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  1. Got an email reply to my SEGA support complaint. Basically a link to this page: http://www.sega.com/denuvo This feels super condescending to me...
  2. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Let me make this clear: Read my posts before you try to talk down at me, please.
  3. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    First, that's kinda part of the problem. This "fuck you, got mine" attitude. Second. Did... did you read a word I said past the first line or two? Like, more than just skimmed? I am a woman. I am working hard. I literally worked myself sick. I have worked three jobs at once before just to make ends meet. And I'm still in a hole. And when I respectfully point out what I am worth AS A PERSON IN MY FIELD regardless of my gender (never even bringing it up), I'm basically told to prostitute myself on top of my job to pay rent. Before hiring a guy to do basically the same job as me, for three times my pay. How is that equality? How is that not sexist? And you still haven't responded to the coal miner bits. Do you think they don't work hard? And what about the fact that many pregnancies are due to abuse? Do those women need to "pay for it"? I'm happy that your mom was able to raise you and your siblings all on your own. That's great, and I'm not trying to undermine that. But, there's a lot of luck there. She had to be lucky to be in a place and time that allowed her to even land a decent job, let alone being able to raise three kids. And that's the problem. That's why I (and others) are upset at your post(s). You're suggesting "Oh, just work hard and things will all be good and equal and you'll get what you deserve." But that's not how it works. And it shouldn't have to come down to pure luck. Someone like me, who worked 40-60 hour weeks (and at one point was balancing full time school with two-three jobs), shouldn't be forced to work herself sick to afford rent. Someone with arguably good healthcare for an American shouldn't still be unable to diagnose why she's dying. You're acting as if I'm saying that as a woman, I'm not as capable. That's not AT ALL what I said. I'm just as capable, and I'm working just as hard as any of the men on my team. But I'm not being treated as an equal. That needs to stop and I (and all other women) need to stop being demonized for it when we point it out.
  4. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    As someone who was raised by a single parent, I take deep personal offense to Chris's statement, and I stand by Lord Basil 100% Plus. Like LB said. Abuse happens. There are cases of domestic abuse where a woman is pressured in some manner to become pregnant, for any number of reasons. Again. I *was* one of those pregnancies. My mother didn't complain either. But when the divorce finally happened, she deserved a lot better than she got. Are you suggesting that my mother deserved to have to continuously be abused by first my father (until he finally straightened out, mostly, but by then the divorce was over a decade old) and then by the vast majority of our extended family simply because she didn't want to risk us dying from abuse and neglect, and then from our society because she dared to divorce my father and be a single mother that actually focused on caring for her child instead of her own life? She took hard, physical labor and retail jobs, until she found something stable, even though it didn't allow for much better than a barely healthy life for us. And I'm certainly no slouch either. I studied my ass off from elementary on. I got all As in school (save gym, too focused on academics to excel much there). Participated in every form of the arts (band, drama, etc) that I could manage. Inducted into Honor Society. I graduated 2nd in my class in high school. Got accepted to my first choice college with a specialized scholarship. Made dean's list in college most of my freshman year, inducted into THAT Honor Society. Made connections with my professors and with the IT job I got on campus. It got me a connection to a pretty predominant company in my city. And you know what happened? None of it mattered. Because the system isn't designed to reward those who work hard. Some do. But that's luck. If hard work and worth got you what you need, I would be making over twice what I do an hour. I wouldn't be severely ill and unable to even afford the tests to diagnose what's wrong with me. I wouldn't have to fight and struggle to even get a dollar raise after three years (I haven't gotten a raise since being made fulltime. After years of dedication and LITERALLY WORKING MYSELF SICK). I wouldn't be literally bedridden. I wouldn't be struggling to seek therapy for what I *do* have diagnosed (which is only part of my issues). My student loans, even after my scholarships, are demanding more than half of my payrate a month now. They are literally PUNISHING me for choosing to "work hard" (note, I am fine with paying loans, but the proportion/tuition cost amount/interest when compared to the pay I get with that degree is vile) And I have good health insurance. And I still can't afford healthcare. (Pro-Life? No. Anti-Choice. Because "Pro-life" only cares about fetuses being born into human beings, and then fuck 'em.) And yes. I have been searching for a new job. For a year. But I can't afford to just quit mine. I would be evicted and sued by my loan company within two months. And you know what my boss said when I told him that my research showed that I was worth more than my pay and that I deserved better and that I couldn't afford my (rather meager) bills on what he insisted was "lucky" pay? He heavily implied (as to avoid HR blowback) that because I'm a woman I should prostitute myself out to pay rent. And then hired a guy to do a very similar job as mine for nearly three times my pay. So no. We aren't equal. That is the whole fucking problem. (disclaimer: I am white. I acknowledge that I likely would be paid even less if I wasn't. I also may not have been diagnosed--with what little I've gotten diagnosed--properly if I wasn't.) EDIT: that comic KH posted isn't just using Nazis as a generic, either. Karl Popper wrote the Paradox of Tolerance in 1945. We shouldn't have to keep learning this lesson.
