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  1. Vegeta promises to Cabba that when he wins, he'll use the Super Dragonballs to bring back Universe 6, or at least the Saiyans from U6. After all, Cabba still hasn't fulfilled his promise to have Vegeta meet Planet Sadala's Saiyan king.

    Cabba goes Super Saiyan 2 and beats Monna, but Freeza beats him soon after. Universe 6 is down to 2 Namekians and 2 Saiyans, and given U6's luck, those Saiyans may drop after this fight with Goku.


  2. Crazy thought: The U6 Namekians are the only ones left for U6, U6 knows they have no shot, and in an act of Twin universe camaraderie, they decide to sacrifice themselves via Namekian Fusion with Piccolo so U6 lives on in spirit, and give Piccolo a needed powerup to keep competitive against Toppo and co. Piccolo's the only member of U7 still in that's without a power gimmick, so it would be a cool way to keep him going.


    And then the Grand Priest subverts expectations and says that the U6 Namekians are still alive in spirit, so U6 doesn't get erased at the moment.

  3. Some new details from GameInformer as screenshotted by MsDBZBabe http://msdbzbabe.tumblr.com/post/166489349601/game-informer-dragon-ball-fighterz-scans

    A short summary:

    -DBZF Special Moves will only use the controller input needed to fire Hadoukens in Street Fighter. No Shoryuken command, etc.
    -Button mashing can work, but that produces meager combos with little reward, meaning newcomers will have to learn timing and when to go in to increase the damage output

    -Throws are combo starters

    -Air dashes and jump cancels like in GG

    -One ki meter can be spent to teleport behind the opponent to instantly close the gap.

    =Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta are separate characters because the Battle Planner on the team felt that Goku and Vegeta have so much background to work with it would be difficult/unfair to condense all of it into a single character moveset.

    -Golden Freeza is on a time limit, but if the player has one ki meter when Freeza powers down, Sorbet can be called to fire a laser that must be dodged so Freeza can get through his cooldown from the powerdown.

    -Flying is impossible outside of Ultimate Attack cinematics for some characters.

    -SSB Goku's cherry tapping punch he did on Golden Freeza in the F movie is a command grab.

    -SSB Goku and Vegeta are offensive fighters, but while SSB Goku has multiple ways to approach the opponent, Vegeta has multiple options to capitalize when he's actually closed the gap.

    -Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist is essentially Marth's Dancing Blade from Smash Bros: an auto-combo move that can change in hitboxes and size depending on the directional button pressed during the hits, and each outcome knocks the opponent in a different way to better suit Yamcha's current position. Yamcha's Spirit Ball is like a projectile Dancing Blade as well.

    -Tien can call Chiaotzu for a stun lock.

    -Completing specific actions in the middle of a match will award the players with Dragonballs. If all seven are collected, according to Bamco, the result will "represent a system that isn't found in any other fighting game, and is a brand new feature to the Dragonball games."

    -The story of the game takes place after the Z timeline. And the plot is malleable; certain actions taken during the fights will change the course of the plot. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Kuzu the Boloedge said:

    He already one-shotted Kale though, and Freeza outright said he doesn't wanna fight him. So yea, literally Goku is the only one able to mess with Jiren right now and only if he can master Ultra Instinct.

    I mean that with half the clock left, and three guys on the team left, Jiren is not really in a position to play Orcus. Dyspo could not keep up with a Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and Toppo could only match him, and those three mentioned have been shown to keep up with him in power,

  5. On 10/9/2017 at 8:59 PM, -Robin- said:

    They're only going to get one more shot before Jiren decides to end things instantly, so it's better to lay low for now and run the timer down a bit before going for Round 2. Maybe during this recuperation period Freeza can go after Dyspo and Gohan go after Toppo so that there's no distractions when taking Jiren.

    Well, so much for that lol. Jiren is so bored now that he's meditating and letting Dyspo and Toppo do the rest. 

    Kale, Freeza, and Vegeta will give him a wake-up call when his two now-essentially lackeys are knocked out, but that's the folly of a Pride Trooper I suppose.


    The recap of the episode confirmed that Goku lost to Jiren because he couldn't endure Ultra Instinct, not because Jiren was just wholly stronger. Ultra Instinct is the key to winning this.

  6. If Obama's EOs were held up in court, there's no doubt that Trump's recent one will be held up as well.

    tbh, between this and demanding Congress to "fix" the Iran Deal, it's apparent that he knows he's not getting anything done and never will, and is simply trying to cast blame off onto Congress before the fallout begins.

