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  1. Winnie the Pooh (2011 movie)

    I've wanted to see that movie, glad to hear it was enjoyable
  2. Zones we hate

    Chemical Plant zone from Sonic 2... Those dang parts with the moving links of blocks when your underwater in the purple chemicals were the worst
  3. Why do people want Sonic Adventure 3?

    One of the bigger reasons I'd ever want an SA3 is so that they can bring back the Chao Garden I mean, in terms of gameplay, I think Sega's finally picking up on it, so an SA3 for that reason probably wouldn't be all that valid
  4. I first found out about Sonic (the character itself) through Sonic X Channel surfing can do wonders for you sometimes Then, my cousin was playing Sonic Adventure in the chao garden, and I thought that was a blast At first I thought thats what "Sonic" games really were, but I ended up learning how fun the gameplay parts were
  5. Live Action Fairly Odd Parents Movie

    I actually want to see this Sure, it'll probably massacre part of my childhood, but when looking at the previews of the "movie", it'll be so bad, it might actually be entertaining to watch its fail-ness (or at least, I hope, to avoid suffering)
  6. Penth's Sketchbook

    Wow, these are incredible! My favorites are the rough dog/wolf/fox sketches and the SatBK sketch
  7. Artwork: sapphi's art

    Edited Sonic Colors 2 artwork, I'll post other Sonic stuff later
  8. My artworks

  9. Sonic 3ds Max work

    Wow that looks amazing! I agree, Sonic does look a bit stiff, but either way, its a really good model job Now THAT is a cool looking scene! Quite nostalgic if you ask me, and Sonic definitely looks less stiff and more active in this
  10. Comic: What we think about the F4F Statues

    Possibly, though I'd say we'd be waiting for quite a long time for that to happen, if there are any left to begin with Lol that's exactly what I thought they were doing too, its pretty sad thought, I thought they finally started catering to fans again :/
  11. WARNING Large file Well, maybe not EVERYONE will think this, but heck, maybe if someone out there puts more effort into complaining, Sega will decide to actually hold contests for these things like they should've been doing from the start (This is mainly targeted at the American ones) I really want one of these, and it ticks me off to see that SoA seems to only be handing them out to people who are part of the media When are the US Sonic fans going to get a chance? Hell, there's only 100 of them, they're probably already all gone So much for the contests I know, weird thing to make a comic about, it was a fateless effort
  12. Artwork: sapphi's art

  13. Artwork: sapphi's art

    Thought I'd stop by and maybe showcase some art of mine For those who already know my deviantART, Hiya!

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