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  1. With the release of this poster, I will be forever pissed that this movie isn’t animated.
  2. Yeah, I’ll just stick with Pikapool if that’s ok with everybody.
  3. Can’t be any worse than those horrible gba games.
  4. Reaction: the next Sonic game has a selfie mode.

    1. SupahBerry



      Well at least Sonic Team took some inspiraton from BOTW

    2. KHCast


      Considering every game now does it, I’d be more shocked if it didn’t lol

    3. dbzfan7


      I woulda guessed meme mode. 

  5. Johnny Boy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    It’s probably not. Besides I highly doubt that the Democrats would want her to run again after the disaster in 2016.
  6. Johnny Boy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Fucking Florida. It just disappoints every time.
  7. Johnny Boy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Luckily they provide emergency paper ballots for my state as well. But this kind of shit is happening in other states right now. In Detroit a bunch of voters at a voting precint were turned away because “the machines were locked in a closet”.
  8. Johnny Boy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Let me guess, Gwinett county? Kemp is such a piece of shit.
  9. Johnny Boy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I’m really on pins and needles here in Georgia. But at the same time I’m confident that the rest of the country might help usher in a blue wave. Then again I was sure that America would do the right thing and not elect trump, and we all know how that story ends.
  10. Johnny Boy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    And yet the right still insists that he’s actually a liberal out to make the GOP look bad. Lmao.
  11. Johnny Boy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Well I hope Collins and Manchin are happy with what they did. I can’t wait for karma to tear them to shreds in the form of getting voted out.
  12. Except unlike TJ, James Woods hasn’t done anything illegal.
  13. They all did except for Damon Waynas Jr. (Wasabis VA) and TJ Miller (Fred’s VA). The latter for obvious reasons.
  14. Johnny Boy

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    First Disney puts all their princesses in one movie and now they actually found a way to have Never Gonna Give You Up sounds epic. Is there anything this studio can’t do?

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