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  1. Wake me up when the Nintendo eShop is up and running so I can get Sonic Mania plz.

  2. I've held the belief that Vegeta truly becomes stronger than Goku when fighting form for form, but Goku is simply more adaptable and can naturally access new transformations easier than Vegeta can. 


    And judging by the next episode preview, hoo boy.

  3. Official Bravely Default Twitter account posted a holiday picture of Edea holding a pair of Switch Joycons. 


    1. Dejimon11


      Bravely 3rd confirmed 

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Hmm... I'll be over joyed too if I got a Switch for Christmas.

      @Dejimon11 Either that or a port of the first two games. I mean that Square Enix couldn't resist porting/remaking their games now and again.

  4. Pleeeeease bring in Scott McNeil to voice either Saonel or Pirina in the dub of Super now. 

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I could certainly see it happening. I dunno how frequently Scott McNeil has done voice work for FUNi, but I know he has.

    2. Ferno


      he voiced the main villain in the dub of the 10th One Piece movie, so he's done Funi stuff before.

  5. Supreme_Kai_of_Time_transformed.png


    Sooooo....we're getting her transformation in Xenoverse 3, right?

  6. Collins, Flake, Murkowski, and McCain are now under no pressure to side with the tax bill and risk being the lone Republican defector in a 51-49 vote. This election is potentially what triggers the avalanche to kill it.

  7. Battlefront II sold just 882K units this month, both physically and online. That's a bit short from its ultimate 14 million mark goal.

    1. Patticus


      I was one. I'm having a lot of fun with it, despite the controversy.

    2. Marcello


      That's retail only.

    3. McGroose


      I already have the first Battlefront and it's basically the perfect original trilogy game for me. Battlefront II looks fun, but I'll pass. I'm not getting BF2, partially cause I can't stand EA's decisions, but I also hate the upgrade system by itself anyway. Gameplay looks clunkier as well and the server lag looks atrocious. 

      Holy hell, only 882? That's embarrassing. Combining this with the fact that there stocks dropped like a rock and micro transactions actually being considered illegal gambling by governments, I really hope EA gets the message to at least 

    4. Patticus


      @Marcello True, retail sales are way down, but digital is taking off in a big way now too. Concurrent player numbers are the best metric to use for a game like this.

      @McGroose The upgrade system isn't as bad as it sounds - microtransactions are gone, and may not return, while the Star Cards from BF2015 have returned, with a few tweaks. The only negative I can see is the long grind remains, but even it has been eased somewhat in recent days. I gather many more changes are coming down the pipe, as well. Anyway, it's a long way from perfect, but it hasn't yet detracted from my fun.

      The gameplay is a little different now, aye, but it's as fun as it ever was IMO - the E-11 Carbine, for example, now has a real kick to it, while the A280 Blaster Rifle is now burst fire, nerfing it somewhat but still preserving some of its legendary deadliness from before. There is lag at times, but while it was pretty bad a couple of weeks ago, just after Black Friday, it has been reduced significantly since then. You still get a hiccup once in a while, but it's no worse than BF2015. Generally speaking, it runs very well. I've had no big issues with it lately, but I have seen one or two players rubber banding a bit.

    5. McGroose


      @Patticus Really, the game does not look bad at all outside of EA's devilry, but I already am having a blast with Battlefront 2015. Maybe I'll wait a year or two.

    6. Patticus


      @McGroose BF2015's servers will probably close by the end of next year anyway, so it's not like you'll have much choice.

      I'm glad I got my time in with it this year though - took 250+ hours, but I Platinum'd it and finished the whole diorama too. The 50 kills as a U-Wing one was a nightmare.

    7. McGroose


      I'd give it two or three years. You'd be surprised how many ancient games have servers up that the publisher chooses to keep up, rather than just the fans. But ya, I doubt Battlefront will have a whole lot longer. 

