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    -Robin- got a reaction from Wraith in Gamexplain don’t personally believe a Smash leak(well half of the members anyway), as   
    People aren't really miffed about them thinking it's fake. They're miffed that they did a cack-handed effort in discussing it.
    They spent over half an hour going over Blog Theory with resources and everything. Then this purported leak with physical evidence comes up, and they don't devote more than 5 minutes analyzing it. 
    People like them for their often overly-analytical discussions. Doing not that will obviously cause people to not like them for doing not that.
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Waveshocker Sigma in Gohan killing Cell is probably one of the best death scenes in anime, as far as prese   
    @Ratcicle King The transition from a look of shock and disbelief, to one of pain and horror, amidst the flashing lights of the attack overwhelming him and pieces of his body flaking off....It's so seamless that it comes across as eerily genuine and real. That is the power of animating things frame by frame at its best.
    @Kuzu the Boloedge That was the first time I heard Ginyu Transformation, but damn did that song feel appropriate for this moment. You can feel the finality of the moment with it.
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    -Robin- got a reaction from MegasonicZX in Who is ACE I must know more of their work This is fire   
    ACE is the duo that composed the Xenoblade soundtrack.
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    -Robin- got a reaction from The Master in It was kinda nice seeing Goku and Freeza working together. They got grear syngery.   
    Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you remember that Freeza spent his time in hell meditating out of his Golden Freeza stamina weakness by imagining every conceivable scenario in a fight with Goku and how to kill him. Freeza would know Goku's moves in and out, so he can dodge every one of them, and so this translated perfectly into fighting in sync with him, knowing when, where, and how he would attack, and responding in kind by covering the blindspots.
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    -Robin- reacted to NikoS in Are there Sonic songs that you were originally indifferent to, but they steadily star   
    GUN Fortress, definitely:
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Legosi (Tani Coyote) in How does the Dragon Ball fanbase feel about being invaded by furries anyway lol   
    The King of Earth is literally named King Furry.
    There shouldn't be any bother.
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Legosi (Tani Coyote) in Sonic Forces, but Sonic is Goku and Infinite is Bergamo   
    But where did Vegeta find the time to give Bergamo his start of darkness.
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    -Robin- got a reaction from JezMM in I'm kinda surprised Mania didn't get some kind of post-launch DLC content series.   
    It's the lack of some transitions that's the problem. Either do 100% or 0%, not 55%
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Dee Dude in Why didn’t Vegeta ever keep his Buu arc look? I honestly liked it better then his arm   
    From a story perspective, everything about the Buu Saga came about from the events of the Tenkaichi Budokai happening, where armor is not allowed, so Vegeta opted for a tight-fitting bodysuit instead. The saga itself lasted for about 3 days in real time, and Vegeta was dead for most of it, so there was no time to swap back to his armor.
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Ferno in Craig Bartlett said that a new season of Hey Arnold! could be greenlit if the Jungle   
    @Ferno it should be up for streaming on Nick's websites tonight, I think.
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    -Robin- reacted to Sean in Kine's theme < Rick's theme <<<<<<<< Coo's theme   
    nani the fuck
    EDIT: oh wait misread this, yeah Coo's theme is great
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    -Robin- reacted to Vertical Snoop [D.K.] in I have a newfound appreciation for the first theme in Kirby's Dreamland 3. I think it   
    Dreamland 3 and 64 are like what would happen if you took a Studio Ghibli film (you can't tell me the animal friends don't look like something straight out of My Neighbour Totoro) and turned it into a video game.
    They're a masterpiece of silent storytelling and a must-play for anyone who likes platformers, even if the ability system is really outdated by today's standards.
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    -Robin- reacted to Sean in I have a newfound appreciation for the first theme in Kirby's Dreamland 3. I think it   
    Kirby 3 is a slower-paced game compared to the likes of Kirby's Adventure or Super Star, but I honestly can't imagine anyone who adores Kirby 64 disliking it. Both 3 and 64 are cut from the same mold and have an atmosphere and style of music that get me genuinely fucking emotional whenever I play them lol
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    -Robin- reacted to Sean in I have a newfound appreciation for the first theme in Kirby's Dreamland 3. I think it   
    I love pretty much everything about Kirby 3 and it's my favorite in the series <3
    Favorite Kirby song overall!
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    -Robin- got a reaction from TCB in You know how there's that one Pkemon in the games that has a stupid rare encounter Ch   
    Nah. It's still Chansey in GSC.
    Heracross in a Tree Pokemon, but there are "special" trees in GSC where only certain Pokemon spawn in. You might just be Headbutting the wrong trees.
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    -Robin- reacted to azoo in People who STILL want more Gen 1 games are everything that's wrong with Pokemon   
    i'd say the real problem with pokemon is that it continues to stagnate and only make progress in very small strides both visually and technically, all while further and further losing the 'adventure' aspect of traveling a big world and taking on harsh challenges in favor of honing in on battle mechanics and silly gimmicks for competitive play, and the games get continuously more self-congratulatory and willing to hand you freebies and kind words rather than make you earn the satisfaction of becoming a champion.
    but nostalgia kids are obviously the main problem with the series, obviously :Y
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Heckboy in Green Hill Zone.   
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Ellipsis-Ultima in Green Hill Zone.   
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Cyrus in Green Hill Zone.   
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    -Robin- got a reaction from PaulyBFromDa303 in Green Hill Zone.   
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    -Robin- got a reaction from MightyRay in Green Hill Zone.   
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Dee Dude in Green Hill Zone.   
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