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  1. Yeah I'll admit I'm guilty of using the microtransactions and lootboxes terms interchangeably. They're definitely related but not completely one and the same so that's my bad. I'm not nearly as angry if the game straight up allows you to buy the specific thing you want. It obviously becomes an issue though when developers then manipulate the game to make the extra spend more viable than earning the thing through play. Lootboxes meanwhile are a problem to begin with, and get even more problematic when you have limited-time rewards that are exclusive to the lootbox systems. Overwatch for example technically allows you to buy event skins during the event, but the in-game currency is only accumulated through lootboxes anyway. Gambling is definitely something that can be cracked down on, the intentionally manipulative set up of game reward systems might be a bit more tricky.
  2. Government regulation isn't neccessarily what everyone would have ideally wanted. The games industry could have reached a point and decided to self-regulate to try and bring some semblance of balance and structure to lootboxes, but instead they've kept on pushing the envelope because they know it's a legal grey area at the moment. Recent examples like Crash Racing's post-review microtransactions, and EA's "surprise mechanics" fiasco show that they're fully aware of the reputation these things have amongst gamers these days so they're now finding loopholes rather than solutions. If lootboxes become officially classified as gambling, I'd be totally up for all future game releases being automatically given a PEGI 18 rating if it has microtransactions in it. If they legally become classed as gambling I don't see what other choice there'd be. It's in the same way a DVD release of a film can have a higher rating than its theatrical release if one of the bonus features is of a higher rating than the main feature. Fifa might well be suitable for ages 3+, but throw in the gambling mechanics and oops, it's getting an 18. This obviously doesn't solve the issues of targeting adult players but the age rating would potentially be a strong detterent on it's own. Would they really release Fifa 21 as an 18+? I REALLY doubt it. I also think it's totally fair that games that insist on in-game purchases (not dlc) moving forward should have to disclose it on the front of the box, in the same way a lot of Nintendo Switch titles disclose that there is a mandatory download to play the game.
  3. Finally beat a Mega Man game for the first time! Can mark MM2 off the list. Starting to like the series more now that I'm getting a feel for it. I'll definitely branch out into the X series down the line!

  4. Here's a character acting shot I've been blocking-in today! Got a couple leads on my first gig in the industry so now's the time to up the quality as far as possible!


  5. I've been trying to get into smash more and more since Ultimate released. Only realised last night that this idiot somehow missed out on Piranha plant despite having the game from launch. If I start playing regularly I'll definitely pick that up with the fighter pass since there's some deals atm. Definitely gonna want a full character roster!

  6. Overwatch Switch is running at 900P docked, 720P handheld, but the framerate is locked to 30fps at all times.

  7. MORE FIGHTERS is genuinely huge! I actually kinda think it might overshadow the Terry reveal for a lot of people.

  8. Regardless of what becomes of Overwatch on switch, as someone who has still yet to buy a case for his Switch I'll definitely be grabbing that Overwatch branded one, love the look of it!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Very tempting to swap out my Breath of the Wild case for it...

  9. I dunno how you've managed to accidentally bring Thomas and the Magic Railroad logic into the Sonic Universe but I'm more than happy to go along with this 😅
  10. Decided to try and get into the Shantae series. Had Risky's Revenge on Steam for a couple years and never properly played it but I'm gonna start with the original Shantae and work my way up.

  11. "Hey, Omega. Did I ever tell you, Shadow is a robot? And uhhh....."

    1. Polkadi~☆




    2. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda


    3. JosepHenry


      still better than KH3's translation.

    4. Polkadi~☆


      What’s wrong with this translation? It makes sense to me.

    5. JosepHenry


      no cuz Shadow isn't a robot


    6. Polkadi~☆



      That’s a heck of a goof.

  12. Which teaser pic? The most recent image was the delay announcement with the signpost and he had the traditional Sonic gloves but still had the blue arms.
  13. Finally making a dent in the Sonic games I missed out on growing up! Just completed Sonic Advance for the first time a minute ago! Pretty solid game overall, the special stages become a little more tolerable with time even if they're never going to be great.

    A bit of a short game on the whole, but after finishing a Sonic Heroes 100% run last week that's probably not such a bad thing.

  14. Going through Sonic games I've either never played properly or never completed. Gonna be with the GBA Sonic's for a while. As much as I'm enjoying Sonic Advance aside from the design of the last zone or two, these Special Stages are SO poor.

    I've got no idea how they expect to to figure out the timing on those yellow circles you need to trick through.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The special stages are nice idea, but have some of the worst faux-3D that I've ever seen.

      Advance 2 has really basic but incredibly fun special stages. It's just a shame that they're such a nightmare to get into.

    2. Joy


      Advance 2 is remarkable for how it managed to come up with a Special Stage entry system that is SO against the core design, being far more focussed on speed than its predacessor.

      Give the Advance 1 special stages a better sense of depth and I'd honestly have few complaints with the game as a whole. Even the shoddier level design elements I could adapt to with time in the same way Sonic 2 doesn't trip me up much anymore.

    3. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I played and beat all three games in my pre teen years. Some of it good, others were not.

    4. TheOcelot


      Despite their issues I like what they were going for with Adv 1&3 ss. Adv 2 ss on the other hand I don't enjoy.

  15. Took me 15 years but I finally got all A ranks in Sonic Heroes! It's the game that got me into the series so it feels really great to finally complete it! Made a start on Super Hard Mode, seems like it's gonna be a fun change up to send the game off!

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