  5. Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    I have to second this. I'm the type of person who felt that even some of the reboot!designs were too bland from trying to adhere to existing characters' design templates too strongly. As much as I hate the comic ending at the point it did (until we get solid news otherwise), with multiple arcs incomplete and so close to #300, I have to say that the worst part is all the creators (writers, artists) on the book who are being hurt by this. If IDW or anyone else picks it up, I really hope they at least reach out to as many of these guys as they can. On that note, can someone list as many of the artists' and writers' twitters as they can? I would like to follow as many as possible and give them support in whatever ways I can. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. EDIT: Thanks, mate. Just forwarded them my latest subscription email with a refund request. I don't really want any of Archie's other stuff.
  6. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    This is pretty much the long and short of it. Ironic when the Founding Fathers the GOP want to basically worship basically had said "enough" to the British Parliament for doing more or less what they're doing to their own constituents now. Except worse, because instead of just taxing the people, they're taking away the things those taxes are meant to pay for (taking care of the nation in general). No wonder France looked at us and Britain and went "Yeah, no, we'll learn from history, thanks." Pushing people back against the wall isn't how you make peace. When people have nothing left to lose, they will lash out in any way they can. And those lax gun laws the GOP are now going to shoot them in the foot. Literally, in some cases. (Note: I do not condone violence, of course, I shouldn't have to say it. But, I am not at all surprised that someone finally felt cornered enough to bite)
  7. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    While I know the concept of people bringing suits against Trump isn't all that new, this may be of interest: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/dc-and-maryland-to-sue-president-trump-alleging-breach-of-constitutional-oath/2017/06/11/0059e1f0-4f19-11e7-91eb-9611861a988f_story.html Two AGs filing this one, however, makes it far more likely to at least gain traction.
  8. On that note, he can't even try to claim that he considers it a "possible future" and try to pass it as an alternate in that manner. Because he's been trying to claim for years that his M25YL is the "one and true" future for the comic. He'd have to retract one statement or the other. And Penders doesn't usually retract anything, or apologize. Often even when presented evidence.
  9. darn it I just got the tweet to add in my reply right :3 Not even Archie, who has the official license to use Knuckles (and other SegaSonic cast) has free reign. But Penders thinks that he should just have it. Because... reasons? Does he not understand what the purpose of trademark and copyright *is*? It's not (in theory) just about money. Wasn't Fulop one of the editors that let Penders run wild on the book, way back when? I know we blame Gabie for a lot, but he wasn't always editor.
