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  1. Off to Tenerife tomorrow for a week so it'll be awesome seeing somewhere new and spending my 21st birthday over theere, and then I'm back just in time for the Crash Trilogy coming out. June's wrapping up amazingly!

    1. Boomer


      Well I hope you enjoy yourself, had no idea this was happening!

    2. Joy


      Will do man!

    3. Boomer


      At least you're not going to Disneyland Paris like everyone else I know...

  2. In your opinion, who's the worst Smash 4 character in terms of overall moveset and effectiveness as a fighter?

    1. Josh



    2. -Ace-


      Definitely Jiggs

    3. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Y'all never fought my Jiggs.

      Anyways, the character that I play worst as would probably be... Mega Man.

    4. Gabe


      Jigglypuff. Her only real advantage is her aerial game and when used effectively, Sing and Rest can be lifesavers at situational events....but outside of that, the rest of her stats are weak. There's a reason she's at absolute rock bottom on the FGC's Smash Bros. tier.

      At the very least, Jigglypuff also has a decent following behind her, with a handful of notable mains....which is more than I can say for other characters like King Dedede (who, outside of Big D and Girthquake --latter of which doesn't do tournaments much-- has almost no high-profile mains).

  3. 19143014_119505445311582_539613444117220

    Been working on a new Core Memory for MCM Comic Con. Wound up trying out resin and it's looking great, especially when light hits it and it glows. Just need to make a bigger one for the con and it's good to go!

  4. 19095397_118896445372482_321432876114526

    Made another bit of digital art, Only now noticing how it reminds me of Kingdom Valley's mach speed section a bit.



      Duuuuuude that is fuckin' sweet

    2. Joy


      Awww THANK YOU! Anything that's got glowy bits it tends to get a bonus point by default. :lol:

  5. 941 words and there's barely a complaint from me about the game. Hey, got to live up to my name!

