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  1. Having a Pixar marathon over the next week or so before I head off to uni to study 3D animation. Just finished Toy Story and watched some of the bonus features. They literally had so much derelict space in their studio at the time that they made a scooter time trial circuit through the rooms!

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Have you seen one about the secret room they had that you had to crawl through a tiny door to get in?

  2. Really, this needs to be used on the internet for any "time to bail" reactions.


    1. ShroomZ


      What episode is this? Looks like it's from series 2. 

    2. Joy


      It's from the series 2 opener.

    3. ShroomZ


      Thomas, Percy, and the Coal? I had a feeling it was from that. 

    4. Joy


      Yep, that's the one!

    5. ShroomZ


      Sort of a digression but I always though the Railway Series version of this story and the sequence of stories after was way better than the TV version. 

    6. skull902


      Maybe it's the lighting, but Thomas looks like he's really seen some shit here.

    7. Fusionwatch


      Saving this for future reactions

  3. And then, the Joker takes out his Iphone and he goes, "Why so siri-ous?"

  4. Hello again! Just a reminder that it's National Waffle Day! It's a non-optional holiday where everybody merrily declares their lust of waffles. If you haven't eaten one today...well, what gives!?

    1. Failinhearts


      Guess it's time for my annual viewing of...


    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      I'll have chicken and waffles for dinner in celebration. :)

    3. kirby1up


      you know there's a dc animated song for this kind of day but I don't feel like giving it any attention.

  5. Just finished trying fabric dyeing for the first time for my Joy cosplay at MCM. It's actually been really easy and it'll be great to see the final look once everything's dried out!

  6. Just on the subject of Jungle Joyride vs Planet Wisp. Jungle Joyride might well have a few more iffy-looking textures and maybe Planet Wisp does have more foliage in places but here's the thing. JJ does its best to maintain all of the water, greenery and lighting for an entire 4-5 minute level. PW might well have a more consistent framerate but you're barely in its natural environment for 45 seconds before you're sent into Rocket Rocket Spike Spike Factory Zone. Jungle Joyride is definitely the more visually impressive for me overall. I do think it's a particularly extreme example of Unleashed's framerate issues though. Actually, on the subject of framerate, am I the only one that didn't seem to see as much of an issue with it as much as you'd be led to believe online? I would say that Unleashed is quite a different experience between the 360 and PS3. The 360 locks the game to 30fps which leads to a more consistent framerate with stutters here and there with JJ's jungle chase sequences probably being the worst of it. The PS3 meanwhile lets the game try to get to 60fps and while I hear that works out in a few places like Holoska, the game as a whole isn't up to it and so you get an experience that fluctuates wildly between the 30 and 60 marks. I've played the 360 version since Christmas 2008. I did get to try the PS3 version once a year or two later and the framerate issues were immediately apparent to me compared to the seemingly smoother 360 version. I've been trying to describe the issue with the characters' mouths in Gens for years now and I could never get it down in words so thanks for the lipstick comparison! That weird brown fill to Sonic's mouth is really off compared to how natural it looked in Unleashed.
  7. Well that's New Super Mario Bros U 100% Complete now. I still think it's one of the best Mario sidescrollers but I'm definitely glad of a break from NSMB's aesthetics now.

  8. We've had the boost be fuelled by rings, enemies, trick combos and even aliens on one occasion. What if instead, the boost metre was filled on kinetic energy? Basically think the Advance 2 boost mode where you gradually build up a boost by running but this time with a metre to let you know how much energy you've stored. Once you've maintained your flow for long enough the metre fills and you can then press a button to trigger your boost. The metre would gradually drain with no means to refuel it mid-boost however you could freeze the depletion by continuing to stay on the move. The rate of drainage would vary depending on your speed; maintained speed freezes it while coming to a stop would quickly drain it.
  9. It's a little cringy, but I did quite like Sonic's friends chanting "Help, help us" just before he lays the final hit on the Time Easter. It helped put just a teeny bit of climax into the finale considering there'd been no sense of steaks in the plot.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I'm pretty sure they were saying "GO! Go for it!"

    2. Joy



      I might well be hearing it wrong but that really sounds like help to me.

    3. BenderMania


      Yeah, it sounds like "go, go for it"

    4. Kiah


      Whatever they said, I would of much preferred for them to actually do something useful in that situation as opposed to standing there being cheerleaders. Especially since they all had good reason to do so. 

    5. Dizcrybe


      Yeah, what was with that lack of steaks? So sick of this vegetarian propaganda.

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      You just inspired probably the easiest fix to the story you could possibly get:

      Reverse the time effect on Sonic's friends, with them still gradually fading because of the final boss.

      Boom, cool stakes with a satisfying end boss goal for a change!

  10. The only main games we're missing right now on PC are Heroes, Shadow, 06, Unleashed and Colours. I'd say Heroes and Riders are definitely possible/likely simply because they already have PC ports. Colours is probably the most likely candidate for its popularity. Unleashed might happen depending on how much of a task porting it would be and I reckon Shadow and 06 are just going to be quietly left behind.
  11. Now I'm letting the cavalry come for me here, and maybe it's because I only played both in the past few years but part of me just prefers New Super Mario Bros U to Super Mario World.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I feel the same way, mostly because I think U has better level design and bosses.

  12. It sounds a bit daft but does anybody get a slight sad feeling when a movie you've really enjoyed finally leaves the cinema?I mean it's not like you're never going to see it again but there's always something special about its debut run.

  13. Don't you know? We really have to goooooo.

    1. BlueTidalGamer


      To a plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. Where you can feel my heart just race!


