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  1. Now Gohan going out before 17 makes sense. Had Toppo fought this current Gohan, it would have just been him taking down another fighter. But against 17 he's established that his GoD power surpasses beyond infinite energy.

    As for Freeza, he needed to get his teeth kicked in. Dunno what happens to him now, but he's going to be staggering for a while.


    Holy hell, Jiren is supposed to be stronger than this. He at least takes damage right now, but to think he's stronger than this eclipsing Toppo....


    This episode was terrifyingly animated. A whole lot of imposing shots and colors. Now that the show's hit endgame, this animation should remain consistent.

  2. The game has leaked. Be wary of story spoilers if you're so inclined:


    - There are three story modes, but they don't run congruent with one another, so only one is the True Story.

    - Kid Buu, Teen Gohan, and Future Trunks have no bearing on the plot. Even among those that do have screentime, Goku, Bulma, Krillin, Piccolo, Cell, 21, and 16 are the ones with top billing in all three plots. Even Vegeta's a side-character for the most part. Freeza, naturally, spotlights his own story mode though, and 18 spotlights hers.

    - Goku, Freeza, and 18, in their story modes, are all possessed by a human soul that helps draw out their power. The Earth has been subject to an energy wave suppressor that handicaps everyone, except for Beerus who doesn't really give a damn about anything happening. 

    - The theories were correct: 21 is the biological mother of the basis for Android 16. 21 is a human model like 17 and 18. The 16 in this game is a replica with the original 16's programming installed, and 21 created 16 out of desire to having a sense of family once her issue is resolved.

    - Android 21 is essentially a more-refined version of Cell. Where Cell can take energy from humans and can use the twin Androids to evolve, 21 gets a more potent effect from the same thing and achieves massive power boosts from everything. She even assimilates Cell himself in 18's campaign, karmically enough. Or rather, one of her does...

    - Android 21's energy system means that she constantly has to have this energy provided to her lest she go berserk, presumably from the Majin cells accumulated while Buu has been on Earth - the Red Ribbon spybot network has apparently been functioning still after all this time. 21 is good at heart, but this craving caused a split personality that she desperately tries to control. She fails to do this in all three stories; two of them, she succumbs to it, and in 18's, the evil side splits off from 21, just like Evil Buu did.

    - In one of Android 21's evil episodes, she makes it to New Namek and calls upon Porunga to revive all the villains in the roster, to use for the clone project. Every villain was also given an artificial soul to attempt to limit their power. Cell completely overpowers his. 

    - 16 was partially created to help 21 with this evil side, but he dies in all three stories, each one from 21's evil half. 16's death in 18's story is what causes the split of the two 21s. Gohan never meets him.

    - The clones are running amok on Earth to satisfy Evil 21s cravings. She can eat them just like she can organics, but it doesn't provide as much an effect as organics do. The stronger the clones, the better the sweet, and the greater the boost. Each story mode's central goal is Gotta Kill Em All to coax 21 to come out for the final showdown, herself the control switch for the energy wave suppressor.

    - 21 is killed in standard fare in Goku's and Freeza's story mode, but in 18's, she's got more power because of being unrestrained and having Cell's power. They try a Spirit Bomb to take her down, but like Kid Buu before her, Evil 21 can hold her ground. The Good 21 flies underneath the Spirit Bomb and bear hugs the Evil 21, making her lose her grip on the Bomb and kill them both. Whis surmises that 21 realized that her uncontrollable hunger for energy would be a hindrance in the future if she stayed alive, so chose to end it.

    - The Dragonballs are brought up as a means to bring back 21, but Goku actually turns down the idea, feeling that her sacrifice would be undermined if she was brought back. He instead decides to consult King Yemma about reincarnating 21.


  3. Gohan did indeed drop in this episode, but he took Dyspo down with him just as Dyspo had started to fight at max power. Had Gohan and Freeza cut their losses at the end of their plan and went on defense, Dyspo would just have a ton of momentum and go on a rampage that Goku and Vegeta can't spare any thought for while fighting Jiren. 

    It was a gut decision and it paid off.

