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  1. 1 hour ago, CrownSlayer’s Shadow said:

    God fucking damn, I was JUST about to report that too.

    Wonder what he’s gonna do now?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses this as a way to oust himself from the White House only so he can say that he never lost the election.

  2. On 5/29/2020 at 3:37 PM, Radiant Hero Ike said:

    I find that Smash online is far less enjoyable when I have to fight certain characters. Usually Joker and Zelda, but Pikachu, Mr. Game & Watch and Ness/Lucas have all been annoying to fight. It doesn't even feel good when you win, I just have a "thank God that's over" reaction.

    In other news, I got Ike and Marth into Elite Smash recently. Corrin is the only Fire Emblem character I've yet to get into Elite Smash as.

    EDIT: Just managed to get Corrin into Elite Smash!


    Oh God, fuck Ness. All his mains do is just spam pk fire over and over.

  3. 12 hours ago, VisionaryofSUPER said:

    If there's any time to address the Echidna's and what they're doing, I think it can be hinted at in the background of the second movie. A lot hinges really on what Tails wants Sonic to do:

    • Will Sonic need to deal with the Echidnas and fulfill some prophecy?
    • Is this a rescue mission for Longclaw?
    • Is this some smaller threat that relates to the Echidnas?

    Then there comes the response:

    • Does Sonic delay going back because he's grown accustomed to Earth, and afraid of leaving his family behind?
    • Does he jump in excitement for the idea of adventure?

    I feel like the first response is more likely. We're still not yet at the more independent Sonic from the games, and Tom and Maddie are essentially his new adoptive parents. To ask him to just leave them behind like that would be unrealistic to how they've set up Sonic in the first movie. Hell, Sonic may be just generally reluctant to hang with Tails immediately just because he's some stranger who showed up to take him away.

    A lot will come down to this whole thing. When these points are established, I feel like the movie will just fall into place because the other pieces can be more or less fit into it. We know Robotnik is coming back to earth and he's going to have a huge bone to pick with our little boy blue.

    If the sequel does have the echidnas I hope Pachacamac and Tikal are still alive in this universe. As I said in the other Sonic movie thread, I think a good idea is to make Pachacamac the father of Knuckles in this continuity, as his paranoia and warmongering can shape Knuckles into being antagonistic towards Sonic before he inevitably sees the error of his ways.

  4. 5 hours ago, Rabbitearsblog said:

    Oh my god!  This sounds fantastic!  This would actually fit perfectly with Sonic and Tails' growing sibling relationship with each other.  Maybe something happened to Tikal in the past that caused Knuckles to become more cynical in the future.  

    Or maybe Pachacamac’s paranoia about Sonic power among with his warmongering could shape Knuckles into who he is in the sequel before he inevitably sees the error in Pachacamac‘a ways.

  5. On 5/21/2020 at 4:49 PM, Rabbitearsblog said:

    I definitely can see Paramount wanting to promote more of this franchise.  I just hope that they come up with a really good story for the sequel that can feature both Tails and Knuckles effectively.

    Also, regarding Tikal, what should her role be in the movie if they decided to use her?  Would she be the one who convinces Knuckles that the ways of their tribe is wrong or would she be his love interest?  The thing about this though is that if Tikal is used as the person who convinces Knuckles to be good, then it will parallel the Shadow and Maria relationship a little too closely, in case they eventually used Shadow in the movies.  Also, you wouldn't want to have Tikal just be Knuckles' love interest and do nothing in the plot since that wouldn't go over well for the audience who wants a strong female character for the sequel.

    Or they can make Tikal and Knuckles siblings in this universe. Hey, Black Panther and Killmonger aren’t related in the comics but that change definitely worked in the movies favor.

  6. If we do get another Xenoblade rep, I think it’s either gonna be Rex or Pyramid. As for the gen 8 Pokémon rep, my money is on Rillaboom since we already have Greninja and Incineroar as the stand alone water and fire starters respectively, so we need someone to rep the grass types.

    But if Springman gets in, I really hope another Sonic character like Tails or Eggman get in since it would prove once and for all that Spirits don’t deconfirm.

  7. I loved this issue, though some things about it made me cringe. The biggest things being Amy and Tails plan to just lie to Zomom and sending G-Mel to go after Zeena. Seriously, why the fuck would you send a ROBOT to attack someone who has the ability to control machinery?! That makes about as much sense as sending a shark to attack Aquaman.

