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  1. There's the possibility that setting the Switch to 720P once it's in the dock might help sidestep the framerate jitters assuming it's caused by the default increased output to 900P. Obviously not the most ideal solution if it works but at least it'd be an option if you're willing to take that hit for a bit more smoothness.
  2. You know, the more I think about it the more it feel's like the modern day Rob the Robot in the sense that while the on-screen stuff does have a role, the focus is mostly on the real-world action. Just to illustrate that a bit better. Something like Wii Sports puts an awful lot of focus on the real-world action via the motion controls the focus is what's happening on screen, you're just using something different from traditional buttons to influence it. In the case of 1, 2 Switch, those movements and actions done with the controller essentially IS the game like in the Cowboy Draw event where the screen is really only used for displaying results and the like so you actually know who won. It's definitely an interesting idea, and one that fits with Nintendo's marketing of the switch being an inviting experience as well as an individual one. It's not full retail price levels of interesting but if we're just judging the game based on its own merits I think it's got enough appeal to be a fun party game. In fact it'd probably become more fun the more boozed-up the participants become!
  3. Hey, Things might not be going your way right now, and you might be angry or worried or scared or sad. And that's okay, it comes for everyone at some point. Just remember that, in the end, things are gonna be okay.

    1. Mightyray
    2. Kiah


      Indeed. In the meantime you have to try to let your head up and continue hang in there. 

  4. I'm not sure on all of the games which did this, but the likes of Sonic Rush added an extra element to the ring system. Sonic could re-collect drops rings after taking a hit like usual, however the rings would scatter further and bounce higher with repeated drops to the point where you're pretty much forced to go find new ones. or go without in the case of boss fights. The classics certainly favoured inconveniencing the player as punishment rather than killing them outright (not without exception) hence the ring system, which could also be considered as somewhat of a counterbalance to the reduced visibility Sonic had compared to the likes Mario because of the fairly large sprites.
  5. Plot twist: It's actually his new braking animation for when you switch directions!
  6. Just about to start Weight Painting a character model for the first time. Let's see how those horror stories hold up!


  7. Are there any other 2D runners akin to Sonic Runners for mobile?

    1. Soni


      Super Mario Run is as close as it gets, I think.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Super Mario Run is not that close to it.

      Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a better fit, tbh

    3. Soni


      oh, never head of it.

    4. Indigo Rush
    5. Soni


      Oh yeah, I remember this. Smosh Games played this a while ago, wow I'm surprised I remember that channel. Sadly the only thing people go to that channel for is the Honest Game Trailers lel

    6. Gabe


      Not endless, but there is Rayman Jungle Run and Rayman Fiesta Run.

  8. I said this a while ago but I would point out that the trailer isn't actually particularly edgy or serious once Classic Sonic shows up. He's still all happily and smiley when he saves Modern who also starts smiling again upon seeing him. Sure, we're in an apocalyptic city the whole time but Sonic doesn't seem to be over-the-top serious about it. I mean he's watching three massive robots wrecking havoc in a destroyed city, of course he's going to look more ticked off than usual. Even in Lost World, and to a lesser extend Colours, he got serious if somebody got hurt, captured etc.
  9. My mind's cast back to the likes of Mirror's Edge when the Sonic parkour controls get brought up. In that game, you can sprint down a corridor and you'll simply run alongside the wall rather than hopping onto it because the game will only put you on the wall if you jumped towards it, or if you were scraping a wall when you ran off a ledge. Having it set up like this means that the player's focus can be on what their next move will be as the run along the wall and eventually leave it rather than subconsciously needing to remember to keep one of the triggers pinned down to stay on there in the first place.
  10. As much as I can understand people being entirely "meh" on another edition of Minecraft, I actually think it has the potential to be the best non-PC version available. Provided it takes after the PS4/X1 versions and not than the 360/PS3 versions (like the Wii U did), you'd get the bigger world size alongside all the conveniences the console versions offer. With the Joycons you can immediately have local 2-player split-screen. On top of that it'd also be portable like the IOS/Android versions, even able to support 8 players if there's multiple Switches and a good internet source present.
  11. Just drawing attention to Boomer's post in the Nintendo Switch thread. You can get £10 off of most Amazon orders over £50 for the next few hours meaning the likes of Zelda for £38-£40 depending on whether you have Prime.

    1. Boomer


      That Boomer seems like a pretty swell guy!

  12. The most recent, closest comparison I could think of is Sonic 4 Episode 2 (just in terms of being a digital game, don't worry). The date reveal trailer for that came out April 6 2012 and the game started rolling out just over a month later from May 15th. Since we're in the unusual spot of being in the know about two upcoming Sonic games (one a lot more than the other), I could see them doing "something" for Hedgehog Day for the first time since...well, the first one depending on what their plans are. If the game's still on track for a Spring release, and there's no indicator right now that it isn't, then it could be anywhere between March and May. I'd put my money on April for Sonic Mania. That'd give the team another couple of months to build hype and then enjoy the big launch. With Mania done and dusted, SEGA would then be able to focus on Project 2017. While I can understand them not wanting to talk about 2017 yet with Mania on the horizon, but vice-versa they aren't going to want Mania to continue to overshadow or compete with 2017 once the former has been released. I'd hazard a guess at Project 2017 getting a press release with a brief gameplay/story trailer sometime in May and then a proper look during E3. If they're still feeling confident about what's to come, it'd allow enough time after release for the good word to spread about Mania and they can then keep building on that with showing off their big new 3D project.
  13. If only one console was getting a physical release, I'd honestly have given it to the Switch just for the novelty of it being on a cartridge which is just so fitting for the first full-blown Classic Sonic game released after all this time. Obviously, it'd be ideal for all platforms to get it but it'd be a little bit of a bummer for those of us paying for the collector's edition at this point if we're missing out on a physical copy of the game given the price. ...Having said that, eating popcorn alone with that Sonic statue and playing the game on release (hopefully a Friday night) very nearly makes up for it!
  14. Admittedly I'm looking at this as someone who doesn't read the comics or really anything about their workings but this topic is definitely interesting! Is it possible that the Archie-SEGA contract comes under renewal a little ahead of the current one actually expiring? It seems odd that they'd have listings for Mega Drive 3 and even the paperback compilation slated for the Summer if this really is game over, since I'd imagine they'd have known about this at least a little ahead of time. Maybe they won't be taking subscriptions now because they're down to the last couple of hurrahs but will still be releasing what's left. The likes of Mega Drive 3 can't be massively far away from being done can it?
  15. Time for me to hop on the snooze cruise for a while and call time on another day. The weekend's just about done again but here's hoping you've all got a great week ahead!