  10. No. No no no. How on earth do you go from this design to... that? I actually *liked* Remington. Still like this one, the proper one, the one that actually has a reasonable design. He was a "normal Joe" just trying to do his job in a world of super-powered teenagers constantly causing him trouble. And he didn't grudge them for it. Even with Ken's... subpar writing, I always liked Remington. He was special because he WASN'T made out to be someone special or part of the Legion/Brotherhood drama directly (until Penders decided that he was suddenly Kragok's son... somehow. Which he's conveniently forgot about. Again, somehow) I just. Have no words. I'm exhausted and angry at 6 in the morning because all of Remington's design has been scrubbed for the monstrosity Penders has assaulted us with. The Mountie-esque uniform/hat. The hair/brows. Details I know people enjoyed about his design, myself included (darn hat was hard to draw though). And he just. All gone. For a baseball cap and green shirt that looks two sizes too big. The only traits that remain are his being an Echidna (and no matter what Ken calls his hogglesnog-ripoffs, they're still apeing the Sega-stylized Echidnas) and being a vaguely brown color, though the "new" one looks kinda reddish. Congratulations, Penders. You have drawn a "Constable" that doesn't even look like he works as a desk clerk. I understand that aliens can have more unique style of clothes (and that he's claiming they're all aliens now), but there's a reason why uniforms in so many places in the world share similar traits. They look official. This looks like a guy who just woke up. (which, sadly, I am. what a joyous way to start my day)
  11. SOURCE He may not have said "M25YL MUST BE CANON" but he might as well have. I mean, "nothing must contradict" and "canon as far as [...] I'm concerned" as a core rule? That's pretty much trying to skirt around explicitly saying just that. It's still controlling things. Especially when Sega's had a future time for the series since at least '06 (even if Silver's time from there was technically changed, and if you don't count CD, which I don't). Either way, it's an arrogant thing to do and demand. Controlling the path of a work you don't have total ownership (or, really ownership at all. His characters were only so much of an influence because he "created" so many and forced them into the spotlight/important roles so much) is in extremely poor taste and not at all professional. Especially a licensed work, which Sonic has always been. Not to mention stifling. Having alternate futures means that you get to play with that sandbox (esp when we have Silver) without ruining the suspense or fun of the present-day arcs (If Vector shows up in the future, we can be certain he lives--Unless this is explicitly a possible future based only on the arcs up to the time of writing; then it can be a fun what-if). Granted, he *does* say that only Lara-Su needs 100% approval every time, with the exception of character death (which is bunk, anyway, since characters are revived all the time in fiction and HE KILLED KNUCKLES), so long as M25YL and his supposedly-upcoming work aren't contradicted. It's really the latter that implies he'd had to approve things, since there is no way to predict what would contradict something that he has not published. Speaking of, I really wish he'd stop rambling about this supposed app, and how amazing it apparently is. I've coded apps. I've had to show screens and such to prove progress. Even when those screens were a poor representation, they at least proved that I was doing something. Until he shows a screenshot, I personally refuse to believe that any such thing exists. He's used so many excuses to avoid actually working on this book that he sabotaged plotlines/etc that a number of fans were invested in over, and this is just the next one. If we're lucky, he might cough up that second page just to shut us up (since it's apparently written, if not completely drawn. Text had been translated, at least). At this point, I don't believe that anything further, on either his prologue or the main book, will ever see the light of day, aside from the occasional bit of "separate" art done to create the illusion of work on the book and to try to sell merch for an unpublished work. But, he'd rather argue with people on Twitter than actually work on the book. Which I would be fine with. If he was at least upfront about it all.
