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  1. Really gonna have to get back to KH1 and finish it along with the rest of the collection. Was burnt out by the time I got to...whatever the name of that flying thing in the desert was, presumably late-ish in the game.

    1. KHCast


      Huh? The secret boss in agrabah?

    2. Joy


      Couldn't say for certain it was "secret" but it was definitely on a return trip to Agrabah a good while after the first time there. If I get some work done tonight I might boot the game up and see just where I'm at. I definitely didn't beat that boss yet.

    3. KHCast


      There aren’t return visits in 1, so it definitely is the secret boss, which isn’t required if you just wanna beat the story 

    4. Joy


      Holy hell dude I'll need to check out where I went wrong then that might just be the motivation I need to finish it 😅

  2. If we're going down the route of bringing tracks back from previous Sonic & SEGA games let's go for broke and bring back one of the SEGA Superstars Tennis levels to race on just to completely screw with everyone.

    Or go RIGHT back to the roots and have a Micro Machines style level around a 2000s kid's bedroom with the kid in the middle trying to desperately control a game in the original SEGA Superstars with the Eyetoy camera! 😂

    1. Jack the Shadow

      Jack the Shadow

      Inb4 it's Green Hill from SEGA Superstars Tennis. :P

    2. Thigolf


      From Sega Superstars Tennis, the selection would amount to either Scrap Brain or...

      Green Hill.


      Dangit I didn't refresh and Jack already made that joke

  3. PSA that Inside Out is on bbc 1 at 5pm. Totally mandatory viewing. Skip dinner, jeapordise employment yaddy yadda this is the important stuff right here! 😁

  4. "Eggman's got some serious problems! LOOK at that statue!"

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      The Eggman side or the Metal Sonic side?

  5. Bought up a bunch of the Ultimate Spider-Man graphic novels on Comixology yesterday since they were on sale. I've finished the first book (so up to issue 7) so far and WOW I'm really getting into this! Think I can see why it's such a recommended starting point!

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      After Spider-verse its tempting to give it a go.

  6. I got Let's Go Pikachu today to try and dip into the Pokemon series.

    I'm not quite getting it yet, when ARE you meant to time your throw when catching? Should the circles be overlapping as the are at the very beginning or are you meant to throw when the inner circle is as small as possible or something?

    1. VEDJ-F


      The smaller the coloured circle, the better the rating (if you hit in it).

  7. Given that TSR was originally a 2018 title I imagine there is SOMETHING other than the movie planned for 2019 though I doubt it'll be anything huge. Mania's team are likely nowhere near ready to start a game let alone have it ready for 2019 and I imagine (and hope) SEGA will want them back for the next 2D Sonic. I think the main 3D games are gonna be on break especially after the difference in reception between Forces and Mania. Not sure what direction it'll head in but I expect core Modern Sonic won't be back until 2020/21. I could absolutely see some sort of collection coming out to have something to go with the movie without actually putting the resources into a whole new project for the time being. Maybe going 3D with the Adventures and Heroes or the boost trilogy. Remaster collections, even of previous gen games have been a popular trend so it'd be a fairly safe bet. Having said that, 2010 saw Sonic Colours, Sonic 4 Episode 1, Sonic Free Riders, S&SASR, and Sonic Classic Collection all released throughout the year as well as big marketing deals like the Alton Towers deal. I doubt we'll see a year as busy as that again but with the movie coming they might want to try and keep Sonic in the public mind throughout the year leading to November.
  8. Finally got round to putting the Christmas profile stuff up!

    Been in a real spidey mood lately with the game and Spiderverse so I'm gonna start getting into the comics. I hear the Ultimate series is a good starting place so I'll get the graphic novel collections after Christmas!

  9. For what was immediately said to be a "tiny" treat a new Mania animation is actually a pretty sizable surprise considering the effort that goes into them! 

    I was guessing maybe a Mania Adventures styled mini comic released free online, thinking an animation would be too much to ask so colour me joyfully surprised! 

  10. As somebody that's studied animation for the past 5 years, proportions are THE first thing that get noticed when they're not right and definitely way before the face. Even if Sonic had never existed before this movie, the proportions are completely out of whack. It's not just "thick arms" it's how they relate to the rest of his body. His hands and feet are too small, not because "boo hiss change" but they balance Sonic's large head which has been retained in this redesign. If they HAD to change Sonic's proportions (and I don't think there's much room to do so without breaking the design) there's no way there was no middle ground between noodle arms and full human style biceps and thighs. There's an edit of the poster a few pages back that scales up the hands and feet, and tones back the limbs a bit without reverting them completely to the standard Sonic proportions. Those tweaks completely save the design for me. Even if the face is actually fairly Sonic-like it's only gonna make the rest of the body stick out even more.
  11. If that is part of his eyewear his actual eyes would have to be even smaller than that for it to make any "sense". If it was bigger I might buy that he's wearing a visor but right now I'm not convinced.
  12. Just going back to the UK release date. Yes December can be as valid a month as any other for a film release but usually studios will be aiming for the first 2 or so weeks to rake in on the Christmas rush with people heading to the cinema whilst they get the Christmas shopping in. December 25 up till New year are very quiet times here in the UK, especially when it comes to films. The only recent exception I can think of is The Greatest Showman which released Boxing Day last year in the UK. That film had quite a slow start but blew up in popularity thanks to its quality to the point where there's been very few periods this year where it hasn't been showing somewhere here in Glasgow and likely throughout the country. Even the best Sonic movie isn't going to be the phenomenon TGS turned into. It'll rake in some money from families who go between Christmas and the kids going back to school but I'll bet (still need to check what's coming) that this is gonna be buried by the time the January films come out.
  13. Just finished La La Land for the first time. I'm still sobbing.

    And as soon as I'm out I find out the Sonic Movie teaser is waiting to make it's entrance. Gonna be an emotional weekend for many reasons 😂

  14. Just got the packing email from GAME for Smash!! Getting closer dudes!!

  15. Randomly decided to play through Sonic Rush again, up to Zone 3 and yeah dudes this is still a favourite for me. There's something this one that just sits right with me.

    Oh, and that soundtrack is still jammin'!


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