    But other than the heroes stupidity, I really loved the exchange between Sonic and Eggman, and Flynn did a perfect job with the Zeti and showed us why they’re called the deadly six. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  8. Tangle and Whisper are must haves for me. If we’re going by the speed, flight , power thing from heroes than Whisper can be a speed type while Whisper can be a power type. Especially since the series has yet to have a female power type character.

  9. On 1/17/2020 at 2:36 PM, MetalSkulkBane said:

    From Sony-related-but-not-owned-by franchises, Crash and Spyro are most obvious picks. It would be double Sweet after "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal" failed to get them.

    But who knows, I can count like 30 third party franchises that could potentially joined Smash and I bet I missed another 10. And Byleth proved that in theory Arms or Golden Sun could still join (although AT make those two dubious). I guess Sonic character isn't impossible, but neither is winning lotto three times in a row.

    (If I was Nintendo I would make Mother Brain playable, in a new body specifically designed for Smash U and Metroid Prime 4. People would go wild for "sneak-peak" like that.)

    So Twintelle still has a chance? I hope so.

  10. 6 hours ago, Perkilator said:

    And just look at all this concept art!

    (I couldn’t find a hi-quality video of the art alone without talking. And I’d slap a picture but the software is stingier than Mr. Krabs.)

    Anyways, some changes I hope they make are:

    -Giving Patrick the cartwheel in case the levels call for it.

    -Allowing Patrick to sneak past Sleepy-Times undetected in case he doesn’t have anything to throw

    -Making the Bubble Bounce much faster.

    -Allowing us to stick up to certain surfaces with the Bubble Bash.

    -Having upgradable moves, like in the Spongebob Movie game.

    -Making sliding faster, obvs.

    -Giving the Bubble Spin a bit more horizontal momentum, to make long jumps a bit easier.

    -Allowing Sandy to use her lasso on the Duplicatotron machines that spawn enemies.

    -And while we’re at it, I think we let Sandy use karate combos as well.


    This is all I can remember off the top of my head. As for other added content:

    -The concept art showed enemies like fly robots, eel robots, a flying shark robot, a ghost, and even a giant Godzilla-esque robot. I hope we get those, along with completely new, original enemies.

    -The joke in Patrick’s dream needs to stay, but I also wouldn’t mind the unused ice cream level coming home.

    -Okay, most obvious need: more quests with Golden Spatulas and more socks to find.

    -We need not only the unused costumes for Spongebob, but also other costumes for him, Patrick and Sandy.

    -The roboticized people in the concept art need to be NPC’s.

    -The robot list in the police building needs to include the bosses. When I was a kid, I was hoping for all three of them to show up at once after I beat the game, and what do we get instead?

      Hide contents

    Plankton. We don’t even fight him, like the back of the box implied.


    -Oh, and Spongebob’s Dream needs a new theme. And for each and every segment. The ambush theme can just use the old theme for Spongebob’s Dream.

    Robo Squidward needs to be a boss in this remake as well since he was cut from the original. 

  11. You know I noticed something about selfie mode. When you use the camera in Arendelle, Corona, or the Caribbean the characters there will appropriately ask what your phone is since their movies take place in eras before photography. However if you aim the camera at Hercules or Eugene, they’ll actually strike a pose and smile, implying that they know that what you using is meant for taking pictures.

  12. You know maybe Zavok and the rest of the Zeti could be effective if there were a plot in which they use their powers to take control of GUN’s technology. Now that would be a really good way to show just how damn dangerous they are, because now they’re using the technology of an organization that’s supposed to protect the world in order to harm it.

  13. On 1/23/2019 at 10:50 AM, Gumbit said:

    You could say that about Zavok and Zazz , but the rest are pretty much dead . I don't mind those two to stay and be recurring villains  , but I would love if Sonic team add Zeena to complete  trio of villains , plus there is no female  villain role , and Zeena would be suitable .  While nearly everyone  butthurt about Zavok being included in TSR , I actually like that . Out of all deadly six designs , I only find Zavok and Zeena well designed , Zazz is meh , still better than the rest .

    This sounds like a cool idea to be honest, especially if you have a talented writer to flesh them out more. They could even serve as an interesting foil to Team Dark.

    Think about it, you have Zavok as the cold and calculating leader (Shadow), Zeena as the seductive action chick (Rouge), and Zazz as the crazy one always looking for a good fight (Omega). The other three Zeti can choke for all I care.

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