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  1. tbh I'm most hype for Mach Rider, just because I thoroughly enjoy old franchises getting 

    huge waves of new fanart and appeal.


    And it would especially happen with Mach Rider, consider Rider's a woman.





    Btw, Mach Rider would set the new record for oldest property in Smash Bros., beating out Duck Hunt from 1976. A toy car Mach Rider was sold in 1972.

  2. This episode was just a cavalcade of anime references, not just Utena. 

    That glorious Jessie screenshot!





    A knowing shoutout to most of Megumi Hayashibara's iconic VA roles through her 30+ years of voice acting.


    From left to right, to the best of my knowledge:

    Himiko Shinobibe - Mashin Hero Wataru (her third role in her career, dating all the way back to 1988!)
    Ranma Saotome - Ranma 1/2
    Lina Inverse - Slayers
    Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Lime - Saber Marionette J
    Literally Hello Kitty/Sanrio
    Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop
    Ai Haibara - Detective Conan
    Minky Momo - Magical Princess Minky Momo
    Paprika - Paprika

    Fantastic stuff.

  3. Yeah, the Freeza Force had not in any way “fallen” by the time the trek to Namek started. He was just down one race of mercenaries, but given that race died out twenty years prior and he still had a good grip on the universe to that day, he was still going strong. 

    Freeza just made the retrospectively questionable decision to bring his entire elite force with him to Namek, and when he and them subsequently fell, Sorbet was the only left to keep things together and pick up the pieces. He didn’t do a good job of it.

  4. I prefer the Dragonball Minus backstory for Goku tbh.

    Bardock's & Gine's genuine love for each other is completely alien to the Saiyan culture. Ofc that nurturing and empathy, that carried on to Goku's time on Earth, would end up creating the first Super Saiyan in a millennium.


    It also presents a fascinating parallel with Broly. Paragus genuinely seems to love his son, just like Bardock and Gine did with Goku. But Goku had the privilege of living on Earth and really come to peace with his life and his friends through the years, while Broly was all alone until Paragus found him, but then molded to hold bitter resentment over Vegeta all this time.

    It comes across as Earth truly being the deciding factor for changing the ruthless Saiyans for the better. The three Saiyans all show different levels of growth as it pertains to Earth:

    - One loved as a baby, growing up on Earth and rightly calling it home.

    - One that's seemingly born for power first and love second, growing up with the cold and cruel Freeza, but came to Earth and learned to love and care for others

    - And one who was similarly loved as the first, but with no history with Earth at all.

    Three Super Saiyans born at the same time, becoming vastly different and their own persons through their different lives. It's just thought-provoking.

  5. The Double Gears do tweak the gameplay a bit, but not to the degree of it making it Easy Mode and being enforced. My first run of it, I didn’t use the Double Gear at all, just relying on the being patient and observant to get through. 


    In actuality, the two Gears come off as being “Bonus Mode” toggles. Use the Speed Gear, you can progress through the area faster and get some goodies like the E-tank, but you have to cognizant of how fast things are moving so you can take full advantage of it. Use the Power Gear, you can mow through obstacles...that you could already do so with your normal kit. Some things are still invincible against the Power Gear, so you still have to know what you’re doing and not go in guns blazing. If you know what you’re doing, abuse it and go all in. The Robot Master weapons even have a Super Attack in Power Gear to let you have fun in it.


    The Two Gears are a fun tweak to the system, that doesn’t patronize the player in using to them to make the game Super Easy Mode. Clear design to me.

  6. Guess what's up?


    As someone who's not that invested into Megaman, and even couldn't really get into the original Megamans...Damn, I'm impressed.


    Platforming's tight, the Double Gear system aids in the gameplay smoothly, the animation is super crisp and has that Megaman charm to it, the enemies have that quirky element to them (fucking anti-Eddies), it's all here.



    It really, genuinely, feels like the evolution of Megaman people have been waiting for, which is strange to say speaking as an outsider. Gonna get this at launch no doubt.



