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  1. I'm inclined to think that, if the third gameplay style isn't starring another Sonic or someone from the evil side, it's gonna have to be the new character. Even ignoring the fact that we've already got several friends name-dropped as NPCs, I just can't picture one of the friends filling that slot without it feeling kind of random. Like we've got Sonic, Sonic and Shadow or Sonic, Sonic and Blaze. A third Sonic would fit alongside the two we already have, some sort of villain would act as an opposite force which would be fitting for the theme of the game, a random friend character would seem like a bit of a third wheel to me that would've really fit in.
  2. Turns out I'm a day late but Happy International Day of Happiness! (Love that this is actually a real thing!)


  3. Afternoon guys! Hope everybody's got a good week to come!


  4. Hey, nice job today! You did great!

    Go be amazing again tomorrow!

  5. Finally finished the second part of my animation assessment! Bit of sliding going on during the walk but that aside I'm pretty happy with it!


    1. Mightyray


      That's good to hear! I hope you pass!

    2. Joy


      Thank You! :)

  6. Hi again! Hope everybody's got that weekend feeling and enjoying their Saturday!


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      Hero of Legend

      And Sadness is just there, in the corner.

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      She's about to do some early reading for the week ahead. Very important I promise!

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      I like how your right (left in your perspective) stops exactly on the line. 

    4. Joy


      Got to put the effort in when you're spinning! Most of us learned that playing Sonic!

    5. Hero of Legend
  7. Just going back to the gameplay footage for a minute. I think most of us agree on how linear this stretch of level seems to be, it definitely feels like the early-level syndrome that Generations had. I've been looking through the footage to see if there's any possible signs of there being more accessible paths outside of the one we've seen. Notice that upper roof with the stripy hazard barriers. We've seen Sonic crash through a couple of these already when he first activates his boost so there's definitely the precedence for them to be objects to be interacted with. So if they're up there that'd indicate to me there's something up there. The only problem is that there's no way for Sonic to get up there from where he is. The only means he has for gaining height is the homing chain and that's way too low to be of any use. If it turns out I'm right, I'm guessing there's a small side path somewhere further back with a spring to launch you high enough. Alternatively, maybe a couple of those steel crates will be wooden in the final game, allowing you to stomp through them into a hidden spring that launches you up to that higher path. I could be completely wrong on all of this obviously but I definitely wouldn't rule out there being at least some minor exploration for what is almost certainly level 1.
  8. I've no idea if it possibly didn't reach Canada & the US but it was definitely kicking around over here in the UK. Used to pass a copy all the time in the local supermarket.
  9. Should we get some final reveal predictions going to pass the time? I haven't been giving it much thought but just for the sake of throwing something on the board: Sonic Mania Full release date Official word on physical copies Second returning zone reveal Project 2017 Real title revealed Look at new character New trailer with gameplay and story snippets Possibly a small live demo akin to the TGS 2005 demo for Sonic 06, if they've tried pushing the detail again. Wildcards Since the panel synopsis hints at other possible surprises, I'm assuming there'll be at least one other reveal/announcement tomorrow so these aren't predictions so much as possibilities. Sonic 1, 2, CD remasters for console and PC Teaser poster for the Sonic movie MORE CLUES!
  10. Now this isn't going to mean much coming from me, but do you ever get a random burst of energy now and then that makes you super upbeat when there's no real reason to be?

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      Yeah, I end up feeling so good that I pretty much start doing pirouettes and exaggerated body movements everywhere (not even joking about this, I literally just can't help but move when I'm excited).

    2. Adamabba


      Oh yea I love it when that happens

      Also sometimes I wake up in the morning and remain in a great mood the entire day for no reason

  11. I'm wondering if it's possible the "longer than Generations" comment is potentially being taken too literally by straight-up comparing zone numbers. Generations is quite a different game from Mania, granted they're both platformers and both make use of the two-act zone structure. In a similar way, it'd be awkward to compare the likes of New Super Mario Bros U and Super Mario 3D World levels against each other. Generations is a relatively short game to begin with and only gets shorter on revisits. An hour's revisit on Generations would probably let you visit most of the main 18 levels in that game if you've already played them a couple of times previously. Mania's length could well be estimated in total playtime. If there's any additional modes on top then there's that to factor in too. ...Or, if you want to be really cheeky, Mania's Collector's Edition box is longer than the Generations game case so it's an automatic victory there! On an unrelated note though, how would people feel about additional collectables in the stages? Maybe even something like Sonic 4's one Red Star Ring per level so that those playing in one sitting can still get them all without destroying their pacing. I imagine there's some great concept art from Mania's development that'd make for a cool set of unlockables, or maybe even unlocking the likes of the insta-shield as a swap-out for the drop-dash.