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    -Robin- got a reaction from Inaba in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   



    *Goes to make due with Classic City Escape for another 2 weeks*
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    -Robin- reacted to Twi in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   
    Oh Hi dere
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    -Robin- reacted to JezMM in modern demo?   
    Well, roof tree may have died, but I did find wall flower.

    I might make it a personal challenge to find one slightly awkward prop placement on every level of the full game in Roof Tree's honour, even if none will be as amazing as he/she/it.
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    -Robin- got a reaction from Diogenes in Sonic generations open world gameplay   
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    -Robin- reacted to Vertekins in Favorite Storyline   
    It's a toss-up between SatSR and SatBK but I'll go with.........SatSR!

    It was filled with emotion and the plot brought out the best in Sonic character-traits wise apart from SatBK but what sets the two games apart in this respect is that Sonic's character in the former is a fascinating product of his circumstances. Granted, he was in SatBK too but in SatSR he's more.... 'human' so to speak. It's subtle but I always got the impression throughout the story that Sonic is very in touch with his mortality and his morality and it is this that makes him all the more endearing, a character you can almost relate to.

    I find it seriously interesting about what made Sonic tick throughout that game. Why is he collecting the Rings if he knows he'll be used as a ritual sacrifice? Why does he have any kind of belief that Erazor won't go back on his word? Because he knows he's screwed if he doesn't anyway and has enough self confidence to be assured that he can overcome the obstacles. That's so Sonic.

    Doesn't stop him asking Shahra if she can remove his arrow though and asking Erazor to "top off" his flame. It shows that he's concerned for his life, knows what a threat it is.

    It's Sonic's self-sacrificial action and his genuine kindness and concern towards Shahra that ultimately set plot development in place that made sure he succeeded and truimphed over Erazor. Shahra was motivated to act on his behalf because of the things he did for her.

    Say what you like but as far as I'm concerned, that's masterful writing of the bond between two fictional characters and it speaks volumes of Sonic's positive traits. This mutual connection between Sonic and Shahra dictated the course of the story in an excellent and thoroughly fascinating way.

    What I also liked about SatSR's story was the implied connection between Shahra and Erazor. One piece of concept art in the Special Book states that Erazor was once "on friendly terms with Shahra" which directly implies that he perhaps wasn't always a complete monster. It was his written fate that turned him into what he became. If not for his Moral Event Horizon's, this would make Erazor pitiable to an extent, so bonus points for a villain with hidden depths.

    Oh, and to top it all off, I actually liked the hankie wishes. They epitomized the minimalistic side of Sonic very well
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    -Robin- reacted to speedfreak in SUPAH MAREO THREE DEE ESS   
    New suit!

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    -Robin- reacted to Patticus in The Greatest Youtube Videos You've Ever Seen   
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    -Robin- reacted to Woun in First look at Sky Sanctuary   

    Wait minute, plz.
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    -Robin- reacted to Marcello in First look at Sky Sanctuary   
    Poor Inferno.
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    -Robin- reacted to Kuzu in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   
    Does this count?

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    -Robin- reacted to Old dead account in SEGA, why do you do this?   
    Little in the middle but they got much chest 0.0
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    -Robin- reacted to Mr. Awesomest in Earthquake?   
    I got a picture of some damage. It's pretty harsh, though...

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    -Robin- reacted to Ferno in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   
    >Conducting animations.

    Guess Classic Sonic likes Classical music.
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    -Robin- reacted to Xenos in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   
    And he can dance better then everyone in stomp the yard.
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    -Robin- reacted to Alexander in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   
    This really makes me wonder why a lot of people call Modern Sonic ugly. Just look at that. He's so lively and adorable. <3
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    -Robin- reacted to Twi in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   
    I haven't seen anything relating to the "Time Eater" as there are no files I see that relate to it.

    Uhmm anything else you'd guys like to see? Cause honestly I've seen most of the stuff in the demo I've torn through.Saw Tails and Knuckles animations which really makes me think that Classic Sonic would vs them in a rival battle cause of the whole doppelganger ordeal and then Modern Sonic would step in after its over. But thats just me. Otherwise why would Modern Sonic vs his own friends for no reason.
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    -Robin- reacted to Indigo Rush in Are you happy with Seaside Hill Zone?   
    Green Hill: tropical island with mountains and bountiful flora
    Chemical Plant: mechanical base, with polluted water and chemicals in an industrial factory
    Sky Sanctuary: sky, yellow ruins, crumbling rocks and weird futuristic-yet-ancient obstacles
    Speed Highway: sparkling night with neon signs, travelling on building tops and suspended strips of road
    City Escape: bright sunshine with sloping hills, Victorian architecture and travelling on the streets and sidewalks and the occasional rolling hills of grass
    Seaside Hill: oceanscape with a beach, underwater sections and ancient stone architecture (which will most certainly feature over the checkered hillsides)
    Crisis City: melting city on the side of a volcano with lava on the ground, giant fire tornadoes and whirlwinds everywhere
    Rooftop Run: Tuscan-esque buildings and structures with giant barrels following after you, and the occasional marketplace and university to zoom by
    Planet Wisp: an alien forest with a construction site erected in the blue-gray mountains

    We have tropics, forest, beach, ruins, mountains, ocean, industrial, factory, sky, city, neon, midnight, lava and fire, and even a construction site.

