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  1. Moore winning would be a total affirmation of Bannon's quest to elect candidates that would follow in lockstep with Trump's agenda and fight the "establishment", whatever that means these twenty minutes.


    McConnell absolutely didn't want Moore to win. Especially since his name has repeatedly been namedropped from Bannon's hit list.


    If the write-ins come as expected and Jones secures it anyway, then, as much as it pains to word it this way, the Moore accusers are gonna have to keep their allegations going. I do believe their stories, but if they all collectively decide to drop their justice-seeking right now as Moore is denied his win, it will come across as being fake accusations explicitly designed to keep Moore from power, and the conservative base will be (rightfully) pissed, and Alabama/Deep South will never believe another #MeToo moment again.

  2. Trump did graciously concede the Iowa caucuses to Cruz in February last year, only to retroactively call them unfair and stolen days later. Just keep an eye on his account for the next few days.


    Anywho, here's some Republicans attacking each other for Moore's projected loss. 



    I say projected because Moore has not conceded yet, and likely won't for a while.

  3. 10 minutes ago, StriCNYN3 said:

    Mega Man looks like he's power jogging on a beach shore line as your favorite TV show's credits roll before anything else. Certainly doesn't look he's determined to stop Dr. Wily. 

    Considering the producer thinks of Megaman as not really an action fighter, but instead a lab assistant that doesn't want to fight but has to, the walk cycle may be intentional.


    Plus a go-gettem animation would look grating in this new style and design anyway. Smash 4 Megaman can do the old walk cycle right because he's stouter: the arms and legs don't have to deal with flailing swing arcs as he walks back and forth. This Megaman is a good foot taller with limbs to match; if he was moving his limbs as steadily as Smash 4 Megaman was in the same rate of time, Megaman would look coked up and hyper, incongruous with this enlightened characterization.

  4. Problem I have with Sonic and the idea of using hand-drawn everything for a game is that Sonic stages have to be absolutely huge by necessity to facilitate the sense of physics-based rolling and speed. You're asking for specific creative art for not just every minute section of stage that Sonic's blitzing through in an attosecond, but specific art x 1000 for every stage. That's an unbelievable undertaking. Wario Land Shake It in comparison is much slower-paced with a focus on adventuring through a stage, rather than traveling through it, so every setpiece matters.


    Spritework just works for Sonic for me. It's detailed enough to give wonderful backdrops so you've a sense of where you're at, as well as definable characteristics on the stage layout itself, no matter the stage.

    3D model stages in Sonic often have to force memorability in them through required sections. Spritework 2D stages meanwhile are vivid enough, consistent enough, and replicated enough to where the memorability of the stages occurs naturally.


  5. Looks like Megaman has a new overclocking mechanic where he goes all Limit Break when his health is low and a weapon gauge is high. He charges a Mega Buster shot, and boom, overclocked and ready for max damage output.


    The kind of innovation that makes perfect sense for a game about a robot. If they're confident enough to bring in new toys to play with in this long-awaited revival, I say this game's development is on the right track.

  6. I think if Roshi is caught off guard he won't be able to restrain himself. He's certainly developed to where he won't go nuts over any curve that moves, but force it on him suddenly, and, well



    Plus an invisible fighter does sound like a boring prospect to Zen'O, and exposing the bug warriors would certainly make it more palatable for him. And it would be karmic; Quitela's fighters have been, on the whole, cheap and dirty and trashtalking fighters, so why not have his trump cards be brought down by an "accidental" "cheap" ploy?

  7. This episode is one of my favorites in this arc now. The gravitas of the situation was really made note of.

    Universes 9, 2, and 6 as a whole appeared to be only ones who knew that erasure was on the table for them. The Pride Troopers kept it to themselves, Universe 7 is so compact and yet only Bulma, Dende, Baba, and Mr. Satan are really aware of the stakes, 10 was so nonchalant about it, and it looks like 3 and 4 didn't really bother to spread the word. But while 9 went into mass hysterics and tried to bail, Universe 2 as a whole dutifully watched their representatives fight for them and transferred their love to them to keep fighting, and Universe 6's Namekians gave up their very selves to give Saonel and Pirina a fighting shot. The Universes put themselves forward on this one, not just a band of ten. 

