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  1. Alrighty, just enough time for an episode of Parks & Recreation before bed. Everybody have a great night!

  2. I do love the little opening melody that plays in the Sonic 4 credits before the level 1 music kicks in. It'd have been great to hear it go on a little longer.

  3. @Boomer You! I spent that whole time today talking and I didn't even put the pieces together that it was you! There must have been something in those chips to make the brain mushy!

    1. Boomer


      Yes that was me aha!

      I even mentioned this site aha.

    2. Joy


      Yeah, I just remembered that too! How'd it go with that buddy of mine by the way? I didn't manage to find him again before I had to go, wasn't the plan to just leave you two completely!

    3. Boomer


      He was cool. I bought a few things and then we went back to his art tutor guy. I then bought one more thing and left just before 5-ish

  4. I'm not a wizard, Hagrid! You basket case!

    1. BenderTheBatman


      *Hagrid sits on Potter*

      RIP Potter

  5. Stanley! Stanley you will not die! Barack is president! You are black, Stanley!

  6. They did say that there's story purpose behind Sonic and Co. actually being back in old levels so they're at least acknowledging that this Green Hill is indeed the Green Hill compared to something like Splash Hill Zone insisting that it's its own thing. Any levels from Sonic 3&K should logically be quite different than when we first set foot in them (I can't quite buy that whole thing that everything was seemingly restored to health by the start of Knuckles' playthrough). Angel Island is still badly burnt, Hydrocity could have its water now filthy and murky after just being left to linger and Ice Cap could be melting away so that there's now more water and maybe even some of the land has now just become rock with the snow on top having melted away. The Sonic 1 & 2 levels would need a little more creative thinking since they don't really change but I could picture something like Casino Night having become bankrupt and abandoned since we last saw it. Lights now flicker on and off with the last bits of power they've got left and pinball flippers simply fall apart when used now. Electricity could be the key environmental obstacle here with bits and pieces short circuiting and blasting off electric projectiles. The slot machines could maybe just outright shutdown after you've had a go in them or maybe the slots have been tampered with or graffiti ed over which now affects the machine's payout. This would be a nice way to be able to implement new potential outcomes from the machine while still justifying it within the context of the world. Maybe you could get a shield from the machine now. Or maybe, going back to the whole bankruptcy theme, doing very badly in the machine could actually send your rings into the negatives. The negative rings would only be a possibility in Casino Night Zone, maybe even just one act, but it'd offer a bit of humour by surprising the player and offers a new challenge where they're going to need to get more rings than usual in order to get back to being able to take a hit without dying.
  7. For those who tried it, what did you think of Limbo's "3D" mode? I gave it a try last night and I love the novelty of using my red and blue specs again but I'm not sure the depth effect was really all that pronounced.

  8. "In response to the reception to our redesigns, we are happy to report that Sonic Boom Fire & Ice will see Sonic burn off his sports tape and extra fur as a consequence of playing with fire. In a similar manner, Knuckles will burn off a foot or two of height".

    1. Cyrus


      The ice part is that they'll be cooler

    2. Knucklesgirl



      Quote: "Knuckles will burn off a foot or two of height"."

      And a whole bunch of calories ! 

  9. Just order it like you would anything else. It goes down as a pre-order since it obviously isn't out yet and all pre-orders on Amazon stay uncharged for until they actually ship your order. Looks like I misunderstood the question the question. My bad!
  10. Figured I'd make a little something more before MCM Comic Con next week and I've ended up with a little Core Memory.


    1. Mightyray


      ooooh! Shiny! What's it made of?

    2. Joy


      To be honest, it actually looks a little better on that photo. It's a clear plastic sphere that splits in two. I sanded both halves to make them opaque, gave and gave them both a coat of yellow paint (although it became very sloppy and thin after it dried)

      There's a few of those cheap push lights inside and the insides padded with a load of crépon paper.

      I actually could do with a thinner material inside so that it wouldn't be so obvious from the outside.

    3. Mightyray


      Nicely done! As long as it gets the job done and looks good, you'll be fine.

  11. Wound up pre-ordering my own copy anyway. The price actually wasn't awful, even considering the shipping fees to the UK (Here's hoping it's enough to keep customs happy) and in any case, there's no harm sitting on it even if I change my mind before the release.
  12. Just imagine if they then turn around and say that the US gets the collector's edition but Europe gets the physical disc release. Mind you, region locking isn't even much of an issue these days.

    1. Cyrus


      And a physical soundtrack

    2. Mysterion


      Then it would suck even more than how it's already is right now. I do think the whole regional exclusive LE/CE releases need to stop, but IF they were to come out with a physical game for Europe (with, say, physical OST included), I'll just have to suck it up and import it and have two copies of Sonic Mania. 

      Basically what I had to do with Sonic Generations when it came to that CE. The European version of the game is still sealed and inside the box, while I openly play the U.S. version.

  13. May 31st is technically the last official day before summer so it's just a placeholder date to cover the entirety of the spring season until they announce the real date.
  14. Welp, I won't be able to get this either then but hey, can't win them all. Just as a heads up to the Americans though, Amazon won't charge you until they ship your order so you won't be paying until March at the earliest (Spring release and all) so if you want one of these, just order it now and you can always cancel it later!
  15. The price might not actually be too bad depending on how good that statue is. If it really is 12 inches tall then that'd put it at just about the same size as the original F4F Classic Sonic statue which I think sold for a higher price when it was released compared to this Collector's edition where the statue is just one part. It's a shame that there's no physical disc here (assuming this photo is the finalised product) but I'm very excited for this and I'll definitely be putting a pre-order in if it'll be available on UK sites!