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  2. Well tamatoa hasn't always been this glam

    1. Venom Wisp

      Venom Wisp


    2. Nepenthe


      Now I know I can be happy as a clam

  3. Coldsteel the infinite 

  4. Wait guys I just thought of something, since Eggman finally took over the world what if there's a cutscene where he keeps his promise from Sonic Heroes and finally pays Team Chaotix?
  5. Ok honestly for the most part I'm excited for Forces but regardless I still have my gripes. First off is classic Sonic. Dude come on, you already have mania what's the point in being here as well? I loved playing as him in Generations but I actively groaned when I saw him show up in the first teaser. I would have much preferred this to just be Modern Sonic's time to shine. And I know the storyline is that Eggman took lil classic out of the past, and he was there to foil the Good doctors plans, thus leading to the future being shit. But here's the thing, now I'm not all sure about that since according to Iizuka, Classic and Modern Sonic now live in different fucking dimensions and this seems to be backed up by Eggmans dialogue in the Green Hill boss fight. Ugh, why did Iizuka seem to think that all this was necessary? Another issue I have is Chaos and Shadow being with the bad guys. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm overjoyed to see Chaos return and I'm still betting money on him and Shadow simply falling victim to mind control (or in the latters case, being a mole). But I feel like that there could have been better villain choices to bring back and be on Eggman's team. Hell this would've been a perfect opportunity to bring back Nack the Weasel or Erazor Djinn (especially considering that Secret Rings is canon thanks to that one scene in Generations :P), and I ultimately wouldn't have objected to Metal Knuckles, the tails doll, or the Babylon Rogues being on the dark side as well. But as for the positives, Modern Sonic looks like a blast to play and I especially love how he controls whenever you aren't boosting. I'm also loving how the characters talk to each other over the com link while Sonic goes through the level. Kind of reminds how the characters react to things in Sonic Heroes. And the OC's gameplay looks amazing as well and it has a rocking soundtrack set to its stages to boot. Finally, I'm VERY interested in how the story will play out since Eggman has finally achieved his goal in taking over the world, thus making me itching to find out the exact details of how he finally managed to pull it off and how he managed to get characters who turned against him in the past to be on his side. Ok Metal isn't too hard to figure out since he's Eggman's creation but that's besides the point. And while I hated the Deadly six I'm hoping Zavok and the rest of them can actually be better written this time around but that remains to be seen. So yeah, despite some issues I'm overall looking forward to November.
  6. I'd be down for this, except Metal has been pretty loyal to Eggman ever since the Metal overlord incident (not counting Free Riders).
  7. Nah, I think that would be a serious cop out. Eggman finally took over the world for the first time in the games canon, so I would much rather prefer him to have a final battle with just him against Sonic in order to defend the empire he worked so hard to build. That and we already had a full decade of Eggman getting upstaged by MOTW from Sonic adventure to Unleashed so just let's have the good doctor be the final threat.
  8. You don't say. Well you know what? Let's go full balls to the wall insane. Bring in Blaze and Eggman Nega along with the plot twist that Infinite is actually Mephiles.
  9. Speaking of Silver, I'm guessing they're going for the whole "future is shit so I gotta travel to the past to fix it" story again as a reason for why he's here. Would make sense considering Classic Sonic's situation.
  10. Reaction: At one point in Forces, Eggman kidnaps the OC, leading to a very obvious joke...

    1. JovahexeonJunkoJoranvexeon


      Make it so Number 1!

    2. Forte-Metallix


      "Hey, Eggman! DO NOT STEAL!"

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      He captured the Avatar! Zuko could learn a thing from you Doc!

  11. My speculation to how Eggman assembled his force: Metal Sonic: this one is painfully obvious as he's Eggman's creation. Shadow: Calling it now, he's just simply acting as a mole for the resistance. Or alternatively, he could be pulled from a timeline where he didn't undergo a Heel Face turn. Or to go even further, Eggman found a way to make Shadow an amnesiac (again) and trick him into thinking he's his minion. Chaos: Well In Generations, Eggman finally managed to have a god monster not turn against him, so it's not much of a stretch to think that he found a way to keep Chaos under control. That or Chaos is pulled from a timeline where Eggman didn't give him the Chaos emeralds (thus fueling his rage). Zavok: Eggman somehow managed to find the magic conch shell and get the Deadly Six back under his control. And this time he doesn't have to worry about Sonic kicking the shell out of his hand since the latter learned his lesson from lost world.
  12. No actually if you take long enough in the Devil Doom boss fight in Shadow's game Eggman out right admits that he lied about Shadow being a robot and the he is indeed the OG Shadow from SA2.
  13. Here's one thing I'm curious about, how is Zavok working with Eggman again after what happened in Lost world?
  14. This new trailer has got me feeling all kinds of ways. On one hand it's cool to see Metal Sonic is getting in on the action, and I'm OVERJOYED to see that Chaos 0 is finally back. But ugh, Zavok. And why is Shadow with the bad guys (unless he's acting as a mole for the heroes)? And the new character looks cool I guess.
  15. Loving what I've been seeing from Sonic Forces today. The one thing that would really satisfy me is if they put Ice Cap zone in the game. I was pissed that it wasn't chosen for generations.

    1. Venom Wisp

      Venom Wisp

      Give me more than 4 city stages and 2 ocean/green hills levels and I'll buy Forces in a heartbeat. Give me varied levels, that's all I want. 


    2. Johnny Boy

      Johnny Boy

      What about Crisis City?

    3. Venom Wisp

      Venom Wisp

      The name speaks of itself. Lava as in something like Lava Reef.