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  1. It's stuff like this that make me want Sonic 4 for the Wii to have a replay function.

    I have the supposed world record for Lost Labyrinth Act 2 for the Wii, under "Joshua," at 1'43''65; I think that's the fastest time for the stage among all the consoles. But I set that months ago, so I have no idea if I can match that time again now, or beat it by correcting mistakes I know I made in that run. I think a 1'40''00 is possible on that stage, really.

    Ah well, believe if you want to XD

  2. As my brother owns a PS3, and I am unsure if my roommates for college next semester possess a PS3 or 360, getting this for the PC is my best bet if I want to play it regularly, or else I'll just have to go with playing the game 3 days at a time. Here's hoping the PC port follows through.

  3. It'd be neat if the Death Egg boss takes place within Sonic3&K's timeline.

    It would be a bigger treat to see this fight be the reason why the Death Egg blew up. The Death Egg was never seen destroyed onscreen, with falling debris being the only sign that the massive construct was ultimately destroyed. Would it be something, that while Classic Super Sonic chases after Eggman in Doomsday Zone in the original timeline, the Death Egg sprouts up some big self-defense system/self-destruct sequence, and this game's Classic Sonic and the Modern Sonic finish the job with the Death Egg, effectively keeping the timeline intact? I think I'd like that, albeit a bit convoluted.

  4. If the info SEGA Mexico leaked out is legitimate, it seems that the 3DS version is going to have Bonus Stages for Classic Sonic.

    If that's the case, I'd guess the Bonus stages will be like the ones in Sonic 3&K, like the Gumball Bonus stage. It'd be nice to have powerups and such be treated like that for all of C. Sonic's stages.

  5. How paraded was Sonic Heroes in commercials and such? Did it get enough showing that people beyond the fanbase would have looked at it and played it? It seems like the game gets neither severe praise nor severe backlash from anyone, and is just kinda there. It would kind of explain why Seaside Hill was picked among the Heroes selection; the majority of the poll voters would not have played Heroes, or at least just played the first stage, and would have just gone with the first stage in the poll.

    Yeah, the game isn't out yet, and so I can't make any claim that Seaside Hill will be a terrible choice in the end, but it still feels a little jarring to see it on there. It just feels like the odd one out to me. I think Mystic Mansion would have probably been a better choice; it covers a different trope, acts as a darker type of stage, and it would be interesting to see the platforms change through the touch of a button, and possibly see how the level would be incorporated with Modern Sonic, like speed-based beat-the-clock sections where you have to get past a certain door before the switch off and changes the level up.

  6. If such a thing were to be included in the final product, I'd expect the conditions to swap the Sonics out would be similar to unlocking Green Hill Zone in Sonic Adventure 2. But since emblems are not in the game, it'd be regulated to achieving S-ranks in all of the stages and missions.

  7. Uh, hi everyone ^_^

    I'm Razor Wind, and although I'm new to the forum, I actually found this place around November last year, and have been keeping up to date with new Sonic info as it comes along.

    I grew up with both the Genesis and NES/SNES, but I was predominately a Nintendo player, having like 20 Ninty games compared to 3 Genesis games XD. But Sonic has always been my favorite series and that hasn't changed, despite Sonic's descent into mediocrity a few years back. Aside from Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and Sonic 06 since I haven't even played it yet, I enjoy playing every one of the Sonic games, and can't really say I "hate" any of them, even the panned Shadow the Hedgehog and Unleashed Wii. Maybe because I have high optimism toward the games I play, or because of delusion. Either way, I still love the games, and am looking really forward to Generations.

    I'm also a HUGE sucker for Sonic music. Got a ton of music and remixes stored on my Ipod. Pretty sure it encompasses 60% of my Ipod's storage.

    So yeah, that's my spiel. Feel free to call me Joshua if you like. ^_^

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