    The only key tropes that are really missing are the ice level, space level and the casino level.

    The space representation will come from the Death Egg boss battle, and perhaps the rival battle against Shadow, and the pinball elements of Casino Night are represented in the minigame DLC.

    That really only leaves the ice level. You've got that against them, at least.

    So is Casino Night. It's based off of Las Vegas. A city.

    And Spring Yard, Starlight and Scrap Brain are city levels by extension using the exact same logic as yours. That's half of Sonic 1.

    It's more like this:
    People express disappointment > Others offer positive view > Disappointed party ignores and keeps on truckin' with the complaints > Positive party gets sick and tired of the negativity and want to enjoy the friggin' game.

    And yes, these "problems" with level variety are largely exaggerated.
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    -Robin- reacted to EXshad in Chemical Plant gameplay   
    Alright, alright, I started this derailment, I might as well finish it. Seaside Hill, while I hate to admit it, is probably one of the best choices SEGA could have made for Sonic Heroes in terms of development. Why? Well, for starters, it was already made for Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, which means SEGA could have probably used some of the assets from that game to make this stage, since they're geared for HD graphics already. Similar to how they're probably using models and textures from Unleashed for Rooftop Run. Second, while Frog Forest is a vastly more unique and original stage, and thanks to the lush vegetation is rather different from Green Hill, the color schemes are nearly identical, whereas Seaside Hill has a very different color-scheme, making it artificially seem more distinct and unique. 3rd, SEGA probably wanted to have at least one green, lush level per era. Green Hill for Classic, Seaside Hill for Dreamcast, and Planet Wisp for Modern, just to keep each era balanced. Thus, Seaside Hill was a logical choice.. as much as I hate to admit it.

    Now I wish it was called Ocean Palace instead, simply because that level had vastly better music and it looks like Sonic Team's basing this version of Seaside Hill more off that level anyway, but.. I guess I can live with the choice. Besides, again: 8 of the 9 stages in this game were great choices. So yeah, there, I said it.

    Anyhow, ON TOPIC: anyone think we'll be seeing a demo of Chemical Plant at the August Gamescon, or whatever it's called? I mean, we saw gameplay of it, and I know that there was no indication of a demo being released in the leak, but still, we saw it already, before Rooftop Run, so it's possible, right? Maybe we'll get a trailer introducing the rivals in the game, as well
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    -Robin- reacted to SegaTidbits in Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread   
    I'm just laughing at the people saying "DERP, WHY CAN'T WE RHESTART TO GET AN S RANK? OMG SEGA FIX NOW!!!" Wow... I see this as a MAJOR improvement. You don't know the COUNTLESS number of times that I've pressed that restart button just for an S rank, Y'see, in my opinion, S ranks are there for replay ability and having that that option just makes it WAY to easy to get an S rank on the first time.

    I bet this reply is going to get LOADS of negative votes by those very same people that are complaining...
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    -Robin- got a reaction from DJ FLiGHTS in Internet Browsers and IQ   
    IE Users Have Lower IQ Than Users of Other Web Browsers [sTUDY]

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    -Robin- got a reaction from DarkDefeater in New Smash Bros?   
    If you want to get extremely technical, combos do exist in Brawl. There's just not nearly as much, nor are they as noticeable as in Melee.

    Sonic can combo into any of his aerials aside from Back Air from his Spin Dash to Spin Dash Jump chain at low to mid percents, and then that same chain combos into Back Air at high percents. Sonic can also chain two Down tilts together into a grab/Up tilt, or Up throw into an Up tilt, at 0%. Samus can combo her Down Air into her Fsmash at low percents, and her Zair into her Charge Shot at mid percents. Sheik can combo her ftilt into damn near anything. Zelda's Up Smash combos into itself at 0%, and if Zelda gets a dtilt on anyone around 50%, she's getting 40% for free because of her dtilt lock and finishing it up with Dash Attack, Dsmash, Usmash, or Fair. Fox is notorious for his Dair -> utilt/grab/Usmash combos.

    And so on. The combo game is just more restrictive in Brawl, only accessible through a handful of moves, and some can be adjusted and affected due to the way the opponent DIs (Directional Influence), whereas in Melee, a lot of moves combo with no chance to DI.
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    -Robin- reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Generations: Special E3 Topic [[UPD: E3 Trailer | 3DS Gameplay] Go watched City Escape Videos]]   
    Aww. So I guess enemies and level assets like this aren't really all that reliable an indicator of what stages we'll be seeing, after all. *Remembers Jaws*

    Also, I got bored:

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    -Robin- reacted to Rusty Spy in Sonic Generations: Special E3 Topic [[UPD: E3 Trailer | 3DS Gameplay] Go watched City Escape Videos]]   
    Watches City Escape footage.


    protip: Higgins = Sega


    NOT EXAGGERATED IN ANY WAY. Sega, do you know what you've done?


    Yes, you have.

    First the modern gameplay, because there's just too much to say:

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