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  1. Starting my annual back-to-uni animation marathon again, got enough days for all the Pixar films and a couple extra. Gonna kick off with Toy Story like always!

  2. Mania is probably the first game since GTA V first released to actually actively make me want to put down my animating for a bit and go play. Even as I type this I'm trying to work into the nitty gritty of my character piece and I'm getting distracted!

  3. Mania Glitch Thread

    Had my first glitch encounter last night, minor audio bug seemingly connected to the game getting confused about how close I was to drowning:
  4. Mania CE just turned up! 

    'mania - text' - Spoiler warning!


    1. A wreaKING heavy engine

      A wreaKING heavy engine

      Your avatar fits your status.

    2. Joy


      Haha my avatar fits me 95% of the time! I'm that sort of person. :D

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Yay, happy for you!

    4. Joy


      Hope yours is close behind!

  5. Just got the "out for delivery" notice from Amazon, hopefully it's getting close.

    If anybody on PS4 wants some extra competition for leaderboards feel free to add me at LiamTheAnimator!

  6. Amazon just shipped the Collector's Edition for me, all on track for tomorrow!

  7. It's obviously still early in the day but is there a rough idea of when the art competition results might be getting announced?

  8. Started playing Risky's Revenge, first time dipping into the Shantae series. I can tell there's a game I'll enjoy in here but gee wiz is the navigation already confusing!

  9. Just finished the initial blocking in phase for the character animation I'm doing:


  10. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    Mine's is still saying delivery on the 15th, I imagine it's down to location and when you ordered the CE since there was a rush of orders at the time. At the very least it's good they got in contact and compensated you, you don't always get that level of service!
  11. 55 minutes left for the Mania art contest if anybody still wants to enter. Collector's Editions and manuals up for grabs for acting like a kid again. Pretty sweet offering!

    1. CleverSonicUsername


      What is this about? Sounds like something I'd want to get in on.

    2. Boomer


      Don't suppose you've done a scene on Maya?

    3. Joy


      @CleverSonicUsername  https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/08/sonic-mania-competition-drawn-back-to-the-90s/


      @Boomer Don't see many 8 year old's doing Maya so it's the pencils and glitter this time.


    4. CleverSonicUsername


      Damn, wish I knew about it sooner, doubt I could think of something good for this in the next hour.

    5. Boomer


      Pffft those 8 year olds need more Maya :lol:

      Nice to see Sonic turned ginger though...

  12. Just sent in my entry for the Stadium's 8 year old art contest for Mania, my desk is such a mess now! 


    1. Tefutakato


      How cute! Now that's art! :) 

  13. There's the drawing contest on the front page right now. The winner and runner up's all get a manual so you've got a chance to win there.
  14. Aaron's been put in a meeting regarding something with Mania so I don't think he actually was "oversleeping". Very curious about what this actually is going to be now.

    1. Hard-Boiled Wisp

      Hard-Boiled Wisp

      Sonic Mania's fucking cancelled.

    2. gato


      He was just playing Mania wasn't he?

      I bet he was.

  15. There was never a livestream, it's a ruse to get us in one place to party to these tunes. I am not disappointed!