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  1. Reaction: Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be shown tomorrow.

    1. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      Just like every e3 since 2008?

  2. Fucking KH3, where is it?!

  3. Can we just see KH3 already?

  4. Here's to hoping that we see something from Kh3 tomorrow.

  5. Reaction: Knuckles is announced as Smash DLC

    1. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      I came so much my laptop looks like an ice cream sandwich.

    2. Celestia


      "I wanted Eggman. B|" would be all I'd have to say tbh

    3. Chili Dawg
    4. Milo


      so much yes

    5. Diogenes


      wasted spot

    6. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike


      boom knuckles I'd be less annoyed at tho

  6. Whoever is running the Sonic Twitter/tumblr/YouTube account should be given a medal.

    1. Tracker_TD


      That would be RubyEclipse/Aaron Webber.

      He indeed needs a medal.

  7. "Meh" has pretty much become Komodins catchphrase.

    1. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      Meh has been his catchphrase for years :P

  8. Has anybody on Tumblr started botching about how the rabbit from Zootopia looks like Rapunzel yet.

    1. Johnny Boy
    2. LovieHats


      yes, as a joke

    3. Wraith


      No, because she surprisingly doesn't look like rapunzel

  9. After seeing the teaser, I'm actually pretty excited for Zootopia now.

  10. I sure wish we could go back to the days of the generations hype right now.

  11. Sonic's doomed, Sonic's doomed, Sonic's doooooooomed

  12. I wonder what world's from KH3 will be shown off at e3. Assuming that KH3 will be shown at E3 at all.

  13. Predict the Rotten Tomatoes score for Jurassic World.

  14. Reaction: An episode of the Tangled TV show pulls a Lion King 1/2 and shows the events of Frozen from Rapunzel and Flynn's POV.

    1. Felix



    2. LovieHats


      ...Ooooooh, yeees.

    3. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Now, that I would dig.

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      That I actually want to see

    5. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Consider moi invested.

  15. The teaser for "The Good Dinosaur" is pretty good.

  16. He's got 95 white Persian monkeys.

    1. FriendBot


      But the 5 are Meowths

  17. If SSMB members had final smashes, what would they be like?

    1. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin



    2. Yoko/葉子


      Mine would be overpowered, as all foes would lose a stock regardless of damage.

    3. Briraka


      I sing and everyone dies.

    4. Felix


      I don't even know what mine would be.

    5. FriendBot


      Gonna be all over-the-top South Asian action hero shit man!

    6. Failinhearts


      Guess mine...

  18. Anybody hear that there's gonna be a live action beyblade movie?

    1. Dejimon11


      yeah thats weird

  19. Wow, spin hasn't been on here in a while. Hope he won't be gone forever like Shrek.

    1. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      It would actually break my virtual heart.

    2. -Ace-


      Shrek DDDDD;

    3. Law


      Homem :c

    4. Jix Hedgehog
    5. DBZHedgy


      Super Spindash

  20. Moana is sounding amazing.

  21. I hope Ava Duvernay is directing Black Panther.

    1. Felix


      She directed Selma, right?

    2. Johnny Boy
  22. What do you call security guards outside a Samsung store? Guardians of the Galaxy!

  23. Whoa, Inside out has got a 100% on RT so far. Is it safe to say that Pixar is back?

    1. Felix


      It's 9 reviews, dude. Calm down.

    2. Komodin


      They left?

    3. Felix


      No, but they haven't made a great film since TS3. Which /was/ five years ago, tbf

    4. Nepenthe


      They've not made an excellent film in five years. They just made great/good ones. Therefore, they went to shit.

    5. Thigolf


      great/good? I wouldnt call either Cars 2 or Brave good, tbh :I

    6. Felix


      >implying Cars 2 and Brave are good films

    7. Felix


      And really, I really liked MU and even then I wouldn't say it's anywhere near the standard Pixar has set for themselves

    8. Nepenthe


      Anyone saying Brave is actually a shitty film is, like, objectively wrong. You might not like the film. But implying it's not at least good is something I will never agree with.

    9. Ferno


      i think they've earned a few average films tbh. sometimes it feels like when people make fun of the straight A smart kid whenever they get a B or something

    10. Felix


      >objectively wrong

      oh boy, here we go again

    11. Strickerx5


      > Felix continuing to not recognize MU but yet likes Ponyo

      Ah, another average day on SSMB. But yeah Johnny, we still have like another month until it comes out. We just have to wait and see.

    12. Nepenthe


      I'm not even going to take that back. I don't even have any real emotional attachment to Brave, but I'm not about to act like it's some fucking cinematic abortion or something.

    13. Ryannumber1gamer


      Brave wasn't the best, but it was still a damn good movie, the animation alone puts it a step above from other animated films.

      Monsters University is great. Nuff fucking said.

    14. Nepenthe


      Monster's U is pretty damn awesome as well. But it was a prequel so you know.

    15. Felix


      I don't even think Brave is a cinematic abortion, I simply just don't think it's a good movie. =/

    16. Brad


      Brave is above average, but not up to Pixar standards.

      MU is underrated as hell.

    17. Ryannumber1gamer


      Monster University left me very happy as a fan of the original, especially all the nods to the first films during the ending. Speaking of which, that third act easily made the film worth it.

      It's awesome

    18. Nepenthe


      You're free to think it's not a good film. But beyond that, this isn't something I'm going to relent much on.

    19. Ristar


      Apparently Inside Out has had a screening in Cannes and its reception has been great. This gives me hope.

  24. King DeDeDeez Nuts

    1. Felix


      long live the king

    2. Wil348


      HA GOD EEM

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