      Ironically Sonic R has been the game my nephew has been playing for the past week. The songs are all stuck in my head again!

  14. Had an amazing time at SOS '16 yesterday, it's the first Sonic convention I've attended and boy did it not disappoint! Even the British traditional pastime of queuing to get in was enjoyable with everybody throwing jokes around and playing up to the various video cameras floating around. To see a sense of community amongst people who are basically strangers was really brilliant. The event itself was no slouch either. The place was surprisingly roomy, even with everyone inside and the air-con seemed to do it's job great. I've heard stories about the heat at previous SOS events and while I could maybe say I felt the heat a bit in the late afternoon, which was going to happen no matter what anyone did, the place was perfectly comfortable to stick around in for the whole runtime. I was really happy to get to try Sonic Dash Extreme, I love the mobile game and there's just such a cool novelty about playing on a ridiculously-sized D-Pad. I did manage to make the top 10 leaderboard on the Green Hill Hard Mode stage so I was pretty chuffed with that, if anyone else saw my username on there then that was me! A couple of the Hardlight guys were sat right beside the game for the whole day giving out signed posters. When I went over there was only the QA tester (his name escapes me just now) and bless the guy for how humble he was. He gave me one of the posters and the first thing he did was admit "the producer's on lunch right now, I'm not...I'm the QA tester, but I can sign it if you like". Of course I took him up on it, I mean he could have been the janitor for Hardlight and I'd have been delighted to have his name on there. We ended up chatting for a few minutes about how amazed the team are about the massive support the game still gets from fans three years later and shared our mutual excitement about the recent Classic Sonic & Green Hill update, the team got really excited when they got the order through for that one. I did go over again when the rest of the team were back. They signed the poster too and were just as humble about how appreciative they are about the support their game gets. I did get to play Mania (WOOHOOHOO!) but I'll give that its own post in the Mania topic later on. All I'll say is the game plays even better in person, there's this buttery-smooth fell to both the movement and visuals that tops any previous Sonic side-scroller. If you don't get to try it before the release, trust me you're in for a treat. Jun and Johnny...I mean I mention them out of principle but, come on, you know. These guys absolutely rocked the place. I've seen videos of them performing live but being in the crowd of raving, singing fans was just something else. The Club Sonic guys did an amazing job too, both acts together made a fantastic two-hour concert to wrap up the show. My biggest hope for the event was to manage to get Yuji Naka to sign my Sonic 1 sleeve. I was in the morning signing queue and got as far as a bit away from the ropes before they had to close it for the morning. I tried again with the evening session and it gradually became more apparent that it was becoming a pipe dream. I can't praise the queue staff enough though, they were up and down the line multiple times being completely honest but sincere about the likelihood of getting through. In the last ten or so minutes people were being sent in one by one so it was clear things were wrapping up. I made it all the way to the front, next in line and then, with the most sincerest of apologies I've had in years, the line closed. Now really, it was a no harm no foul for me. We'd been giving plenty of warning that it might not happen and these guys are human being after all, you can't ask them to sit there for hours at a time. So, I move aside to enjoy the Club Sonic hour that had started a few minutes earlier. I'm there for a couple of minutes and then I notice out of the corner of my eye that there's a few more people trickling through the line. I look over and sure enough they've somehow managed to keep the signings going! Now my first though was how cool it was that more people were getting let through, then there was the obvious realisation that I'd ejected myself from the line at the wrong time. The guy who'd been running the line (I'm gutted I didn't get his name since I wanted to thank him one more time, he was the one using the clicker) happens to make eye contact with me. I felt a bit cheeky for asking but I asked if there was any possibility of being slid in since I'd been next in line when they'd announced the line to be officially closed. Extremely kindly he was nice enough to let me hop back in. In the end? Well... I'll never be done saying how grateful I am to the organisers for this. I hear Iizuka and Naka were there for something like an hour after they said they'd finish. I've no idea if this was something they just did or if the organisers asked nicely or maybe both but it was an incredible generous gesture from both sides to do this for guests. All through it the staff as well as Iizuka and Naka were smiling away, never showing a sign of a frown or grumble which really speaks volumes about their kindness. EDIT: Have to give a shoutout to our own Hogfather who was also working the signings area. The guy just oozed hard-work all day. Seriously, great job man! The organisers have more than outdid themselves this year. I didn't see a single hitch all day and, for an event of this size and ran by fans for the fans no less, that's simply incredible. Now, they did say that "mmmmmaaaaayyybbbeeee" they'll back back in the future but hey I'm happy to play the party line of "One More Run" for now. This wasn't another Summer of Sonic, this was THE Summer of Sonic. If it came to pass that this is where the story ended, it couldn't have had a better swansong. You threw one heck of party guys, we'll all be waiting to play with you some other time!
  15. SOS was absolutely amazing!  So much to talk about tomorrow or Monday. For now though, here's a clip of Jun and the crowd jamming to Escape from the City:

    1. BenderMania


      You were a bit nearer to the stage than I was. When Jun played Metal Harbour <3 <3 <3

    2. Joy


      I was actually in the line for Mania during Jun's section. Waiting to try a new Sonic game while enjoying live music from Jun isn't a scenario I thought I'd be in!

    3. BenderMania


      I was in the line (where you were) to play Mania (for my second time) when Iizuka & Naka we having their QA.

      Did you enjoy Mania?

    4. Joy


      Mania was great! I played Green Hill so that I can keep Studiopolis a surprise for when I play the full game. I can see what people meant about this sense of fluidity to it that goes even further beyond the Taxman remakes.