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  1. Joy

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm now extremely curious about what would happen if Chaos got some of the virus on him! He's technically organic but, well, there's not exactly much to his biology. Guess it depends on how the virus interacts with other liquids.
  2. Joy

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    In issue 13 Eggman says "Inorganic or processed material remains inert, meaning my infrastructure is safe from infection or corruption" So yeah it looks like the virus won't do anything to any existing machines, badniks, or zombots. Although, it's entirely possible Eggman could be proven wrong later on since he's basing that off of tests he's only just conducted. There could well be complications and weaknesses with the virus that appear over longer periods of time or in certain situations.
  3. Joy

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    Sonic's always been one for wise cracks in the same way Spider-Man, even in Forces he has lines like "No? Of course not. You hate fun" to let his personality come through. His straight-up puns though become a problem in cutscenes when they outright stop the action. Sonic Lost World's "That was cool" and Sonic Colours' "somebody ordered a clobbering" jokes are particularly bad examples for me. I think the puns could have their place if Sonic was more self aware and deliberately used them to anger and distract enemies or playfully irritate his friends. If the radio conversations from Forces return in future I could totally see situations where Knuckles gets hot-headed about something and Sonic chimes in on the radio with a well-timed awful bit of wordplay just to wind him up more.
  4. Keep in mind that movies these days are not stuck with a locked-in set of adverts and trailers when sent to theatres. Certainly here at my local cinema chain they are altered over time, especially if a film stays in the cinema for an extended period of time. I once hired one of the screening rooms to watch an older film on the big screen and it was preceded by a few trailers for current movies so they definitely have control over that. Regardless, I don't think specifically debuting trailers in theatres is really a thing. Especially in this day and age when they can just upload it online and it'll spread on its own. At most, the Sonic trailer might start showing up in cinemas around the same time it gets released online but not before, and definitely not attached to one particular movie.
  5. Taking this design and rolling with it for a moment. If they went ahead and gave him white fur on his hands as a compromise for the gloves, why on earth did they not do the same for his feet so that we'd have some white sticking out of the shoes, representing the socks? It'd make the design more consistent with its own logic, and stop the legs from looking so...bare.
  6. It's actually right there in the leaked pictures that there's been some changes made to the design over time. Look at Sonic's shoes in the leaked full body pic compared to the "selfie" bridge poster that's been popping up in cinemas. Notice the white soles on the shoes aren't present on the leaked model. Not exactly a revolutionary tweak but a tweak none the less. Unless the powers that be were shaken beyond belief at the backlash to the initial poster reveal, I'm pretty much certain that any changes that have gone on won't affect his overall silhouette so he'll still have the weird proportions and no gloves. Given that the style guide is still using sketches rather than the cg model it would suggest it was made fairly early on, though I expect it was after these sketches were greenlit for final production.
  7. He's by no means ideal but I'm honestly more reacting like "oh, that's it?" rather than absolutely hating it. The silhouette definitely made it look worse than it is.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      Honestly, same. As soon as I saw the design, it didn't register that this was the actual, official design for a few lengthy seconds.

      Not the worst that they could have gone with, but it's certainly not ideal.

  8. Yeah honestly I can't say I hate this, after the silhouette mystery for months this is definitely not the absolute trainwreck it could've been. I think he'll actually look slightly better as a cg model integrated into real-world lighting rather than as these digital sketches. Would've preferred him sticking closer to the games of course but honestly as far as live-action redesigns go I can plenty work with this.
  9. I'm not a game dev/coder at all but I love reading through Retro's guide to the Classic Sonic physics. Just reading how the engine handles terrain, momentum and collisions is really interesting to digest!

  10. Been working on a bunch of honours animation stuff for university so here's a quick piece I made over the weekend just to help fill out the showreel!


  11. As somebody in the final couple months of an animation degree, I'll always give props to Rise of Lyric for how expressive a lot of the cutscenes are, definitely looked at a few for acting inspiration lately.

    Aaaand along the same lines, my heart breaks when I look at the CG cutscenes for my special boi Sonic Heroes and realise how bizarre the character movements look.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      You taken note of the moment in the opening story cutscene where Espio suddenly starts to mirror Vector's animations?

    2. Joy


      Just had to go take a look and good lord dude you're right! 😂 He even walks off with his arms stupidly far out like he's mimicking Vector's as well.

      Always gonna love the game but jeez even the CG has that Heroes "jank" factor!

  12. On a whim last night I booted up Kirby's Adventure on Switch, first time trying a Kirby game, and wow I'm really getting into it actually! If it keeps up I'll need to look into the other games at some point!

    1. Ferno


      Thats me with most Kirbys. I'm usually a little bored at first due to how much of a cake walk it sometimes feels like but then somewhere along the way I'm somehow into it and hooked out of nowhere, normally until I beat the game.

    2. DanJ86


      Always found it interesting how Kirby games start really easy and by the time you're trying to complete the bonus content, the difficulty is insane.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Welcome to the fold, brother. If you like Kirby's Adventure, then you'll hopefully love several of the games down the line. I'd highly recommend Kirby Superstar Ultra, Kirby's Adventure Wii, and Planet Robobot.

    4. Ferno


      Also it bothered me at first but I kinda like how the stages in Kirby games are separated by doors into easily digestible chunks. Probably done due to limitations at the time but ended up becoming a series staple.

    5. Sean


      Kirby's Adventure is the game I always go back to the most even though it's not my favorite in the series

      You should check out the 3DS port at some point since it eliminates the slowdown

    6. Joy


      I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game not only saves, but autosaves after every level like holy hell that is so convenient! I prefer not using save states if a game has some sort of save mode so this is perfect!

      I'm only up to world 3 atm so no spoilers but what sort of stuff do you need to do for a 100% completion? I've not noticed too much in terms of collectibles etc so I'm kinda curious.

      Additionally, since I'm on switch anyway, what's the general feeling on Star Allies?? Always meant to look into it.

    7. Sean


      Starting in Butter Building you can look for switches in certain levels that can unlock extra rooms in the hub like mini-games and ability rooms

      Levels marked with a red door (after completing the level) means there's still a switch you haven't found. The first two worlds don't have any and world 3 only has one, but the later worlds start having more

    8. Joy


      Ahh so the game colour codes the doors so you know where you still need to look?? That'll be a massive help!

  13. Only just found out the LEGO Overwatch sets are already released!! Definitely gonna pick up the Tracer set while I'm out tomorrow.

    Waiting eagerly for the Triple Decker Couch set from the LEGO Movie 2 to come out as well 😅

  14. More than fake, can't tell from memory if this is the supposed leak from a couple weeks back that turned out to be fan work being spread around against their wishes. I personally don''t think there even is some fully lit version of the teaser poster kicking around, it's clearly been designed with "teasing mystery silhouette" in mind so I fully expect any real leaks/ the official reveal to be a completely new artwork entirely.
  15. Kingdom Heart 1's end game is definitely kicking my ass. As much as I'm reading around level 50 is ideal I think I'm gonna have to go back and grind a bit and try and get kitted up. So close now, determined to beat it!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's not so much about levels as it is abilities.

      Depending on your starting set-up, you'll get different abilities, the one recommended usually being getting rid of staff, and picking up shield. Shield gives you defence boosted abilities and gives you the best abilities quicker - Second Chance, Once More and Leaf Bracer.

      The two former will protect you from being insta-killed, allowing to survive combos and one-hits at 1hp as long as you were above 1hp. Leaf Bracer on the other hand makes you invincible whilst healing, meaning your heals can't be cancelled, which makes the likes of Riku-Ansem a lot more manageable.


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