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  1. Yes that is Red Herring. The letters are greek. Basically Aaron spelled red herring with greek letters.
  2. Hey, Happy Birthday to you!

    1. frokenok3


      Thank you very much!

  3. I see, that brings up a problem...not sure how many people we got in SSMB that can refer etc
  4. Well i am game. I dont mind adding a few people and sending a few invs. Really want Amy
  5. Pretty much. And to be honest even though i read the negative impressions & some of the positive impressions in the end all boils down to me playing the game. I just cant judge a game if i dont play it myself. Its like a ritual or something for me. Like people can say that its a bad game but i'd like it or vice versa. Sure some impressions or reading, watching stuff from the game can give me a better of what i am gettin into but i will hold my opinion until i play the gam & from what i've seen, read so far. It seems that i will be playing a game very different from what i've been used to and i will probably like it.
  6. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/06/first_impressions_taking_sonic_boom_for_a_spin_on_wii_u_and_3ds Some positive impressions.
  7. Well i am was buying the gamea anyway so if it means helping with something that might happen then i guess thats good.
  8. ~Tons of concept art, he'd like to have them in the game as unlockables. ~The speed levels we seeing are very basic compared to what is in store and what we saw is transition from hub to level. Challenges will vary, crazyness will vary. The directions and how you running will be very different from this. ~Lots of pacing going speedy, slow, combat, speedy, slow, platforming, puzzle solving etc ~No one likes hours of constant fighting and slow going he says. ~Connectivity between 3ds & Wii U. ~Demo in E3 is meant to show what is the difference between traditional Sonic and this sonic but its not only what you will see in the full game ~Sticks is a collaborations between Sonic Team Japan, SoA, BRB & tv animation guys. Tv animation made the personality, Sonic team made sketches and brb did the rest. ~One principle guy writes the story and dialogue but Tv animation dudes had key involvement. ~Lyric member of an old race, you can see glimpses of that. There is a reason why he is sealed and why he got freed so he can continue his mission. ~Sticks not playable in Wii U ver but she makes an appearance. ~Collectibles are rings and robot scraps. Rings = health. ~100 is the standard but you can upgrade to hold more. ~ More combos = more robot parts. ~ Robot parts = more upgrades + objects for hubs + objects for sticks too. Sorry kinda quick rundown and not in much detail but i think i got most of it
  9. Just one small thing i noticed in the video that posted in the previous page. Not sure if anyone confirmed this or said anything about it but in that speed section where Sonic goes down the water? He actually didnt quick stepped but he actually went from right to left. So you can control the chars in those sections even without quick stepping. I guess thats good to know.
  10. inb4 the back in time includes Sega Sonic......... In anycase looks pretty cool both of the trailers.
  11. if you cant break him out of that then kiss your asses goodbye
    1. Komodin


      Ooh, he got Star Punched right in the kisser!

    2. KHCast


      Even when getting punched, he has that grin, just upside down.

  12. Now this is just a thought but didnt they say that the cartoon will launch late 2014/early 2015? With the game being a prequel to the show it'd make sense to release the game earlier than the show. That would go along with what they said that we'd see more in the coming days/months etc. Of course thats just an assumption but i'd say we'll probably see it around the SEGA month being released
  13. I wonder about that. Like yeah it makes sense and it will be a good choice to actually use Sonic Boom but something tells me that maybe not be the case in the end. Dont know... I'd love to have it though. I wonder if they remix it, who is gonna do(new singing?) it. Can they actually do it since the whole copyright stuff? Wasnt there a problem using the lyrics? Thats why the 2011 release of Sonic CD didnt have lyrics? And if they dont use Sonic Boom. I wonder if they will do another intrumental or Vocal theme for the game/show. It'd be interesting
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