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  1. Johnny Boy

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Wait Mariotehplumber is still around? Either way nice to see Alolan Raichu in the game.
  2. So does anyone think they’re going to get celebrities to voice Sonic and the gang? I remember reading rumors that Jason Marsden might be in the movie, I think he could be a good Sonic. And the Rock could make a good Knuckles as well.
  3. Should’ve been Bryan Cranston. At least he’s bald and has an epic stache.
  4. So Elsa is not gonna be a party member after all. Damn. Well can she at least be a summon after you complete Arrendelle (like Genie did after you completed Agrabah in KH1)? Hopefully she can.
  5. But weren’t there balloons on the scare floor? That should be an indicator that it takes place after the movie. Not to mention Waternoose and Randall are nowhere to be seen.
  6. I really hope Princess and the Frog makes the cut. Mainly because I want Dr. Facilier as a boss fight.
  7. Please let one of them be Princess and the Frog!
  8. Well there goes my dream of having Elsa as a party member.
  9. Johnny Boy

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    It feels so surreal seeing the 2d princesses in 3D.
  10. Only 151 Pokémon to catch, and eevee can’t even evolve despite that being the main fucking reason for it’s existance? Yeah wake me up when the real Pokémon games for switch are announced.
  11. I’m sure the BH6 and Tangled voice actors will come back to reprise their roles since they did for the tv shows that are airing right now. Well except for TJ Miller due to those scandals of his.
  12. Still the characters in this game are definitely more expressive in their dialogue than they were in previous games.
  13. Yeah, and it's really nice to see that the characters aren't so damn robotic when talking to one another anymore.

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