  7. On that note, Trump has mentioned he has no intention of deliver parting words to McCain, thinking that McCain had a vendetta against him and just wanted McCain to give up the Senate seat.

    If he sticks to that and doesn't have solemn remarks for McCain, that could further contribute to the schism the GOP currently faces. You can bet whoever will replace McCain will be constantly reminded that Trump hated the former seat holder, and if he/she doesn't at least attempt to emulate McCain's methods, that will cause reverberations in the Arizona political landscape.


    Arizona is steadily becoming further blue. The last thing the GOP needs is McCain's successor for his term metaphorically flipping off his grave in the process and worsen things for them.

  8. The concept of Dracula became public domain in 1962, meaning anyone can take inspiration from it without running foul of copyright and royalties. As such, any Dracula that derives from the original Dracula, is itself an original Dracula.

    Same goes for the Dracula in Castlevania. It's an original character that takes inspiration from the original Dracula, but is still originally a video game character.

  9. With Dark Samus being promoted, Knuckles being an AT, and with him nowhere in sight for two presentations, we all know that Shadow is all but confirmed at this point.

    But the big thing is, Sakurai and co. also know that we know that Shadow is all but confirmed at this point.


    Revealing only Shadow in a specific trailer, as 3rd Parties would be, would be an underwhelming revelation, something we knew was coming anyway, fan and developer alike.


    Basically what I'm saying is I have the strangest feeling that Eggman is about to drop in as well. The environment seems to be just right for it.

  10. No excuse for Marron, but Goku didn't visibly show signs of aging until he met up with everyone at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, when he was 19 years old. Could just chalk Goten and Trunks up to acquiring that set of Saiyan genes whereas Gohan inherited more human characteristics, including the biological growth pattern.

    Same applies to the mature Saiyan bodies though. They remain at their physical peak until their mid to late 70s. Paragus simply crossed that threshold and deteriorated fast.

  11. 2 hours ago, KHCast said:

    Eh, considering Foxhounds importance throughout all the MGS games, I’d argue that fox logo is just as much a notable iconic staple to the franchise. Personally I like it more than a exclamation mark which I find a bit...bland?

    I consider its "blandness" as a point in its favor.

    Metal Gear Solid has always been ridiculously convoluted and, for lack of word, sophisticated, but at the same time it has never strayed away from doing silly and blunt things befitting a video game. The ! is the epitome of that, a quick and flashy reminder that you're not simply watching something or doing non-videogamey stuff, despite it being just a punctuation mark.

  12. It's nice to see Paragus as obviously older. No matter the setting for Broly and him, Planet Vegeta's destruction and the death of the Saiyan race is fixed, and so events have to reflect that time-wise.


    The Broly Z movie took place in the Cell Saga, about 31 years after the planet blew up. This Super movie takes place while Pan is at least one year old, about 15 years later than that, so everyone's older as a result. Nice attention to detail.

  13. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Switch port.


    I'll be upfront, this is probably my favorite RPG I've ever played. Not necessarily the best RPG I've played, but certainly the one I got really attached to, and one I feel needs to be played by everyone. The combat is very kinetic with the speed of the characters and the utility of the special moves (though with some button niggles (that can be remapped in the options, fair enough)), and it's a blast to just run through enemies, or just run right past them. It's linear for the most part, but with just enough optional content to let you take without it feeling hammered in. But honestly, the characters and story really sell it. It's got wonderful pacing, with all sorts of intrigue, sadness, triumph, and just pure heart to it, and the characters are an absolute delight to know and help out. It's got that Majora's Mask feel to it where you could just complete the story missions and continue on, but you are going to want to help out the people because you want to see them progress, with the rewards just being a bonus.


    Very highly recommend, now I'm off to find the other 7 Ys games.

  14. Vegeta can't wear armor at the Tenkaichi Budokai, so he went with just the one-piece. The entire Buu conundrum happens right after, in which he was dead for most of it, so he didn't really have an opportunity to slap the armor back on. Rather clever justification for a saga redesign.

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