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  1. Super Mario Bros 1-3 and Super Mario World They're just simple, generic tile-based 2D platformers. These days, I can only play them for maybe 10 minutes before growing bored and wanting to play better and more exciting games. They have not stood the test of time very well at all.
  2. No lie, Nintendo's E3 Digital Event was straight-up garbage.
  3. There's something odd about the animation in this game. Like I can't explain it, but it just seems so... Off, somehow. It's like the uncanny valley of fighting game animations or something. Usually only NRS games have this effect on me, too.
  4. Honestly, Disney Hollywood Studios has it worse. There is basically nothing to do there these days other than riding Tower of Terror and Rock'n'Rollercoaster over and over and over again. When my friend and I went there a second time, we not only left early due to sheer boredom, but we also wondered why we ever decided to go there a second time anyway. It's totally not worth it.
  5. @ShroomZ: I'm sad to read that you didn't get to see EPCOT in its full operational glory. I was there in 1995, at 9 years old, and it was a mind-blowing experience. I don't think Horizons was open at the time, but everything else was there. The Wonders of Life pavillion. The original Journey Into Imagination. The Universe of Energy without Ellen DeGeneres. World of Motion. So many attractions that you either can't see anymore or have been changed for the worse. Hell, even Innoventions was a lot better and more focused on showing advanced or state-of-the-art technology. Test Track (which didn't exist yet in 1995 btw) at least used to have a psuedo-educational theme with its focus on real-world car safety testing. Now that's gone, and replaced with a very cheap-looking Tron overlay. As for Mission to Mars, it's pretty dreadful, yeah. But even beyond what rides are and aren't there, like you said, it is ideologically lost and you can tell that they have no idea what to do with EPCOT anymore. Just look at all the ugly-looking exteriors of the buildings there that look like they're struggling to strike a balance between contemporary and kiddy. Regarding Tomorrowland, I have my doubts that it will undergo major changes for WDW MK anytime soon. I don't know how much you've read about this, but the people in charge of running Disney World are real cheapskates and the general upkeep of the parks is very poor. Everywhere you look you'll see props that have poorly weathered with age and dummies that have fallen into disrepair. Really, I think Disney World is a shell of its former greatness these days.
  6. At least Tomorrowland has still essentially retained its theme, even if it's not as classic. EPCOT's Future World has had it a lot worse. They've severely botched that side of the park and have all but lost sight of its original vision. Lots of old attractions have either been demolished, been replaced by disappointing updates, or are presently rotting away behind closed doors. More recently, they've been working on botching the World Showcase as well, with Maelstrom being taken out for a Frozen ride and one of its international restaurants turning into some Disney Princess meet and greet dining location. I'm not kidding when I say that EPCOT is, quite arguably, the worst Disney park in the world. It's either that or Hollywood Studios, due to its sheer lack of stuff to do. But hey, at least Hollywood Studios has a fairly consistent theme to its park. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8pNM9IUY44
  7. I wouldn't play these games due to how costly they are, but I do think that Disney Infinity is having a whole lot more work being put into it these days. Methinks Activision needs to step their game up before they get left in the dust.
  8. Except the rumor is that Microsoft offered to buy the Silent Hill IP before Silent Hills was cancelled by Konami, and not afterwards. In other words, we may still have gotten Silent Hills on PS4 if Microsoft hadn't stepped in and bought up the IP, if the rumor is true.
  9. You gotta admit though, everything about this rumor does seem like classic Microsoft tactics. Even the part about paying "billions" of dollars for a franchise sounds like something they would totally do, lol. The question is, if the rumor is true, then are Kojima and Del Toro also secretly on board with Microsoft?
  10. Lol, Xbox fanboys will go running wild if the rumor is true, that much is for sure.
  11. Maybe those guys at Other Ocean are real smooth talkers, I dunno.
  12. They will fix it. Just maybe not this week.
  13. I think it's necessary to look at it in a similar way that many people did the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle; which is to say, that all parties share some of the blame. Sure, Gearbox screwed over SEGA by giving them fake gameplay footage and delivering a broken product at the end, but SEGA was also at fault for trusting them sight unseen so greatly and not keeping closer tabs on their progress, which would have helped to ensure that it was the best product possible. If Capcom's brand name is going to be stamped on this product, and Sony wanted this to be a the definitive version of USF4, then they both should have been making sure there weren't major problems (like, say, the input lag being worse than on the PS3) before the game hit the market. While the port's problems can be mostly attributed to Other Ocean, Capcom and Sony still should have done more in the way of quality assurance themselves.
  14. The drama surrounding the PS4 version is pretty amazing, lol. Capcom fanboys and Sony fanboys keep wanting to shift the blame to the others' company, or shift it away to Other Ocean (the ones responsible for the porting). Everywhere I go I see people like, "Damn you Capcom!", then others are like "Stop blaming Capcom, this is all Sony's fault!", then others are like "Nuh uh, it's Other Ocean's fault, they're the ones who ported it!"
  15. http://gonintendo.com/stories/234228-asda-to-stop-selling-wii-u-3ds-games Wii U and 3DS games will no longer be sold at Asda's stores.
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