  4. DS9dkbzVwAAc6ng.jpgDS9dl8LUQAAXt41.jpgDS9dnQoVoAAt2bZ.jpg


    This bit right here actually puts Whis's idea on Vegeta's weakness in perspective. All the way back in Resurrection F, Whis pointed out that Vegeta's greatest weakness was that he was too focused on surpassing Goku; at this point, it meant just achieving the same forms Goku did and eventually outstripping Goku within that form itself. So dead set on effectively beating Goku at his own game that he never considered getting stronger individually and bettering Goku then.

    Ultra Instinct is a complete absence of identity and cognizance, letting the body doing the work while the mind listens and devises strategy. To let go of attachments would mean letting go of his Saiyan legacy, and Vegeta, as a person, could never do that. But instead of agonizing over it, he's now eschewing the purity of Ultra Instinct, actually forfeiting the power to Goku to refine and use, in favor of buckling down and just getting stronger anyway, through his own methods, methods that embody the pride and spirit of the Saiyans that Goku could never understand.


    Vegeta's going to get a new form next episode, that cerulean hair, pupilled form. A form that Goku presumably cannot get himself. If this form is borne out of Vegeta's defining characteristic - his pride in being a Saiyan - then this may be the most significant transformation in Dragonball after the original Super Saiyan, and the complete culmination of Vegeta's character. Understanding of what pride and honor can do, and how one can better himself without needing to follow the leader, so to speak.



    First he became a legend. Then he became a god. Now, he's in a state that encapsulates the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. I'm quite hyped for these next few episodes now.

  5. Vegeta's down, but he's not out.

    Hell, if the new ending and the preview are any indications, he may bust out a new form entirely.


    The hair is more cerulean here, opposed to the sky blue SSB hair has, and the eyes seem to have pupils. Might be a cross between Blue and UI that Vegeta stumbled into.

  6. Technically, Katoplesa's forms give him a x300 multiplier to power, speed, defense, or any combination of the three, while Super Saiyan is "only" a x50 multiplier of everything, SSJ2 is x100, and SSJ3 is x200, according to Daizenshuu sources. He can outshine Super Saiyan multipliers on a dime.


    He has the ability to min-max himself ridiculously, and that translates well in a game combat format. He's a better fit than Aniraza.



  7. When Goku got a fight out of Jiren, it took Ultra Instinct to even land a hit. Then when Hit stepped up to the plate, he got an even stronger hit on Jiren and trapped him in his time cage for a while. And now Vegeta is connecting blows as Super Saiyan Blue.

    Jiren is seemingly steadily getting weaker and weaker with each fight that he can't one-shot his opponent.

    Maybe that's his weakness. He absolutely decimates any opponent he fights starting out. But afterwards, his stamina just drops like a lead balloon if he can't meditate for an extended period inbetween. This tournament has been about Universe 7 trying to conserve stamina after every other universe has gunned after them, but maybe Jiren has the worst of it out of everyone present. Would be a nice twist.

  8. Goku and Vegeta didn't do much training after the Goku Black arc, so it stands to reason the two Saiyans at their physical prime would regress in power about equally. So, we can look at what they did to confront Black as a measure of power here, and from that, we know that Vegeta was able to take on Goku Black in combat easily while Goku struggled beforehand. 

    Goku may have gotten a few blows in on Fused Zamasu, but a) That was with a risky Kaioken x20 backing him up, b ) the brunt of the damage was from a energy struggle Zamasu had already committed to, and c) Goku got in on Zamasu during his moment of weakness before Zamasu regained control. When it comes to pure fist-to-fist combat, Vegeta proved to be the better fighter.

    Vegeta getting two clean hits in, making Jiren actually sweat, and actually force him to block the Final Flash in panic, is actually par for the course for Vegeta compared to Goku. Goku may be more adaptable and naturally come across new transformations faster, but Vegeta, when it comes to pure fighting, is simply better than Goku when they're both using the same form.

  9. Considering Paparoni is nowhere to be seen in the preview for the next episode, it's safe to say he's the 4th component for this Aniraza fusion. 

    This white flash is just him assimilating himself into Kochiarator. That bit about 17 and 18 "bowing their heads" might have just been faulty information, like Freeza getting angry at Goku for beating Universe 2, or Gamisaras/Damon being suicide fighters.

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