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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was fun! c:

  2. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  3. My question is why would they brand him as a racist? If everyone and his brother seems to be able to tell that it's just a child's naivete, why are they pursuing?
  4. Motivational support activate!

    1. goku262002


      YES! Keep fighting the good fight guys. Show them that his opinions arn't god's law.


  5. For those unable to fight, can we buy SSMB war bonds? Also, where do we send our scrap metal and rubber?

    1. PeanutButterDimond


      For all war needs please see our impeccable leader, ChaosSupremeSonic.

    2. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Down at the SSMB processing yard. lol

      Thanks for contributing to the war effort.

  6. I am definitely looking forward to this. That render you have in the OP is pretty nice looking even with the 06 models. That's a really nice-looking background.
  7. WHenever someone says a game about a blue hedgehog can't have a good story, everyone's all "PIXAR, EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN DO ANYTHING." And now Eggman and potentailly other members of the cast are gonna be in a Disney...

  8. If the term "True Fan" hadn't been tainted, would everyone still feel as though there is no such thing as a true fan? I mean, i'm a true person typing on a true keyboard who is in dire need for a true cheeseburger. As far as i'm concerned, true just means "not false" in this case. So if you're a Sonic fan, doesn't that just make you a true Sonic fan?
  9. So apparently these cellular phone things can play games now. Everyone's going on and on about how they're going to kill dedicated gaming machines. Phones are getting more and more powerful and get updated hardware-wise more frequently than consoles, and they're certainly prone to change the landscape of gaming. What do you think about all of this? I imagine most of us here own some sort of "app-device", and it's probably loaded with games, including Sonic games, and he's a console champion! But are app games real games, or are they unworthy and ports like SaSASR and Sonic 4 are some sort of cancer killing gaming? It's becoming more and more common for smaller multi-plat games to be Windows Phone, Android, iDevice, Steam, XBLA, and PSN rather than just the HD twins. A fair amount of great games are on mobile platforms, too. It's a shame how these stores are organized. Games are just thrown out into the wild to fend for themselves, and while some get a lot more pomp and circumstance (usually games that are also on the bigger platforms like XBLA as well), some just kind of vanish due entirely to poor luck. There really isn't a good way, to my knowledge, to track new releases like you have with all the gaming news site and magazines. Heck, it may be out there right under my nose, but it's just too obscure! This parallels the old days of the NES, SNES, and the Genesis, though, when games kind of just showed up and a combination of merit and luck helped it soar to the top. With all the "casual" gamers who use these devices and kinda just download whatever's trending because it's all the same to them, though, merit is kind of underplayed. For similar reasons, there isn't much quality control (although even with that Seal of Quality Nintendo hands out to every game and it's brother, the Wii is in a similar spot). Everyone also raves on about the lack of buttons. A touchscreen, plain and simple, is not good for functions that can be done with a button. The rule seems to be if it can be done with a button, it can be done better with a button. Menus disagree, but that circle thing in the corner you use as a D-Pad in everything very much agrees. While i'm not a fan of standardization in gaming, i think the way you connect a controller to a game needs to be standardized across the board for all app games as controllers become more popular for app devices. Gamestop has it's own controller that i believe is supported by a number of titles including our good old friend Sonic CD (that of which is a chart topper on mobile platforms, might i add). This way it becomes easier to use whatever controller you have to hook up to everything rather than buying a new controller for every developer, and it also opens up the possibility of having buttons on the actual machine, which is rare practice today because only a small fraction of apps would support them and the rest of the time they're just there do do nothing. While i actually don't own an app device myself (i'm waiting for a stereoscopic 3D, tegra 3 android tablet with a gamecube controller grafted on), i'm keeping a close eye on the whole mobile device scene because of it's huge impact that it has and more importantly will have on gaming. We have a bit of a revolution on our hands, in a few ways. I feel like dedicated consoles are becoming more like these app devices and vice versa. It's also really opening the doors for a number of important things that need to happen and thankfully are happening or pretty much have happened, like how games don't need to be fifty hours long and have full HD graphics and an uber-realistic art style because it can. Digital distribution platforms like XBLA, PSN, the eShop, and Steam are all fighting this battle, but iTunes and the Android Market are on the other side of the very same coin fighting the very same battle. What is your take on mobile gaming and how it affects gaming as a whole? And how inaccuracy-laden is my OP?
  10. I think one of the biggest factors as to why S4E2 is taking longer than expcted is because they're gutting/scrapped S4E1. Provided E2 is good, E3 will probably build off of it rather than killing it with a fire.

  11. ...holy crap. Guys, break out the Sonic hats. Break out the t-shirts, the wallets, the plushies, the underwear... if it wasn't before, it's officially cool to be a Sonic fan again. I'm amazed. I think Sonic is the first franchise to go to hell... and come back unhampered. This game is more a reason for a new graphics card now than Generations. This game might make me get some sort of app device so i can also play it handheld (well, it's certainly not the only reason, i'm not gonna spend 200 bucks on something to just play a game i'll have on the computer, but it's the latest and greatest straw) . This game could very well become my favorite video game. Unless it's terrible, in which case i hated it from the start.
  12. Only in America is a film like this, with mass murdering glorified, justified, and enjoyed, embraced. Hypocritical film of the century. Hopefully the trailer is just awful and the actual film isn't how they're promoting it.
  13. I like trains.

    1. Neon


      My dad is a train driver.

    2. Jeffhog



      Hey, have you heard of the "I like trains" kid?

  14. "Forget it. I don't play Toontown." "What's wrong with Toontown? Every Joe loves Toontown." "Then get Joe to play the game, 'cause I ain't going."

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