    8. Patticus


      I think they'll close up BF2015's earlier because they'll want to shift the whole remaining player base over to the new game, if only to drum up fresh sales.

      I hope that the game sells well over the next year or so, because I'm really enjoying it, and I want to do so for years to come. A lot of love has gone into it and I can't wait to see what DLC next year brings. We're already getting one new Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault map this year, based on TLJ. I figured up a list of all possible DLC hero characters and maps they could build, and there's a ton.

  8. Is Link to the Past the only Zelda game where the Triforce had sentience of some kind?

    1. Maxtiis


      Like at the end of the game when the essence speaks to you? Yeah I believe that's the only time it has been shown to have a will of its own. A bit odd that they didn't do anything with that again in a Link Between Worlds.

  9. Looking at the X games, I agree that X9 should be a thing, just so the X series can be put to bed to make way for the more malleable Classic Megaman series to expand.

    1. Teoskaven


      And also to tie-in better with the Zero games.

    2. Xenos


      But... Megaman X literally is an example of expanding the classic series and making it more malleable, I'm struggling to think of something the classic games have that X can't or didn't build upon

  10. Oh right, Sonic Rush stages are also sprite based aren't they? Man I'm sleepy and forgetful.

    1. Solister




      I think just a few things as Sonic, Checkpoints and the Goal Ring aren't sprites.

  11. If Capcom's genuinely serious about giving Classic Megaman a new liftoff, then I'd like to see 11 bring in focus on Protoman, Bass, and Roll, if not even unlockable, Protoman, Bass, and even Roll modes altogether. The four of them together have potential for a Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Amy dynamic and the plots can focus on them and adjust to them accordingly going forward, but they gotta treat the other three, especially Roll, as more than also-rans here.

    1. Dejimon11


      Bass works better as a character who's more antagonist towards Mega Man rather than an ally 

  12. People are criticizing MM11's Megaman's walk cycle as being stiff but....it's a 3D model of a taller robot? Shouldn't it look stiff?


    Just looks aesthetically pleasing to me tbh. I'd much rather have this than Megaman doing something like the Belmont Strut.

    1. JezMM


      If I had to guess, the new one is a little lacking in drive and weight.  It's clearly trying to emulate his original sprite running motion, but we already saw a game successfully translate that into 3D:

      I think the head movement is a key part to it.

      I know a rigid movement style technically fits a robot, but that doesn't mean it's an appealing movement artistically speaking, or satisfying to control.

  13. It was great seeing the Makankosappo in all its potency  this week. The Demonic Piercing Light Murder Gun has the potential to be the deadliest attack in Dragonball if its concentrated properly, so Piccolo can always have a trump card to win ready in group fights, and that was displayed gloriously here.

  14. Playing F-Zero for the first time and I am surprised people want a revival of this trash.

    1. JezMM


      Not that many people care about the original game (or the GBA games, which played similarly).

      F-Zero X and particularly F-Zero GX is what people want more of.

      This status is basically the same as saying "Playing Sonic 1 for the first time and I'm surprised Sonic Adventure 3 advocates want more of this."

    2. TCB


      I rarely hear people talk about a revival of F-Zero the game. It's more towards the games JezMM mentioned.

    3. Marcello


      I don't. Give me a new Wave Race. F-Zero can stay dead for all I care.

    4. Sean


      Jesus didn't die for this status update

  15. Call it cynicism or grasping, but Hydrocity in Mania just feels so paint-by-numbers and "there", and I feel it might have been put in just so the team could avoid putting Ice Cap in it and embracing a fad.

    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      I dislike it almost as much as Flying Battery.

    2. Zaysho


      Hydrocity and Flying Battery are easily the weakest of the returning levels. I prefer their original incarnations by far.

    3. Diogenes


      i wouldn't go quite that far but i do feel hydrocity is one of the weakest stages in the game.

      flying battery is rad as fuck tho dunno what y'all are on about with that

    4. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      It goes on for eleven years, has that annoying part where you're outside and have to go on those spinning electric things, I get lost very easily, and it has the most annoying act 2 boss in the game. Blegh.

