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  1. On 1/17/2020 at 2:36 PM, MetalSkulkBane said:

    From Sony-related-but-not-owned-by franchises, Crash and Spyro are most obvious picks. It would be double Sweet after "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal" failed to get them.

    But who knows, I can count like 30 third party franchises that could potentially joined Smash and I bet I missed another 10. And Byleth proved that in theory Arms or Golden Sun could still join (although AT make those two dubious). I guess Sonic character isn't impossible, but neither is winning lotto three times in a row.

    (If I was Nintendo I would make Mother Brain playable, in a new body specifically designed for Smash U and Metroid Prime 4. People would go wild for "sneak-peak" like that.)

    So Twintelle still has a chance? I hope so.

  2. I’d have Metal Sonic in his neo form be a more recurring threat along with bringing back Infinite and have him be a permanent addition to team Eggman. That way the two of them along with Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot can be a certified five bad band.


    I’d also have a witch character that can be a major magic based threat since Eggman is the major science threat.

  3. 6 hours ago, Perkilator said:

    And just look at all this concept art!

    (I couldn’t find a hi-quality video of the art alone without talking. And I’d slap a picture but the software is stingier than Mr. Krabs.)

    Anyways, some changes I hope they make are:

    -Giving Patrick the cartwheel in case the levels call for it.

    -Allowing Patrick to sneak past Sleepy-Times undetected in case he doesn’t have anything to throw

    -Making the Bubble Bounce much faster.

    -Allowing us to stick up to certain surfaces with the Bubble Bash.

    -Having upgradable moves, like in the Spongebob Movie game.

    -Making sliding faster, obvs.

    -Giving the Bubble Spin a bit more horizontal momentum, to make long jumps a bit easier.

    -Allowing Sandy to use her lasso on the Duplicatotron machines that spawn enemies.

    -And while we’re at it, I think we let Sandy use karate combos as well.


    This is all I can remember off the top of my head. As for other added content:

    -The concept art showed enemies like fly robots, eel robots, a flying shark robot, a ghost, and even a giant Godzilla-esque robot. I hope we get those, along with completely new, original enemies.

    -The joke in Patrick’s dream needs to stay, but I also wouldn’t mind the unused ice cream level coming home.

    -Okay, most obvious need: more quests with Golden Spatulas and more socks to find.

    -We need not only the unused costumes for Spongebob, but also other costumes for him, Patrick and Sandy.

    -The roboticized people in the concept art need to be NPC’s.

    -The robot list in the police building needs to include the bosses. When I was a kid, I was hoping for all three of them to show up at once after I beat the game, and what do we get instead?

      Hide contents

    Plankton. We don’t even fight him, like the back of the box implied.


    -Oh, and Spongebob’s Dream needs a new theme. And for each and every segment. The ambush theme can just use the old theme for Spongebob’s Dream.

    Robo Squidward needs to be a boss in this remake as well since he was cut from the original. 

  4. You know I noticed something about selfie mode. When you use the camera in Arendelle, Corona, or the Caribbean the characters there will appropriately ask what your phone is since their movies take place in eras before photography. However if you aim the camera at Hercules or Eugene, they’ll actually strike a pose and smile, implying that they know that what you using is meant for taking pictures.

  5. You know maybe Zavok and the rest of the Zeti could be effective if there were a plot in which they use their powers to take control of GUN’s technology. Now that would be a really good way to show just how damn dangerous they are, because now they’re using the technology of an organization that’s supposed to protect the world in order to harm it.

  6. On 1/23/2019 at 10:50 AM, Gumbit said:

    You could say that about Zavok and Zazz , but the rest are pretty much dead . I don't mind those two to stay and be recurring villains  , but I would love if Sonic team add Zeena to complete  trio of villains , plus there is no female  villain role , and Zeena would be suitable .  While nearly everyone  butthurt about Zavok being included in TSR , I actually like that . Out of all deadly six designs , I only find Zavok and Zeena well designed , Zazz is meh , still better than the rest .

    This sounds like a cool idea to be honest, especially if you have a talented writer to flesh them out more. They could even serve as an interesting foil to Team Dark.

    Think about it, you have Zavok as the cold and calculating leader (Shadow), Zeena as the seductive action chick (Rouge), and Zazz as the crazy one always looking for a good fight (Omega). The other three Zeti can choke for all I care.

  7. I would like a Knuckles game, because it would be nice if there was an explanation to how the hell Knuckles is the last of his kind despite Chaos wiping out the entire echidna tribe thousands of years ago. Then again if they did that, a certain someone might try to lash out with a lawsuit.

  8. 3 hours ago, Shadowlax said:

    They should remake SA1 and 2, change some stuff while making em. Maybe we don't need to play as big


     Hell, I really wouldn’t mind if they strayed too far from the original in some aspects. Radically changing Knuckles and Amy’s gameplay styles and cutout Big entirely would be a plus. Purists be damned.

    And they can rewrite the script in some areas to make things less narmy. Plus I’d love to hear Mike Pollocks rendition of “GET A LOAD OF THIS!”

  9. Dude something hilarious happened when I was fighting Omega Ridley. He was almost about to defeat me, but then he fell off the stage as it was going down into the lava. He then fell into the lava and didn’t even bother trying to recover, thus letting the lava sap all of his health away.

    Akuma was surprisingly easy for me as well, since all I had to do was spam Ridley’s neutral b.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Jiren (Metro) said:

    No, Williamsburg county SC. Granted i've heard reports of the same thing happening in Georgia as well.

    Luckily they provide emergency paper ballots for my state as well. But this kind of shit is happening in other states right now. In Detroit a bunch of voters at a voting precint were turned away because “the machines were locked in a closet”. 

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