  7. If Freeza gives Goku too much energy at once, that's just gonna get Jiren's attention and make him chase after Goku before Goku's ready to fight again. 


    They're only going to get one more shot before Jiren decides to end things instantly, so it's better to lay low for now and run the timer down a bit before going for Round 2. Maybe during this recuperation period Freeza can go after Dyspo and Gohan go after Toppo so that there's no distractions when taking Jiren.

  8. I wonder how Schemmel's gonna pull this off while being just as tense.

    The horrifying echo filter worked with Nozawa's voice because her higher pitch let the echo serve as contrast. Dub Goku's voice is significantly deeper, so the echo won't stand out.


    Schemmel has done some amazing screams for Goku - the Super Saiyan transformation in Kai is incredible thanks to that agonized roar - but UI Goku's yells are just utterly demonic with the filter added, so it might miss out on some of the impact in the dub.

  9. Piccolo and Whis said it themselves - Goku was quickly adapting to Jiren's attacks and movements as he continued on in Ultra Instinct. He was continuously evolving through the fight while Jiren didn't  really adapt at all. The knee to the stomach followed by the blast would have just been the beginning had UI not ran out in the middle of that final charge. The fight would have gone more and more in Goku's favor if he was at regular power and kept UI going.


    i don't think UI + Blue will happen. If anything, since Goku showcased all his forms to Jiren aside from SSJ and the obsolete SSJ3, I think UI + SSJ will be Goku's stopping point, and at a level that can match the Angels in strength. SSJ2 for regular bouts, SSG for conservative and speedy fights, SSB for ki-stabilizing fights, UI/UI + SSJ for when all the chips are down and Goku needs to win right there and then.

  10. Keep in mind that Goku was running on emergency energy reserves during this first run with Ultra Instinct - the power of the Spirit Bomb was literally all he had to keep him going.


    The tables have been subtly turned as far as endgame goes. The first half of the tournament was trying to keep numbers high before Jiren finally went on the offensive. This next half now is gonna be about resisting Jiren's rampage long enough for a replenished Goku to reawaken Ultra Instinct. 


    If Jiren was about to be exposed by just Ultra Instinct alone, he stands no chance against an Ultra Instinct with a fully powered, ever-evolving Goku behind it.

  11. Jimeze can teleport instantly, but he still has to attack afterward. Think of Instant Transmission as Sonic's Homing Attack, just without the "Attack" part. It can home the user in on any ki signature anywhere that he or she targets, but it's up to the user to be proactive about it.


     Freeza's senses and reflexes are just high enough that he can pick up where Jimeze spawned and react accordingly.

  12. And it is indeed a ploy. Gohan caught on immediately from Freeza's first attack against him, and powered up to Ultimate to continue with the ploy. Freeza promptly went Golden, and Gohan pretended to be overwhelmed and knocked out so Freeza could keep Frost off guard for an easy hit. That was awfully pragmatic of Gohan.


    Frost attempted to shoot Freeza from outside the ring in enraged retaliation, and Present Zen'O swiftly erased him on the spot for trying to "break the rules." Seems Zen'O does have some modicum of fair play. Universe 7 is now in the lead in terms of number.

  13. Beat the game in a little under 13 hours, getting to 100% along the way. I still hold Super Metroid and Metroid Prime to an unfair regard, but Samus Returns fits snugly in the #3 spot. I had a lot of fun with it, though the boss battles can get really aggravating six minutes into them.



    I'm also thrilled with the Chozo Gallery's secret. It's clear Nintendo finally has a new direction they want to explore Metroid with, and I'm all for this one. Sign me up.


  14. There's no point in going regular Kaio-Ken x 100. That's equal to the power of Super Saiyan 2 but with monumentally greater strain.


    My money's on Goku actually absorbing the power of the Genki Dama he creates and accessing this transformation via that. With the Broly movie rendered non-canon, that means Super Android 13 is non-canon as well, and consequentially so is that movie's "Spirit Saiyan", so such a feat is something technically never done before. 


    That Goku's giving off color highlights similar to the Genki Dama - white, silver, with some hints of blue - helps support the idea.

  15. Dr. Rota bring cut off both times he was about one proclaim his abilities was probably the point.


    It's been like ten episodes of new fighters announcing and showcasing their tricks, and it's just gotten old and pointless at this point. From here on out, it's time to put up or shut up.

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