote of confidence that I can respect. Every Pokemon has a design choice in mind that goes above and beyond, but doesn't detract from their original designs at all. They have an atmosphere and ambiance in mind for this movie, and they are going to stick with it. I'm genuinely interested in seeing this movie.

  13. The original 8

    Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Zelda, Ganondorf, Mewtwo

    Marth, Ike, Robin

    Dedede, Meta Knight, Pit, Palutena, Olimar

    Wolf, King K. Rool, Lucario, Villager, Little Mac, Shulk, Ridley

    Potentially Sonic, Megaman, and Pac-Man


    That's a good 32 characters to work with for a "rebooted" Smash Bros. that covers most of the bases. Not impossible to get some story-centric content out of that, though it does come with the cost of losing some key players and some of the quirky blokes that have contributed to Smash's charm over the years. And then you have to add newcomers on top of that.

  14. The final build is in Spain now, and people are going right into it.

    Particularly, Pichu seems to built like a berserker glass cannon. Tilts are so quick to end and aerials autocancel and end super quick, so he's in and he's out.

    And Luigi's grab is indeed a tether grab. He uses the Poltergust and shoots a plunger to grab, like he did in the Simon cinematic.

    And Robin straight up got a new move added into his kit. He can use the Levin Sword with his Nair now.

  15. Their reaction to this leak has just been so out of GameXplain's M.O. compared to all the other times stuff has leaked. They're "supposed" to explain; they haven't explained shit.


    If you were to go look at a reputable source that has made their mark on thoroughly explaining stuff to a meticulous degree while weighing the pros and cons, if that source were to respond with "Nah we'd rather just lie on our backs and blow these bubbles into the wind and see when they pop, fuck this so-called leak.", real or not, you'd probably be pissed off. It's not what you were expecting, it's contrary to their practices, and it sours goodwill and reputation later down the road.

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