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  1. ALL of those guys appear? Vector normally would surprise me except for the fact that he was in Free Riders, and that already threw me for a loop.
  2. Don't you just love this song? I kept listening to the video that was uploaded of the full Act even with the sound effects. Now there's no need to.
  3. Wow. To think this day would come. Also, why am I not surprised they didn't give this one a 2-Page Review.
  4. My pal Daan posted the music from the demo for those interested:
  5. That rep was getting on my nerves a bit. He didn't recognize Sweet Mountain, completely dodge a question, and when I asked for them to stop and let us hear Tails' voice more, he denied it even existed in the demo when it DID.
  6. YES PLEASE. And if you agree, Planet Wisp theme first if possible!
  7. THANK YOU especially for the PW footage. Can hear those rich songs in high quality.
  8. Thanks, DK! Act 1: Someone follows a different path, and the camera transitioned towards the laser nicely. Yay. Looks great.
  9. Wow. Normally I dislike NGamer very much because of their controversial review scores (e.g., I think they gave Jett Rocket a 2 or a 3/5 and other really silly ratings like that). But this is VERY pleasing to see. SCAN PLZ.
  10. Perhaps they use Mii's for leaderboard identity (and/or emblems created using in-game renders like Sonic's head, Wisps, etc.).
  11. From what I remember, she stated that someone else was playing while she was talking.
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