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  1. The description of the video does say that the animation was "in-house, and not representative of the final product" but...no? I feel animation isn't one of those mediums where you can use the "not representative" safety net. For your debut announcement, especially if you're asking for funding, you need a sample of the absolute best you have to offer in order to justify why people should be interested, let alone giving you money. If they'd shown an animatic instead then MAYBE I'd be a little more open-minded, although not by much. Look at any announcement / teaser trailer for an animated movie, the quality isn't going to be far off the level of detail and fluidity that the final film will offer. And then there's the whole legal problems with this. SEGA are possibly the most relaxed big-name games publisher I can think of and are quite happy for the community to do its thing but even they'll draw the line when money gets involved, and rightfully so. The only loophole I can potentially see is that, because its on Patreon, there's an argument that supporters are just financing the artist themselves rather directly funding the SatAm project. Since they've branded their Patreon around the project though I'm really not sure.
  2. I'm having very hit and miss luck with the AI teammates so far in TSR. Sometimes I can run the race, helping them out as much as possible and they'll keep up but other times I'm having to deliberately fall to the back of the pack to keep an eye on them until they generally buck up their ideas and push towards the front.

    1. DanJ86


      I've not had any major problems myself. In fact I've been pretty bad at the game so far but still managed to pull off a win with my team.

  3. Given some of the bombshells they've dropped for the Mega Drive mini's game list, do you think there's any chance they're actually gonna do the impossible and have Sonic 3K on the last batch of games they reveal?

    1. Polkadi~♪


      Whoa whoa whoa, temper your expectations.

  4. Evening all. I'm having to make up a bit of cash at the moment so I'm letting a few things go. Before I head for Ebay though, I have a copy of Sonic 1 (Mega Drive PAL) signed by Yuji Naka back in 2016. I'm unsure what value this would have but if anybody in the UK would be interested feel free to message me for pics and info!

    1. Polkadi~♪


      I don't think you should sell that, to be honest. That seems like a special item you might like to keep.

    2. DanJ86


      I agree with Polk. But if you really must, I'd suggest looking up what kind of value it could have. (I'm not sure how you'd do that, though.) It'd be tragic if you sold it way under it's actual value.

  5. I'm only an animation graduate compared to them having some industry experience but that CAN happen under the right circumstances, but by no means is it guaranteed to be that simple. It's why we see animation problems when people initially do character model swaps in something like Sonic Generations. Go to the results screen in that video and you'll see the character mesh in absolute pieces trying to work with the Sonic rig. Earlier parts work better because they've modified the animations to compensate. If Sonic's redesign changes the proportions of his body and limbs there's absolutely going to be additional clean-up work needed. It's why skins for Overwatch, Fortnite, or even Mario Odyssey don't mess with the core character model so the rights don't break. Same goes for textures. You can rework textures on an existing model no problem but if you change the model, the texture is gonna be all out of alignment since the UV Map is still made with the previous model in mind. You don't necessarily need to make all the textures from scratch but you'd have to at the very least realign and scale appropriately.
  6. That PS4 controller fix makes me super happy! I'll definitely be getting properly into this game now! 😍
  7. See I'm still waiting to see with the next game because Forces I feel was too set in stone when the new CEO stepped in and started talking about fan trust for them to really do much. Mania feels like the first Sonic game to be a product of SEGA's change in direction and I imagine went into full production close enough to the new CEO's arrival to reap the benefits. TSR certainly feels a little bit safe with roster and tracks but they've clearly got enough faith in it to not only bother delaying it, but also putting it up alongside Crash which is no doubt going to be stiff competition when that launches not long after TSR. I can completely understand why fans would be pessimistic after Forces but I'm actually willing to believe they took a backseat for a bit, the difference in reception between Forces and Mania is probably too big for them to ignore. Fans have been burned too many times but with SEGA's generally solid performance outside Sonic in the past few years, the quality of Mania and the newly established Sonic hub at SOA I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until a reveal.
  8. With Spider-Verse out today in the UK here's a shot I blocked-in today whilst I finish off the last of my uni honours work!


  9. They absolutely do NOT get a say in that. When theatres receive movies from the distribution companies they literally just recieve the movie. The adverts and trailers are an entirely separate thing that would be dealt with between the cinema chain and the various marketers who want their stuff shown. The only sort of rule that exists is that anything shown before the movie must have an equal or lower age rating than the main feature. It's why I'm perplexed there's still talk of 'X movie is coming out, maybe Sonic will show up there'. Yes, for sure there will eventually be a movie released that has the Sonic trailer attached but it won't be this one film we have to try and seek out. Limiting a trailer to one specific movie would be a ridiculous move that only serves to limit your potential audience. Likewise depending on region the trailer may show up sooner or later or attached to different films entirely.
  10. For anybody that's been playing Sonic 3 AIR, is there any way to turn off the mini Tails sprite that indicates where he is off screen, or to stop him from flying when double tapping for the instashield? I've been picked up accidentally quite a few times so far.

    1. Thigolf


      I didn't even know there was a Mini Tails off screen o:

      You can change the way to activate Tails' flying in the options menu. I had it set in the Mania style and never ran into any problems.

  11. After all the years of hearing about how different it is I'm finally working through the Subtitled Japanese Sonic X to see how much it improves the show after only knowing the dub.

    Only seen episode 1 so far but damn the fewer cheesy jokes and voice acting instances are already making a difference! Can't wait until I start running into the more major stuff cut from the dub!

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Where are you watching them?

    2. Ferno


      the background music is also completely different too

    3. Joy


      @Ernest the Panda I just found some Youtube playlists for now. Might need to look around for a better quality source sometime.

  12. What is KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR (error)?

    Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me. No more.

  13. I'm now extremely curious about what would happen if Chaos got some of the virus on him! He's technically organic but, well, there's not exactly much to his biology. Guess it depends on how the virus interacts with other liquids.
  14. In issue 13 Eggman says "Inorganic or processed material remains inert, meaning my infrastructure is safe from infection or corruption" So yeah it looks like the virus won't do anything to any existing machines, badniks, or zombots. Although, it's entirely possible Eggman could be proven wrong later on since he's basing that off of tests he's only just conducted. There could well be complications and weaknesses with the virus that appear over longer periods of time or in certain situations.
  15. Sonic's always been one for wise cracks in the same way Spider-Man, even in Forces he has lines like "No? Of course not. You hate fun" to let his personality come through. His straight-up puns though become a problem in cutscenes when they outright stop the action. Sonic Lost World's "That was cool" and Sonic Colours' "somebody ordered a clobbering" jokes are particularly bad examples for me. I think the puns could have their place if Sonic was more self aware and deliberately used them to anger and distract enemies or playfully irritate his friends. If the radio conversations from Forces return in future I could totally see situations where Knuckles gets hot-headed about something and Sonic chimes in on the radio with a well-timed awful bit of wordplay just to wind him up more.
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