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  1. Vs. Star Dream has become my favorite song in the Kirby series by a huuuuuuge margin. It just feels so goddamn emotional and wrenching.


    Especially when the violins play the Haltmann theme nearly two minutes in, aaahhhhhhhh <3333

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      I love phase 2, it's so ominous and tragic.

  2. Forget Crash and Spyro, where's my Tomba 1 & 2 Remastered.


    #KirbyStarAllies #DragonballSuperEnding #UltimateSurvivorButWithHaisAndScreams

  4. Random thought: There isn't really a game that's tried to use the same "damage" mechanic as the Yoshi series, where the player is technically invincible to most forms of harm, but has a time limit to fulfill a "mission", for lack of term, before the player loses a life. No game that I can think of atm anyway.



    Same goes for Sonic now that I think about it. It's kinda like Yoshi's Island (Or rather, Sonic did it somewhat first), just that the "mission" is easily completed for the first few times, and the life's not over if the "mission" is failed. Pretty genius game design imo, surpised that they haven't really been emulated much, if at all.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Pretty sure the Wario Land series did that.

      Getting hit by something usually meant getting a power up to advance and/or explore through the levels.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Coincidentally, there's a Sonic 2 hack that combines it with Yoshi's Island. 

  5. Jury's out on his role in the movie, but Freeza still has the biggest checklist towards being a God of Destruction. Morally detached, no hesitation toward destruction, and surprisingly true to his word when the chips are down. That translates well towards being a deity tasked with destroying things in a way that earns him a feared yet respected reputation. That could be the angle they're going for with him, where it's his literal god-given mandate to destroy, yet will always be at the mercy of his Angel if he gets out of hand.
  6. Pirates Island is the best final stage in the series by sole virtue of being aesthetically unique. 

  7. OK, that original Rouge concept art looks better than the Rouge we have now. She looks like she has more spunk and pep to her.

  8. Spoiler

    Goku just divebombing Jiren in the end there was just crazy amazingly awesome.

    small Super spoiler.

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      I really liked the SSJ form fizzling in and out

      It really showcased how much Goku was forcing his own body at that point.

  9. Goku fading in and out of Super Saiyan at the final moments genuinely shook me. It feels magnificently and perfectly appropriate that the universe's survival was won, not by Ultra Instinct, not by Goku's and Freeza's best forms acquired in Super, but by their most iconic forms in Dragonball, and the forms that led to Beerus coming into contact with Goku in the first place and effectively starting the Super series.
  10. So basically, Bergamo imploring for the Zen'Os to spare the universes after the tournament wasn't necessary. That was already the endgame. Alternatively, you can believe that Bergamo's plea, and Zen'Os' reaction to it, spurred Goku to consider that that was actually an option in the end with no recompense, thus making Bergamo the secret savior all along. :V
  11. Dr. Gero's modifications to Android 17 were so proficient that it spurred Bulma to break the fabric of time with the creation of the time machine, just so the world can have a future without the Android threat. Said time travel is Zamasu's excuse for why he hounds Future Trunks, deigning it as mortals acting as mortals would and committing selfish acts that defy the rules of the gods. Present 17 wins this tournament, and gets the one means to obtain any selfish thing he wanted with no strings attached, but defies the chance for any of that, including his cruise ship, and selflessly brings back the destroyed universes, which effectively beats Zamasu's philosophy about selfish mortals to death. That is some fantastic irony.

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      So THAT's how he's always faster than Sonic.

  13. Are there Sonic songs that you were originally indifferent to, but they steadily started to sound better to you over time? 


    Hidden Base from SA2 is currently hitting the right notes for me now.

    1. NikoS


      GUN Fortress, definitely:


    2. Marcello


      Tikal's theme:



    3. Strickerx5


      Everything from Mirage Saloon really.

      Still enjoy the remixes of it (such as James Wong's) more though.

  14. Just as well, everyone expected Freeza to save Goku's ass when or if UI ran out. The writers were on the same wavelength, evidently, and threw in that curveball. A Goku/Vegeta tag team conclusion might have been the "right" way to end this, but I'll take this unpredictable team. Because now, it's the Saiyan race, the Emperor, and Earth altogether for the final moments. They are U7's signature races, so they all get to see this to the end.
  15. Technically there is no rule about that; the rule is that you can't attack from the stands. Otherwise 17 kicking Vikal straight into the stands could have constituted as attacking the stands, just with a body as the weapon.
  16. 17's explosion was so conclusive that even the Grand Priest said he had died from it. ....if Goku and Freeza had fallen, would he even had noticed it and declared the fight a draw, or would he had declared U7 the loser despite that not being true. The GP's been rigging this tournament from the start for U7, hasn't he. :v
  17. I can't wait to see chibi Mighty and chibi Ray in Metallic Madness. As for Encore Mode, the first thing that came to mind was Hard Mode missions in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog. The general layouts of the stages are the same, but new obstacles (and the absence of some stage assets) are now implemented that you have to take time for negotiating around them. Think how City Escape Hard Mode introduced rapid-fire shielded GUN sentry robots immediately, barricades, and removed some of the hovering platforms. And if you want a non-Hard Mode-esque application to this, City Escape Hard Mode placed in more, smaller ramps in the boarding section and midway that don't really impede your progress, but could mess up your flow if you weren't ready for them. Apply that to 2D environments, and there you go.
  18. Guess Ultra Instinct was just about to burn out, but just before it did and Goku fell, he subconsciously picked up Freeza's energy and did Instant Transmission to get to his side. From there the two of them will just stall out the last 10 or so seconds and win with numbers.
  19. What timezone is that 3:30 timeslot for today?

    1. kirby1up
    2. Zaysho


      It's in Texas, so it's Central.

      If you're on the East coast, it'll be at 4:30.

  20. Keep them in their Freelancer class, pull moves from the other classes like the Valkyrie's Jump and the Salve-Maker's Feel No Pain to form parts of their kit, have them all be alts to on another. Make their neutral B the Brave/Default mechanic itself, where they can store Brave Counters with a special Default parry, then unleash them all in the Brave state where their next few attacks either have enormous FAF buffs or their endlag cut in half or more. You know you want this. C'mon Square, you know Disney won't fork over Sora.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The last thing she saw before she died

  22. Nintendo and Square are in good graces again, and they already got the Final Fantasy loser out of the way....Geno's gonna be in Smash 5, isn't he.

    1. KHCast


      Give me Sora plz

    2. JosepHenry


      Nah Sora will.

    3. Shiguy



      His Final Smash needs to be Mickey showing up with a giant DMCA letter in the background, C&D-ing everyone into the blastzones.

    4. Strickerx5


      Why on earth would Sora make it in when neither Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 nor 3 have/ will ever been on a Nintendo platform? :/

    5. KHCast


      You’re really gonna ask that when cloud is in...?:/

    6. JosepHenry


      KH Chain of Memories, 358/2, Recoded and specially DDD say hi. :P

      Meanwhile the only Nintendo games with Cloud in were CoM and Recoded. As cameos.

    7. Wraith


      Sora's getting in if they want me to buy this game


      Sora's in more nintendo games than cloud too no excuses lets go

    8. JosepHenry


      Also is only matter of time till both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts become a mainstay on Nintendo.

    9. KHCast


      Now, if not Sora, I’d love Neku considering his game got a switch release 

    10. Strickerx5


      You know, come to think of it, Snake got in at the height of his Sony run so yeah, stupid question.

      Since Microsoft is being so friendly to other platforms lately, I’ll throw my vote out there for Banjo and Kazooie.

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