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  1. #MetroidSamusReturns Hmmm, I got the second Aeion upgrade, but now I can't activate my Scan Pulse despite toggling over to it. Could someone help me out with that?

  2. >Sees Sylvalum in Xenoblade X for the first time





    #TedCruz #NSFW


    WHEN. HOW.

  5. There's no point in going regular Kaio-Ken x 100. That's equal to the power of Super Saiyan 2 but with monumentally greater strain. My money's on Goku actually absorbing the power of the Genki Dama he creates and accessing this transformation via that. With the Broly movie rendered non-canon, that means Super Android 13 is non-canon as well, and consequentially so is that movie's "Spirit Saiyan", so such a feat is something technically never done before. That Goku's giving off color highlights similar to the Genki Dama - white, silver, with some hints of blue - helps support the idea.
  6. Goku breaks out a Kaio-ken x20 and it doesn't work, then busts out the Spirit Bomb and still doesn't look to work, and then pulls out a clutch new transformation to turn things around. Wonder what Freeza thinks of that.
  7. Dr. Rota bring cut off both times he was about one proclaim his abilities was probably the point. It's been like ten episodes of new fighters announcing and showcasing their tricks, and it's just gotten old and pointless at this point. From here on out, it's time to put up or shut up.
  8. Oh yeah, I expect Beerus to start getting worried when U7 loses a fair amount of fighters. But compared to Rummshi, Quitela, his brother, and even Varmoud, he's been taking these early losses with composure while also giving due respect to his fighters when the situation calls for it, and has only gotten upset when his fighters really deserved the condemnation. It's just not something we would have expected from Beerus circa BoG saga.
  9. Another U7 fighter down, another instance of Beerus not going into a rage or petty spat or panic, and instead praising his fighter for the work he put in this time. Really sets him apart from the other GoDs on the chopping block here.
  10. I was listening to the Sonic Mania intro theme when the Misty and Brock news dropped, and now I can't not associate Friends with Ash, Misty, and Brock. 
  11. Curiously, the scans clarify that Brock is indeed working to become a Pokemon Doctor, as he did in after DP. But Misty's job as the Cerulean Gym Leader is omitted. It just specifies she's a Water Pokemon Specialist. So. That could be a thing.
  12. Misty's VA, Mayumi Iizuka, has not retired. In fact she's the one who revealed that Misty picture. Of the Pokegirl VAs, Iizuka seems to be the one who enjoys her role the most and is always keen on coming back to reprise Misty and just waits for word from the staff for when she's needed - she'd probably come right back and voice her full time if Misty was brought back as a permanent cast member. KAORI, May's VA, is the one that retired, iirc, and Megumi Hayashibara, Dawn's, is on maternity leave and has put her career on pause for the moment. As for Ueda, Brock's VA, he voices Wobbuffet. He's still around.
  13. Screenshots and scans for the episodes. This will be only a two-parter.
  14. The average time it takes to get an episode from conception to syndication is six months - conveniently around the time Verity and the other kid were revealed for Movie 20, and were eviscerated by the fandom writ large. You could say there's causation, I'll leave it to you to decide. Far more believably, there's talk that Ultra SM will take you to Kanto, so that might be what this is for.
  15. Sun and Moon have regularly been hitting the top 10 ratings every week. If the show needs one thing, ratings isn't it.
  16. Gotta Catch Ya Later indeed.

  17. pretty much sums up the os base. myself included.
  18. Roshi tired himself out to death with the Mafuba in Dragonball but was revived no problem. The problem comes with Earth Dragonballs having already revived him, and the Namekian Dragonballs not allowed to revive people who did die naturally indirectly or otherwise (Tien almost counts here, but he was already on his way to death from Nappa's onslaught, and his Kikoho only accelerated the process). Roshi would have qualified for both restrictions. But then, that's what the Super Dragonballs would be for.
  19. For all the Master Roshi fans, this is your episode. He stumbled a bit with his composure with women, but he got it together just in time and forced the princess in U4 out. He then used the Mafuba on the sea-witch looking woman from U4 and eliminated her (The bottle to contain her technically counts as a weapon, but in Zen'O's own words, "It's interesting, so it's ok,"), and Roshi then took down U4's kingpin Ganos with his technique, and his Kamehameha. All that took its toll on him though, and he legit died for a few seconds, but it seems Super Saiyan Blue ki can actually bring people back to life on its own, rather than jumpstart someone's heart, and Roshi's back up on his feet and ready for more. He even earned Beerus's respect in the end, asking for his name. The way this episode was composed, and the pride Roshi has for Krillin and Goku to where he will break his own barriers too and shine, this episode is simply my favorite in the tournament so far. The episode really did confirm what Roshi's place in this tournament really is. He may not be the strongest on the team, not by a long shot, but he more than makes up for it in battle experience and technique. Warriors like the witch and Garos are perfect matchups for him, because he has the means to beat their tricky moves and powerups before they get out of hand without having to have the pure strength himself.
  20. Going back to what I said last night about Doomsday Zone's subtlety, this 3D recreation of the Zone is something I like, specifically @2:27. 

    Just the way the Death Egg explodes proper as the kickoff point for the chase sequence and the start of the 3 Chaos Doomsday remix really stresses that the Egg's done, but Eggman is not.

  21. One reason I like Doomsday Zone a lot is that it's so subtle with the situation. Sonic 2 and 3 had paraded the Death Egg threat the entire time, but then when it finally goes down, there's no fanfare about it; the game doesn't end, and Eggman does not go down with his ship. The game establishes that Eggman is still incredibly threatening even without his Death Egg if he's let go, especially with the Master Emerald in his possession, and it takes Super Sonic to chase him down. It's a smooth way of saying that Eggman's threats do not begin and end with the Death Egg, and that this conflict will survive that base.

  22. Who's to say the others are weaklings, or whether power matters though? We thought before that Dyspo was so skilled in combat that he can overpower Hit and his Time Skip, but he just has a technique that gets him to Hit before Hit can activate Time Skip in the first place. It seems that that's Dyspo's only ace in the hole, and even it's incredibly limited in versatility. Hit, meanwhile, is a combat veteran, who has discipline and combat training to fall back on, and by the time he had his second round with Dyspo, Dyspo didn't stand a chance. Dyspo could sucker punch a few stragglers, sure, but once they see him and what he's doing, it wouldn't take long to snuff him out.
  23. Champa comments that Dyspo and Beerus look alike. Vados comments Champa and Beerus look alike. There, can we be done with that, now.
  24. Silver accentuation is always a plus for me, so I'm super happy with this new form. "The wall that took 30 years for Goku to break". Guess this form is the end of the line for Goku's transformations, and what a way to end it. This ticks all my boxes.
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