  12. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Well, the Battle Bird Armada are from the games. They originated in Tails Adventure. (Nack only had a couple of appearances, too, and I believe only Triple Trouble got a wider, console English release.) The Deadly Six are just more recent; they've also technically only been in one game (okay, okay, there were two versions of Lost World, but semantics...) And Naugus *did* technically originate from SatAM, so he's not 100% comic-exclusive either (though I get your point). Nega would have been a good choice, potentially, too, but Sega seems to still have a weird embargo on him. Actually, the Armada would have been a good choice, imo. It would show them as a potential global threat, separate them from Eggman to widen our gallery of villains a bit. They aren't robotic in of themselves (nor do they have significant cybernetics, iirc), so they'd be immune to Sigma's virus, leveling the playing field there. Focus primarily on the Battle Lord, maybe have a few looks at Speedy/etc, and have a sort of grudging version of the partnership from last time but between the BL and Sigma. At least, I think that'd be interesting. Using the Deadly Six here kinda preempts the LW adaptation (Granted, I'm in zero hurry for that) and kinda makes it seem like the Mega Man series has a wider set of competent villains compared to Sonic, which is an unfair balance in a crossover like this. (I've not read the most recent issue(s) and still haven't gotten that Battles issue. For the record)
  13. Yeah, the old Echidna mythology was convoluted in so many ways. As a kid, I don't think I ever really understood it. I really just simplified it in my mind (The founders of the two opposing forces were brothers, their descendants served as the factions' leaders, and I tended to just peg Julie as a "lost" sister that Lien-Da didn't just kill for some reason--maybe to manipulate to hold sway over Kragok if he betrayed her? That would have been more interesting, if still convoluted as all get out). Actually, Julie-Su never needed to be related to this insanity to have merit or be an interesting character. She didn't have to be a "faceless mook" either. It would have been interesting and worth exploration if she'd been, say, a significant officer in the Legion, with no relation to any other current (known) officer. If she had the respect of the troops and her superiors alike. If the Legion was all she knew and she was loyal, truly believing them to be right. Then, meeting our heroes, she gradually figures, maybe we're kinda not in the right here? (No soultouch BS, freaking no) Then the Grandmaster or Lien-Da does something--gives an order or something--that is so unmistakably evil that Julie's world is shattered. The leaders she's served, the people she's helped lead, have been so corrupt from the start that she never did any real good (except to maybe support her troops in some manner, which still led to bad actions, but I digress). And then, she leaves to support the heroes because No what you're doing is wrong and I can't stand by that anymore, I'll help these heroes. I know how you work. They will be all the stronger against you with my knowledge and experience on their side. I will not let you continue this evil or madness anymore, and I will not further it either. And the Legion feels truly betrayed and actually is dealt a blow by this change. And any romance isn't just secondary, but peanuts compared to the *moral choice* Julie would have had to make here. Wait....
  14. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I got my first issue as a little kid, maybe 2 or 3 years old? (I was already reading on a basic level back then, and kids comics were easy enough to read more or less on my own). Judging from what little snippets of memory I have, probably around the late teens to late 20s range. The issue could have been an old one, too. (We picked it up at a little convenience-like store of some sort). I wish I still had it. (reading the old comics as a late teenager and again a couple years ago has done nothing to job my memory, sadly) I started reading more regularly somewhere.... after endgame but a couple years-ish before Adventure. I remember my library had 75 for a while. And that's where I read most of my comics from for years, the local library (though some of the specials and the Knuckles books I got from friends. And apparently years after publish dates? My childhood's getting blurry to me). And, yeah, some of it was weird to me, even as a kid. (I remember checking out the RtAI issues multiple times because they were a breath of fresh air from the rest of the book at the time.) Ironically, it was about the time I was considering giving the book up that 160 came around (though I initially missed it, getting 161 and 162 from the library together a bit later) and while I didn't know about the writer change at the time, it was definitely a good change of pace. I started watching the release dates and going to the library as close to it as possible to read the next issue. By the time of Enerjak: Reborn, I was buying issues from the local newsstand instead (and bought some back issue sets to boot). Within a year, I was subscribed, and the rest is history. I have literally grown up with these comics in my life, if a bit off and on (I would often get the issues at the library in binges. ...I never did get 125 there...). I mean, as much as I rag on them now, the old issues did have their importance to my younger self (heck, I scoffed at them half the time as a kid. But, until I got a Gamecube, I had limited access to the games, so I took what I could get), as I've mentioned in the past. It's been an interesting ride, to say the least.
  15. Also, it shows how out of touch he is with any amount of the (comic) fandom. I mean, it wasn't an hour after the announcement (and I saw it about then, anyway) and people were talking about how Ian's workload is now halved (more or less) and at least a few people openly felt bad for him I mean, on his twitter, there's a reply to someone that is pretty clearly is showing concern.