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  1. If anything, they should remix a zone from Knuckles Chaotix and SegaSonic arcade since those are games mighty and ray appeared in.
  2. Mighty and Ray are back! Who would've thought?

  4. Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch

    Did they not say that Ultra Sun/Moon are the last pokemon games for the 3ds?
  5. Super Smash Bros Coming to Nintendo Switch (2018)

    So in development since 2016 huh? Well here’s to hoping Sonic makes the cut again. And that they can come up with a stage that’s not fucking Green hill again.
  6. Super Smash Bros Coming to Nintendo Switch (2018)

    All aboard the hype train! Again! And here’s to hoping they add in characters like Decidueye.
  7. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Bet you a million dollars the OC doesn’t exist in this universe.
  8. I can guarantee you that the February release date is for the Black Panther sequel. Heck, the guy is gonna be a major player in the MCU going forward with all the money his movie is raking in.
  9. Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Ok, the bunny exploding had me in stitches . I’m now fully on board for this movie, and regarding similarities to the emoji movie, all I can say is that this is the anti-emoji movie because at least it seems that the product placement is gonna be played for laughs instead of being shoved down your throat.
  10. So if they get celebrities to voice the characters, who do you think will play who?

    1. SupahBerry


      uganda forever (click click click)

  12. I wonder if they'll bring back Bambi as a world. We haven't seen the guy since the first game.
  13. It would be incredible if Treasure Planet finally got love from Disney after all these years by being in Kingdom Hearts 3. It would also be nice if Atlantis was in as well.
  14. I know that it Jungle Book makes the cut, they’ll use the animated version but a part of me wants them to use the live action one. I mean the live action king Louie would be amazing as a boss fight.
  15. It could. I mean we’re finally getting a toy story world so anything is possible.

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