  6. You can probably guess where I'M gonna go with this. I'm pretty excited for Forces as of late but in the interest of fairness I'll concede a few things before I get going and get to my inevitable positivity afterwards. If you want the short answer; there's nothing here I can say I dislike, some things really excite me and others and fine with taking even if I'm not that fussed with them. Sonic Forces is perhaps not the direction they should have gone in following Lost World. Really with the extra development time they've had they should have been going back and deciding what Sonic means in 3D and building his gameplay blueprint that can be used long-term. Now it's clear that they're pretty content on the boost formula at this point which is fair, but it clearly can't stand on it's own two feet for a full game. The 2D sections and additional gameplay styles are more and more an indicator of necessity as much as them thinking they're worthwhile ideas. We know the Classic Sonic was unnecessary with Mania coming but I'd put good money on this game being a fair bit into development when they caught wind of Mania. Had they known from the start I'd say there's a good chance he wouldn't have been in here, they know full well they're not gonna be competing with Mania with the engine they've got. The Avatar character, with it's slightly altered Modern Sonic gameplay, really should have been the place to get some of Sonic's friends in on the action again. They're already playing a more active story-role this time so it'd have been nice to have followed that up by actually playing as them for some of the stuff they SAY they're doing over the radio. Seeing the Avatar alongside the other characters is probably always gonna look weird to us, maybe even slightly "wrong" but hopefully the younger crowd will actually get a kick out of that whole component as much as the developers are hoping. It's pretty clear the older fans aren't the focus on that one. But alas, Sonic Forces does exist as it is. So in the context of what it's trying to be, how's it holding up for me? Gameplay Modern Sonic Even now I still get a rush from the Unleashed/Generations style of boosting so I'm perfectly happy it's back again. Generations took the rush and backed it up with signs of expanding level design with the likes of Sky Sanctuary and Seaside Hill and my hope was that they would follow that up and continue to refine control and exploration. Forces seems to be trying to tone down the boost a fair bit and with reports of "looser" control on Sonic I'm hoping that these are indicators of wider level design coming in the game. The one level we've seen is certainly not providing that, but I don't think it's any worse than Modern Green Hill was so I'm fine with it as a first level. Classic Sonic I'm nearly indifferent to him until I see another level for him, right now it's looks like a level pack for Generations. I found Classic fun in Generations and I'm sure he'll be just as fine here at the worst. The inclusion of the Drop Dash is nice enough but it's clear Mania's gonna be where our Classic kicks are provided. His boss is cool enough and I like the bait-and-switch in the middle. Hoping there aren't any other nostalgia stages or bosses but if so, as many twists and changes as possible is welcome. Avatar I'd need to play this style to see how well it works but I'm liking the concept of your approach changing based on what you've got equipped, should make for some great replay value. Probably the best thing about this gameplay so far is how fluid the wisps have become with both the Burst and Lightning Wispons being far more seemlessly integrated than any previous wisp appearances. Presentation It's great to see them really pushing visuals again with the new engine, Unleashed might finally have some competion. Everything's suitably detailed and to see it all running at 60fps is absolutely stunning, fantastic to see that being carried from Lost World and hopefully it's the new Sonic benchmark. The music hasn't set a foot wrong for me so far (yes, even Green Hill wasn't THAT bad to me, sorry guys I don't see it). The modern music seems nice and rock-oriented but I'm really loving the Avatar music. I've always loved the Sonic R soundtrack and this mix of techno-pop and cheesy lyrics is just fantastic on my ears. Park Avenue's earned it's spot on my MP3 player. Story Jury's out until we get more details to connect all this but I like the idea of Sonic going missing, Eggman taking over and the Heroes having to gradually take back the planet. Seeing all these familiar faces back in a more fleshed-out story should make for some great interactions. Very curious about Infinite, as well as the gang of past-foes and what their reasons and motives are for butting heads with Sonic. I can completely understand why this game is confusing people or just outright not being to their tastes, although I'm admittedly surprised by just how much outright HATE it's been getting but hey, fair enough. If they had to go with the direction they have, I'm glad that they are at least really going all out with it whereas Generations felt like they stopped short. Looking forward to getting my hands on it!
  7. I think these guys being back really is just down to Eggman plucking them for convenient points in time. Metal Sonic is just a robot so could come from anywhere, let's assume pre-Heroes so ignore his rebellion there. Although he could easily be anytime afterwards with some reprogramming. He might actually not have required any time meddling to get hold of. Eggman takes Chaos in his earliest form, where he's not as powerful but far easier to keep in check. Having a creature that's largely immune to physical attacks, or at least projectiles, is probably still of some use. Shadow gets taken sometime during SA2, Eggman's rule kinda already takes care of his revenge "promise" so he'd probably in the fight to make sure Sonic and Co don't undo that. Zavok is probably from sometime in early Lost World simply so that Eggman can easily get him, and the conch he needs to keep Zavok in line. Notice that None of these four are at all phased when Infinite shows up, almost like they knew he/she was gonna be there. I assume Infinite is the one doing all the time bending stuff, essentially being this game's Time Eater except being an actual character instead of just some monster.
  8. Several major cities across the globe are reporting mass crowds have taken to the streets to "Do The Odyssey" with numbers seemingly only increasing overnight. Families have been notified.

  9. Just realised today was my sixth anniversary on here. Gee wiz it's weird seeing that in writing!

    1. Mightyray


      Happy anniversary!

    2. Pawn


      Now that you mention it, this will be the case for me in just over a week. Scary.

    3. Kiah


      My sixth anniversary here seems so far away...anyway congrats!







  11. New art! Maybe wishful thinking but it'd be awesome to get a Green Hill for Modern that's at least a little bit open like this! Soaring through the air and adjusting your fall to land in different areas.
  12. I'm honestly pretty excited for the game. If there's a bit more emphasis on story this time it'll be cool to see the Sonic's properly interact with these guys again. I'm more curious about that Infinity symbol right at the end.
  13. Wonder when they're telling the Sonic "news" Aaron mentioned yesterday.

    1. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      Confused about that myself. Thought for sure it would be in the Ninty show.

    2. Joy


      Unless it's getting shown on the Treehouse sometime I guess they're just gonna post it online or something.

  14. Is there a Cosplay thread?