    If any Universes are revived, 2 and 6 should be among them. They deserve it.



    So Universe 4's secret fighters really were invisible, not just underground? Guess that explains why Quitela shot down Potara Fusion as an idea: at least one of the invisible fighters would have had to put the earring on, and, power boost or not, the earrings would be an instant tell on the fusion's location even if the body remained invisible, and ruin the fighters' strategy.


    This is the first time a truly invisible fighter has been an opponent since The Invisible Man himself from Baba's team of 5 so this will be nice to Master Roshi is going to get a nosebleed and spray it on the stage and reveal the bugs isn't he

  8. If they have time to talk, they have time to think and strategize.

    "I'm not here to fight. I'm here to win." 18's all in trying to win the wish for her family. 17 didn't even want to join until Goku brought up the wish, and now he wants that luxury cruise liner for his wife and kids. They have their eyes on the prize, and nothing's going to distract them from it.


  9. The only downside to the Kefla fight was that she never went Super Saiyan 3, like Caulifla had set out to do from the start.


    Of course that might mean that she's destined to unlock it in a future arc, consequently giving the game away about U6's fate in this arc, but still, Caulifla could have unlocked it for just a brief second at least. 

  10. The melee counter compensates for the some tediously precise angles the 3DS circle pad allows for, since it allows for instant lock-on. 


    The platforming can get cramped at times with the level of enemy presence, and that's dire in Hard Mode and Fusion Mode. Having a counter option to immediately take care of danger that you still have to time the counter for helps significantly.

  11. Given Virigina's electoral map it's a good thing the HoD is still slightly in Repub control. Equivalent representation still has to account for something, and the current entire west side of Virgina could be seen as being played if the HoD got a blue majority.


    The last thing Virginia Democrats need is accusations of doing the same things the conservatives did as far as consolidating power goes.

  12. The Virginia HoD won't be called until the absentee ballots have been counted, and those tend to swing left, iirc?


    Conservatives like Hannity are trying to play tonight off as a loss in states Trump didn't win, but I think that misses the point. Disregarding the implication that they truly don't care about states' governments despite their stated position of reducing the federal government and giving power back to the states, these were mainly candidates that championed conservative agendas and went full ahead on Trumpian populism as if it was a golden ticket now. And failed. Extravagantly. 

    And there's no way these guys would not be championing Trumpian populism if Gillepsie and Republicans had routed the VA chambers they already had firm control over, so it's just blowing smoke in the end.

  13. I quite enjoyed how this fight was like a role-reversal of sorts. Goku got to play the theatrical idea of a "villain" for this fight, with a next phase to fight the super power of teamwork (that got a really heartwarming moment at the beginning, too), and just playing the cool and collected while the "heroes" struggled.


    Hell, he even copied Freeza's Death Saucer gimmick.



    The tables have turned now and Goku's back to playing the hero role vs. the cocky "supervillain", but this was refreshing.

  14. Assuming there are no breaks and no hour specials, that means at about 20 episodes left in this arc.


    With 23 minutes left in the fight, that means around 15 of them will be about a minute apiece. The other 5 can be dedicated to bulks of minutes at a time, and giving closure to the arc proper with Super Shenron's wish.

  15. The same reason you don't just lie down and go motionless after a prolonged sprint. Steadily getting your body back to its natural motions perks up your stamina quicker than essentially vegetating.

    The Goku we saw in this episode was the martial arts master we've always been told he was, and he proved his own eclipsing power was not a crutch.

  16. 9 minutes ago, Limit Breaker Diamond said:

    Wait, wait, wait.

    I know Namekians can create Dragon Ballas and clothes, but they can create anything?

    Piccolo conjured an hourglass to keep Super Buu aware of how long an hour is, and Goten and Trunks considered bribing Super Buu with candy and wanted Piccolo to conjure some up. 

    With the exception of water, if the Namekian can think it, the Namekian can make it.

  17. Alternatively, the Namekians could have used their creation magic, which all Namekians can do no matter the clan, to fashion a set of Potara Earrings for the two of them. It's technically not a weapon, just an accessory to completing a technique, like the Mafuba seal jars, so it's fair game.


    I cannot see U6's Kaioshin tossing them in and the Zen'Os just allowing that, because then every Kaioshin would throw their earrings to their fighters to even it all out.


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