    5. Milo


      The Act 2 boss is indeed problematic but I otherwise can't really agree about Flying Battery being a weak (remixed) stage at all. The magnetic properties of the electric shield and the outside/inside switching gimmick really expands on the original level to great effect.

    6. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Eh. Walking upside down does very little for me.

      I did love the aesthetic of the outside but actually dealing with the stage itself was not fun.

    7. Dizcrybe


      Hydrocity >>> Metallic Madness

      At least the former didn't make me think "why did they bring this back?"

  16. Was it ever established what happened to the original Megaman and Roll inbetween the events of the original Megaman series and the X series?

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Nope. It's just meant to be left up to the viewer's imagination.

    2. Marcello


      I though X went crazy and killed them?

    3. Ryannumber1gamer
    4. Forte-Metallix



      That was Zero- And even then, Keiji Inafune confirmed that rumor was false.

    5. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      They grew up and had kids and lived happily ever after.

  17. I get the narrative reason for why Mania went with the Bad Future for Metallic Madness and the Good Future for Stardust Speedway, but damn do I wish that was reversed. I love me some Good Future Metallic Madness, with its glistening utopia and perfect merging of nature and technology.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      We got Stardust Speedway past and present. No future.

    2. TheOcelot


      MM was only in Present version in Mania.

      They should have copied Stardust Speedway and have act 1 in the past.

  18. Hey Arnold actually trended on Twitter over Trump and football. Amazing.

    1. SweeCrue



      He literally has Trump hair on both sides of his football shaped head.


      Of course he trended.

  19. Craig Bartlett said that a new season of Hey Arnold! could be greenlit if the Jungle Movie is a success over the weekend, and with the reviews for it being positive, hey, I consider it a responsibility of mine to watch it over the weekend.

    1. Dizcrybe


      how hard is it not to bring old shows back

    2. Marcello


      Jungle Movie is out?

    3. Ferno


      Really kicking myself for not having cable right now. Hey Arnold was one of my faves.

    4. -Robin-


      @Ferno it should be up for streaming on Nick's websites tonight, I think.

    5. Ryannumber1gamer


      I don’t even know when/If Nick UK plan to air it.

    6. Marcello


      I looked around and it doesn't seem like Germany is getting it until next year... :-/

  20. Those focused on achieving do all that they can to leave their mark on history.

    Those obsessed with winning want to leave their mark on history no matter what.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      And some leave their mark on history without even realizing or intending to.

  21. Good Morning Chrono

  22. One of the newest characters added in Fire Emblem Heroes is a powerful Fighter unit named Dorcas, and he prioritizes taking care of his sick wife over anything else, and all the fighting he does is for her. He's apparently being voiced by Kirk Thornton, sooooo Shadow the Hedgehog and Maria parallel, I guess.

  23. If Vegeta picks up Ultra Instinct as well, I could see a Fusion Dance between him and Goku, rather than Potara. Putting on the earrings is a non-martial arts maneuver that requires a conscious decision to go through with it. Fusion Dance is itself a technique, and one that the at-the-time unconscious Goku and Vegeta can't have their pride interfere with. The bodies are thinking on their own, and they're thinking fusing is the way to go.

  24. My qualm over the George Takei scandal is that this person accused him while Takei was overseas on tour despite being a prolific celebrity in general. Kinda comes across of trying to generate controversy at a time when Takei can't properly respond.

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      this "guilty until proven otherwise" shlock will get out of hand soon if it keeps up. Public shaming shouldn't be a thing that is allowed. 

  25. Holy shit, Virginia.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      What? What did we do?

    2. Ferno


      something something supersand and its all your fault

    3. Balding Spider
    4. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma



      ...That's interesting. -goes back to messing with the Forces Avatar-

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